The Condemned 2

Will Tanner of those who chose for himself the profession of "bounty hunters". Once he gets into serious trouble: he was detained by the police and have him render the verdict. His former and his team engage in a game of survival under the camera lenses in favor of those wealthy the public. Bets are made, must be sentenced in tough circumstances, the best of their abilities: to fight and to avoid traps, to be resilient and resourceful.

  • Roel Reiné

Release Date: 2015-11-06
IMDb icon 4.2/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Leonora Settera
29 February 2016 | 11:19

Some of the reasons contributed to the fact that review this awkward film has acquired a negative character. What not so the sequel to the painting "Condemned"?

The first negative moment of strip — this, of course, the characters of this work of cinematic art. It is necessary to clarify the fact that Randy Orton (actor) — not an actor, and professional WWE fighter. Of course, Orton tries to play cool, but good-natured and fair guy who doesn't want to shed unnecessary blood, but it doesn't always work. Due to her acting inexperience, some of the scenes with his participation looks very much dramatic homely. That touches the main antagonist of the ribbon (Michael Quesada), then your attention will appear exemplary extraordinary villain with funny facial expressions, which is nothing but a fleeting smile from me not called. Closes the three Central characters in the film Eric Roberts — foreign version of Michael Ephraim, who starred in all that will ask him. Eric Roberts as in the most globe films (in which it is now fashionable to invite) plays... himself. In General, actors not strain, but and pleasure from their game as such.

The plot on my opinion, weak, and places not at all sagging. Yeah and the atmosphere of what is happening on the screen inferior to the first part. But to describe the film as "not showing signs of life" I can not, after all, minimal dynamics and variety of product of Reala Reina is.

Of course, the battle scenes (especially in the beginning of the film) and the shootings puzzling, and tie is seemed to me far-fetched the ears, nausea and dizziness, the picture is not cause (watching the events on screen do not strain).

Verdict: almost more than pass Thriller category "B" (to them I usually put 3 points), but just less than mediocre picture about an honest guy who just became a hostage situation (I estimate 5 points).

Kristy Even
17 May 2016 | 03:55

Born in Eindhoven (Netherlands) Roel rein, which is still fifty years old, had to serve at the time of filming, movie Director, screenwriter, producer, cameraman, editor and even composer. Of this must assume that the Rhine — this is a multilateral filmmaker. Yes, it and there, but here is the quality of it works level which he works leaves much to be desired. So it happens that I have met four paintings, where the Rhine was made in the post of chief Director. And they are either prequels or sequels or trikvela and all in the level of the store, bypassing the cinema hall. And if the second and third "death race" (2010 and 2012 output, respectively) I took quite condescending, then this is the third "Scorpion King" (2012) and the second "Iron fist" (2014) has drawn a negative reaction to seen.

And here my new meeting with Roelen rain: the fifth account of the film, which I looked where directed by the Rhine was another sequel, and now they were the type of action-Thriller "the Condemned 2: Hunting in the wilderness." "Hunting..." — it seems as a continuation of the strip in 2007, where one businessman staged scuffle to death live. Of course there was your hero and he defeated all but also defeated the whole of the top creators of such a cruel spectacle. In"the Hunt..." is something similar, but for added thrills tote, to all the rich people put their money on or another member of the "attraction". All of this runs a Cyrus, but soon business and destroy the group "hunters for the heads" in led will Tanner (Randy Orton). But after the team Tanner is accused of the unauthorized assault and murder, will give a conditional, and meanwhile the case of Cyrus continues — his right-hand man Raul (Steven Michael Quesada) it is a new massacre, where the primary victim himself becomes will Tanner.

Seek to kill Tanner its own former colleagues at the group "hunters heads" among which is wonderful a sniper and superpotent. A rich and yet greedy lethal circuses "fans" put money "for" or"against" that will die in the next battle, and even Raoul declares one of the gamblers that he was where started the business broadcasts of the competition is not life and to death. It is an obvious reference to the first part, here is therefore, "the Hunt..." in the plot is indirectly related to the first part of "Condemned". But still have that both came under the patronage of the fighting game show of the WWE. And if the first film, the main role of the protagonist played Steve Austin, a soldier of the WWE, it in the sequel it replaced as You see, Randy Orton — another "Jock" that tries to show off cool, but very good bully, playing the muscles in the limits of the desert. Of course, acting talent that is in Austin, that Orton casts doubt on his presence at all. So that you can understand what is the opinion about yourself leaves a film "the Condemned 2: Hunting in the wilderness."

But experienced in his craft Roel Rhine realized that the only way to "pull" the movie of the expected failure — this is to make it more dynamic, to saturate the picture with fights, gunfire and explosions, at this to disguise the low level of acting work. Even then, that  "the Hunt..." was played by Eric Roberts, once nominated for"Oscar", not must type in the error viewer: Eric long ago slipped into that plays a large number of questionable movies on the most part of category "B", and "the Hunt..." — is a representative of this kind of movies. And like action of the ribbon, there is enough, but this number of mistakes is unacceptable even for a Director as the Rhine. One of the examples: first frame of "man running with a gun", the second "stop and shooting", the third "he falls, knocked down by a bullet, but again it was on the run". And these mistakes — a lot. And fairly quickly begin to notice and then "Hunting..." it becomes something GEG-film, lead not to admire the spectacle, and laugh errors. And still it was fun to watch how slender Roberts "insert brain" to his on-screen son, will. The impression that Orton are about to be sent to the knockout Roberts.

For the first part of "Condemned" forced negative attitude to quality and in General, the feasibility of shooting these paintings. And now, after eight years came its sequel, which was even worse, but still with a huge number of mistakes, downright a storehouse of some kind. And without them, we could talking about some of the action spectacle (but not about the cast!), and so even that it was blurred if not to say depressing, though, and sometimes funny. In General generally not more:

3 of the 10

Emmeline Lymn
08 December 2015 | 02:47

The second part is about a group of people who are under blackmail must kill each other in favor of the rich entertainment observers, was anticipated for two reasons. The first — is that this film is a continuation of the furious fighter with bully Steve Austin. And second — this presence is my favorite wrestler Randy Orton.

After watching this Thriller left dual impression, and surely it through the film is flawed. Of course, it is not all the time, but certain moments for sure. Clear, red, what these films are limited by budget, but in this film you can see that was going to look expensive.

In this film, as and its predecessor, there's shooting, explosions, hand-to-hand fights, in General, all of composite action is present but sometimes it is done with large sagging. Here even has a musical theme that can permanently crash into memory. But all served as it is sometimes customary to say, with varying degrees of success.

Randy Orton looks on the screen great. Brutal and textured man that the end is not allowed to reveal that would gain a foothold in the characters fighter even in the genre of "In". Eric Roberts here, however, as and movies for recent years five regular role, which is forgotten five minutes after watching the film. Steven Michael Quesada, known for the TV series " all grave", tried as hard as could reveal his charismatic villain, really. Places with a replay.

Yes, the connection with the first film is that happy, even though it and present a couple of conversations, but it's good that not forgotten the first part.

"Sentence 2" that the movie, after watching that I would like return past shoot it to, to correct the flaws that exist. We can assume that the Director Roel Rhine screenwriter Alan B. McElroy blown away or in a hurry with production. So or otherwise, see a movie worth at least for a husky Ortona, by which I am and throw on a picture of a couple Bulow.

7 of 10

Who is the director of the movie The Condemned 2?
This tv-show was directed by Roel Reiné.
What is the genre of The Condemned 2?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Thriller.
Who starred in The Condemned 2?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Randy Orton, Eric Roberts, Wes Studi, Steven Michael Quezada, Bill Stinchcomb.
What is The Condemned 2 IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 4.2.
When was The Condemned 2 released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2015-11-06.