The Commitments

Jimmy, an unemployed man from Dublin, together with their peers creates a group of "Commitments". Wanting to revive public interest in the once popular style of soul music, the band started rehearsing around the clock. Then comes the glory. But she begins to uncover the ugly side of each of the "Commitments" ...

  • Alan Parker

Release Date: 1991-09-13
IMDb icon 7.6/10
  • Country: IE, GB
  • Language: English | Irish
  • Budget: $12,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $14,919,570
Trudey Adoree
13 January 2014 | 03:54

It's definitely the best film of Parker after the "Wall" and"Midnight Express". Less technicality, more life, colors, irony and humor.

In 1992, on the award "BAFTA" for the best film that tape has left behind the "silence of the lambs" and"Dancing with wolves" and at the same time for two years harvested "BAFTA" for best Director, best adapted screenplay and best editing.

One of the characters described the soul as: "Sincere, honest, without chatter". I think he talked about the film.

The movie is absolutely not mass: too ironic, too unamerican, too musical, and not in the spirit of the musical. I seem to to see a movie with a pleasure, definitely you need to listen to something other than chanson, metal or Russian pop music. At this to listen to regularly soul optional. Personally, I never did, but I did not stop to watch the movie with sincere pleasure.

"Obligations" — good, fun Comedy. Very good and at the same time very realistic. It would seem that try to combine humor, kindness, and reality — but, suddenly it turned out perfectly.

Irish brothers don't would to shoot each friend, whether in them soul.

the World was would be better if such comedies was more than the various versions of the "American pie" or that "Kiss!", for example.

The rare case when Parker is not removes a serious sociological study, masking it under drama, Comedy or Thriller, and makes peace, a real, live movie.

A movie about music and about Ireland. Or about Ireland and the music, Irish and music Irish music and Irish music. Sincerely, honestly, without chatter.

Jeanna Latt
02 May 2012 | 09:23

Crafty Irish dealer of audio - and videotapes Jimmy agrees to the proposal of friends to put together a band and decides to raise the interest of the Dublin public to the genre of soul, rough work romance which is not in a delicate maxims, "I want to hold your hand", but in animal sexual howls of "fucking", "the Hickey" and other "neginoth".

Somehow I have already said that the English movie about music of the definition is not is bad, well and if it takes a master like Alan Parker, then and did wait masterpiece. We know this man gave one of the best dramatic roles in the career of Nicolas cage ("birdy"), stood by the helm of the first serious applications of scenarios by Oliver stone, opened to the future author of "Platoon" road to the Hollywood (Midnight Express), well and generally took a lot of good films with a bunch of good players — De Niro and Rourke, Spacey, Madonna and others. In addition, Parker is responsible for the video version of the famous glogowski the "Wall" and dance the Oscar-winning "Glory", a few years ago obzavelsya modern "sagitarian" remake. So what about the "Obligations" (although the original title of The picture Commitments, which is times the name involved in the story of the band, and does not translate the cost)... Well in General, nothing amazing, but pretty damn cool!

The powerful musical energy that sustained the rhythm of the story, nice actors, great humor genre. Imaginary interview with bath, completely obsessed with Elvis is the father of the protagonist, playing the saxophone like nipple Kim Basinger — detail and jokes can list quite long, but I don't let me spoil you engaging viewing is highly recommend to put in the asset. That for a common morality of the film, it is, of course, also present, and not only that any fame brings with a strife, squabbles and how the famous hero Gene Kelly, the heartache. The case is still in that like The Commitments groups, existing and decaying somewhere in the shadows a serious bigwigs of the music industry, count in principle, impossible. Yeah and whether, when you just live here and now enjoying own antics on stage hot reception in the provincial clubs? We skipped a light Fandango, did cartwheels on the floor... Us a little seasick, but the crowd asked for another one. Yes live music!

Meridel Millwater
19 September 2013 | 05:41

The protagonist of the film... to write "young unemployed Dubliner Jimmy Rebbit?"

No, it — not Jimmy, because protagonist — this is soul music that completely captivated the audience almost with the first frame of the movie. In "the Commitments" by Alan Parker as if it is explained in love music, such a beautiful and almost forgotten, or rather, almost downtrodden other popular music genres in the early 90-ies. Why this name, why the "Obligations"? On my malaikottai the opinion of the moviegoer, it — certain obligations to their spiritual roots before that went to the basis of the formation of the author of the film, as a creative personality. A time to gather stones and a time to cast away stones. Time to soak in the wonderful sounds of music, to worship and to imitate the idols of his youth — and time to give them tribute through this amazing light, sparkling rough humour of working-class suburbs of Dublin, the music of the film. It seems that the development of action is subordinated to a certain rhythm that blends perfectly with the rhythm sounding in the film compositions. The author gives obvious pleasure to make the mouths of the characters the names of iconic musicians of the soul, investing in their intonation all soft and admiration, who may he myself used to pronounce.

Alan Parker seems to have complied with a Shine a certain task: to create a breathtaking hymn to the soul and the legendary heroes, by submitting all of this easy, sincere, fun and with undisguised pleasure, in one word: as expected to perform music of the soul. From heart — to the heart.

I don't recommend the film is people with a complete lack of musical hearing and those indifferent to music.

How much has The Commitments made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $14,919,570.
How much did it cost to make The Commitments?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $12,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie The Commitments?
This tv-show was directed by Alan Parker.
What is the genre of The Commitments?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama, Music.
Who starred in The Commitments?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Robert Arkins, Michael Aherne, Angeline Ball, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Dave Finnegan.
What is The Commitments IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.6.
When was The Commitments released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1991-09-13.