The Circus

A sad Comedy about the adventures of Charlie in as part of a touring circus.

  • Charles Chaplin

Release Date: 1928-01-29
IMDb icon 8.2/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $900,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $26,916
Kathrine Bethezel
05 October 2011 | 11:42

It seems to me that I always knew Charlie Chaplin and his films. He is deeply embedded at me in memory, throwing some light outlines of something very bright, kind, witty and fun. It films dreams — are quite similar. The purpose of one — to entertain, to show the injustice of society and the vices of men through the funny conflicts of the characters. Heroes Chaplin always spelled out on level. He knew the people and watched them with times are tough childhood, helping his parents-actors to dance in music halls, selling gastly, glue, children's toys, working in hospital on typography... Childhood Charlie Chaplin was heavy. The father took to drink, and mother of despair and depression has lost his mind. All this affect little Charlie and the left him in memory. But when the little boy grew up and became a good earn and later in the movies, he has managed to create a character who we all so love — the character of the tramp. Same the defenseless, the same funny amorous. This image was first appeared in Comedy "Kids car racing" in 1914. The tramp was rapidly developing in such wonderful films as "the Kid" (1921) "the gold rush" (1925), in including "the Circus" (1928). In the past, this character takes on new meaning.

The film's story is extremely simple, and even to some it may seem naive. Postate — it is captivating Chaplin. The new tramp is manifested through conflict with the world. Hero then the accused, it recognize innocent, he is threatened, and then to praise, it love, then hate, thank you and leave one... All this is the best Chaplin showed in the circus where many things are hidden under the colorful costumes, beautiful masks and cheerful faces of the audience. The story and its characters as it is surrounded (from lat. circus — range) and is the focus of our attention.

"First,- says Charlie,- I have visited the circus when I was eight years old. It was Middlesboro... In the time I have not found anything more beautiful than the clown LAPAN. I admit that he instilled in me the desire to be like him. As I loved and admired him! Imagine it with a brush and a pot, otrashivayem with some imaginary dust. He has caused such an explosion of laughter from public, the whole city strove to have a look at him. Its popularity has made on me great impression... on the way to the scene, he never know that will do, but improvised with exciting force. All the program was held at this one. I found it gorgeous I have not was other desire than to imitate him".

For Chaplin's "the Circus" — is a kind of eye in the past, where it with the thrill of imagining her first love (hence the image of a little ballerina), the hard times of childhood and the eternal job search. In the film, Charlie agrees to any job — first, to earn, and then to be closer to his beloved. It love the sympathy of innocent and sincere. He loves her and desires of happiness. It feelings daughter of the Ringmaster is the main storyline of the film, which takes place along the many comic situations and gags and is one of the most touching love stories. What is the rescue scene from the poverty, when the tramp asks the tightrope Walker to marry your favorite dancer Or... he forgot your smazochno face, seeing her in costume. Black and white Chaplin film I would be called a masterwork of the late silent era, where are combined together details-thoughtful script, great acting and spectacular performances to the circus. And most importantly, what so much touching the film — this is a genuine feelings of the characters, the eternal humor and wonderful music.

Surprising still is how Chaplin was able to achieve the lightness, experiencing extraordinary difficulties in the filming. "Circus" — one of the most problematic and long it projects. Shooting lasted for three years, which Charlie lost her mother, divorced from his wife, watched the fire of his Studio, and in the end, was forced to be treated in the clinic for neurotic. Of medical goes completely gray. Conceived as a hilarious Comedy "the Circus", takes very different features. In this film, the tramp becomes more than a human being, which also may be sad and to worry about your future. Tramp fails, loses his love and in the end left completely alone. Pogrustim a little and looked stupidly in the ground, he suddenly stands up, straightens his fun bowler hat, and goes to meet new adventures.

The film "the Circus" has become one of the most successful movies in the era of silent films, earning us $3.8 mil.

Fidelia Shaun
29 April 2013 | 05:57

With each viewed picture Chaplin all more in love with his work immensely talented personality. With his films I started to appreciate and"understand" rare black-and-white movie. It's the feeling you get when watching old movies is like getting a disgusting good brandy, feel every touch, smell, finish. Here exactly the same: savor each frame, enjoying the facial expressions and acting, trying to taste the atmosphere of silent movies. And this distinctive "taste" of Chaplin's famous films not get one modern.

The Tramp, wandering from film the film. Changing scenery, story, actors, and Hobo is and never ceases to amaze and delight. At this time the life of the hero throws in the circus. In the world of funny clowns, brave animal trainers and smiling gymnasts. But not all as seems to stage. Clowns not really so and funny guys, and the smile gymnasts disappear from the person, as only those leave scene. And all under the yoke of the despotic head of the circus, which is the power and a hot temper wants to be notices.

And what are adventures await at this time a Hobo? The spectators ' applause, unrequited love for the artist of the beautiful, infinitely good deeds.

To sacrifice my feelings for the beloved — in the spirit of the Tramp. Of course, because if you love, you do everything for the sake of a loved one. In benefit of happiness, for the sake of it was happy. And because our "modern" love and not love at all, it is more like possession. We say: "I love this man, so he will me. After all, I got him your feelings." And don't care if your subject sighing fascinated not you. We assumption is his huge ego, we dominate man, surrender yourself, control and forbid God, he step in the other direction. Here what's our love. Possessiveness. And after all, slavery is abolished long ago, but in part it continues respects. The few who will take let go of a loved one, yeah still try to fold it happiness. Well, who is capable these sincere feelings? Unit.

Once opened the theme, another flaw of society, that Chaplin reveals in his film. This Great Man not afraid to raise serious and sensitive issues. He they are not says it shows and the language is even clearer, because it is much more emotions than in words. Professionalism to put Comedy and tragedy so next to each friend that not to upset the balance — it's really amazing, admire that. In this is all Chaplin.

Bravo for another masterpiece! And a low bow.

10 of 10

Shelley Guilbert
28 December 2011 | 04:02

Sometimes you need to look in the past ask yourself: "What would happen with film, not be his stories of those or other milestone event?". There are acute fun in that, by setting himself such an ambitious question, to say: "don't be such a giant of cinema as Charlie Chaplin, not would cinema". Of course, such statements are deliberately drawn — as the comic Chaplin — however admit film would look completely different if it in the beginning of the twentieth century is not burst into brilliant Creator, paving the way to cinema, creating an immortal image of the controversial vagrants and an inexhaustible source of inspiration for all future filmmakers.

And really, the films of Chaplin — is an endless flow of genius, turns into a bright and the selfless power of inspiration, which are able to decorate as the lives of ordinary spectators, and the creativity of filmmakers. The film "the Circus" is the greatest example of how the Creator experiencing catastrophic difficulties in personal life and in film production, has managed to overcome challenges path to perfection the difficulties and to finish his work. Charlie Chaplin released the Circus from which it the production of unpleasant occasions. At the time of the shooting burned down the tent of the circus. Coil with the finished film was lost. Radio stations continued to appear. In Chaplin's personal life was turmoil. However, little tramp remained unmoved. And despite rapidly developing the film "the Circus", built on a surprisingly light and laid-back comic, it is impossible to believe that the person who created this miracle really felt on themselves pressure of burning kolovraschenie. Chaplin's perfectionism was embodied on the screen, while his personal life was going a mess.

The melodrama and the Comedy "Circus" sound in woven harmony movie that can be enjoyed forever. When absorb in the wonderful comic disasters, dramatic immediacy and delightful music that reign of this film, there is a sense of something lost and irretrievable, genuine and eternal. It — poignant yearning for times I don't it but can be me. Thanks to Charlie Chaplin can still naively believe in the benevolence of fate in the positive laws of chance, which once turned over to our colorless life. Hero Charlie Chaplin — is a unique expression of the divine altruism and unconditional joy, which is not exists true, but which I want to believe.

Little tramp Chaplin, caught in the beginning of my story "the Circus" in a ridiculous situation with a pocket robbery, turns on the circus, affecting a bored viewers a variety of untrained gags. It is the spontaneity of the actions of the main character makes it the temporary star of the circus. He gets up on stage blasting the audience fun, but not able funny play written stage. Because the little tramp Chaplin — it is a divine messenger of pure joy, a forced improvisation, unconsciously comic. After all, Chaplin is kind of like and it is unclear why this is all over them laugh? He funny himself without draping the special clown clothes that create the impression of a humorous musty and dull. The comic Chaplin is coming from inside, it the main criterion — sincerity. Moreover, sincerity is not only humorous forms, but in emotional. Chaplin meets the girl at the name Dimension, which is the daughter of the circus owner. Father treats it is very cruel, and the little tramp stands up for the girl. Our hero mistakenly begins to believe that Measuring in love with him, but there it is waiting for a huge disappointment. Because on the horizon looms a handsome tightrope Walker, secured and successful — not like an eccentric tramp. However, even having experienced on themselves the bitterness of unfulfilled hopes, Chaplin shows touches of nobility and generosity, bringing together two lovers. And even when he is alone, he will correct your bowler hat and will rush forward, no matter what. Chaplin through his life and his films teaches the ultimate wisdom: to continue, leaving behind the fear and sadness, rushing towards new adventures, which are sure to overtake someone they believe.

How much has The Circus made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $26,916.
How much did it cost to make The Circus?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $900,000.
Who is the director of the movie The Circus?
This tv-show was directed by Charles Chaplin.
What is the genre of The Circus?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Romance, Best Comedy Movies, Best Family Movies.
Who starred in The Circus?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Al Ernest Garcia, Merna Kennedy, Harry Crocker, George Davis, Henry Bergman.
What is The Circus IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.2.
When was The Circus released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1928-01-29.