The Bridges of Madison County

Francesca — the wife of an American farmer and mother of two children. She is originally from southern Italy, where her romantic dreams did not come true. Suddenly, in her monotonous life interferes with fate: meeting with Robert. Robert — a freelance photographer, he has long been accustomed to living alone. But this meeting changed his life. They passionately and without looking fell in love with each other. This love of which they dreamed all his life, he released only 4 days.

  • Clint Eastwood

Release Date: 1995-06-02
IMDb icon 7.6/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $24,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $182,016,617
Marnia Ivonne
26 December 2012 | 09:23

After the death of Francesca (Streep) her children Carolyn and Michael Johnson (Corley and Slezak) reveal the old chest, they find the diaries her mother. They are surprised to learn that many years ago, Francesca happened short and very stormy affair with the visiting photographer Robert (Eastwood). What it was a fleeting loss of consciousness, or true Love? Francesca and she is not able to answer. However, it was the best day in her long life.

Usually about such a situation say: there were two of loneliness. Despite that Francesca had a family, husband and children, she was alone in my most cherished experiences. Life was not as she represented. Not about the country she wanted not on the share of humble housewife she was craving. Have Robert the other extreme. The constant moving day when the world or wife, no children, a lone wolf with an empty heart. And here was found: happiness, fire, passion, 4 days filled with happiness love and romance. And what's next? To abandon the new horizons for the love of all that it was expensive, or in the pool with my head?

I do not trust such stories. I young and haven't have known the bitterness of unfulfilled dreams and failed dreams. And hope is not necessary. But when the story and played with such skill and naturalness, in it have to believe. So, it happens. So, it happens. Not God forbid, of course. But in this situation, I think I will close the final choice Francesca. Breaking, not to build. I did everything right, I think. Can be wrong.

Eastwood and Streep, of course, the giants. Blocks. Genius acting. On them in this movie is not just a lot, and all. Other less professional actors would spoil the this so arguable history, would have made of her tearful or rather sappy romance, would vitiate it, would have added extra unnecessary meanings.

"the Bridges of Madison County" — great life drama. No special effects, no further details, without the pathos of arms and heroic deeds. A simple story, which is interesting to watch. Suggest.

Of 9 10

Zelma Valerie
04 March 2012 | 10:27

Great movie. Than many many produced modern factory of dreams, in which the main idea of the creators can be in the best case is already formulated 15th — 20 minutes of viewing in one sentence because borrowed earlier geniuses and we've already met, and in the worst may well and stay not open on the reason of the absence for the film is one of types of gum: (emotional, psychological, intellectual) and no more.

"Bridges.." have many meanings, ambiguous, controversial, a different degree of comprehensibility. They make you think not just over the motives of the characters, but raise questions and timeless. Such as "what's the meaning of life?" or"what the essence of divine Providence?" or"What is God?".

It is noteworthy that in "Shrek 4, the final Chapter" similarly, attempt to uncover these respects.

I think conservatism relations, in particular love is not more death, but God is life and so .....

The path to love is the path to the acceptance of the other through the understanding or through forgiveness, as ironically without understanding, only on the basis of "do Not judge, so not judged awake" (You don't the famous the world which God has created in this person the Way it development you can to judge? You can I give him that of his world that he could go your own Way and to forgive it if its Path not like yours.)

The fun starts after a scary tale ends with "And they lived long happy". The invariance relations and their conservation pleasing to God?

What is more valuable as neither the self-worlds of others and his Way to which improves the soul, shares the gift of God — life? On the constancy of the hearth and the comfort of an established relationship?

Staying in the warm little world of everyday life in conditions of circulation of one and the same events and understanding of the senses is it possible Way to go if he has no purpose more than the preservation of the meanings of this world? Is it possible perfection of the soul without test more complex than ordinary due to the current laws?

I think that no. In the stagnation and immutability no Way, there is no understanding and making for that have occurred, the integrity of the found on how's maybe I expanded to the boundaries of the microcosm. And then there and the Way to finding the love of what is advanced I, no life and there is no God in this preserved state. The devil buys your soul for something that allows to preserve or to attain a comfortable condition.

So Shrek, "rebel seeks the storm, as if the storm there is peace", trying to return the meaning of life is ordained by God — to scare people. Francesca falls in love with the first counter, giving hope for being able to look further and to realize himself through found, creating a new entity in this world.

So, then? Francesca can with a clear conscience, for the sake of finding my Way and improvement it to part with that commonplace world in which she lived, the the destroying it? Is it possible to destroy the already created the entity in the name of creating a new one?

But in this exchange there is a certain flaw, which is the focus of its only yourself, an individual Path of individual salvation. It is possible that he was afraid, Francesca.

This exchange leads to individualization, the collapse of the soul in the absolutization of its enhanced I each expand to the boundaries of the microcosm with which newfound integrity. In the end, it causes the fall through if not identification of God, through the attempt to equate yourself to him. With one of the angels of God, so happened.

So going off the above, Your attention is invited to the Meaning of Life unchanged for against identity to her characteristics, level of perfection (the manifestation of proximity to God).

The meaning of Life for All Things.

Meaning defined as a desire to learn and achieve possible similarity bozhego.

For as know the image and likeness created, but has lost that the most important line.

The likeness of the same we will understand how like in terms clearly and the only defining God and especially in the feature Absolute Creator.

Absolute the Creator created and creates the entity. The entity is that has being or can exist as we think outside Him e can be separable from It again as we seem to have a certain independence from Him.

Entities can be both material and not material objects, such as relationships, meanings, knowledge, and etc.

He created such an entity as Human gave it free Will, i.e. the ability for his will to produce a new entity. Not guess why?

But same had Man of the commandments of harmonizing the acts of Creation.

So the Meaning of Life is creation or the creation of a harmonized entity. The harmony of their is that each new entity the possibility of creativity for other Artists increased, or at least each new entity contributed to this.

Francesca is not has left the World (Essence), which was she created together with her husband for the sake of making a new World (a new Entity) with Robert, according to the reason that conditions of harmonization are not executed in the first approximation. It believes that its action will give a new meaning for the life of her husband. Not had her confidence and that after destroying the previous entity, the Entity create a new, more harmonious and viable. Fear and doubt the correct destruction would undermine her powers as a Creator of a New, what she said Robert.

Lissie Elinor
12 January 2013 | 03:03

Quite often, films about love, which quickly comes and stays forever. So called tales. Moreover, such an approach sin as not only filmmakers, but and Old Hollywood, because not one film that time has the plot here. this sudden love up to a coffin. And is usually tales happy end, in which I want to believe as well-played and removed.

Starting to watch "the Bridges of Madison County", I thought about whether to show really serious, true love in the framework of the "promised" four days.

And if you also in doubt, I can assure — two hours of this incredible film will convince you in it.

I watched this movie more yesterday, wiping away tears, was going to write a review literally on the emotions, but circumstances allowed. In the end, I now has revised part of the film, refreshing some passages in memory to still write with dignity about a decent film.

To preview "the Bridges of Madison County" I pushed a list of recommended movies on the page is not less stunning films with the participation of Meryl Streep's "Lovers". A couple of days I went around and about the matter is thinking about how to watch still or not: Clint Eastwood became famous still a Western, so I didn't really know what to expect from "Bridges". I'm glad decided included is a movie yesterday. Now in a list of favorite movies added another one name, I once again convinced the genius Meryl Streep, but I also discovered itself, Clint Eastwood and a great actor, and as a talented Director.

The film "Bridges of Madison County" tells about the life of an ordinary housewife Francesca of Iowa state, where a sudden comes a rather successful photographer, Robert in search of new personnel. Offer Francesca show a lost traveler the way to the Bridge rosemary is the beginning of the tale, which has only 4 days. Is it possible love for such a short time? It may seem unrealistic, mythical, here is only Meryl Streep Clint Eastwood with easy to convince the confirmed skeptics. Love demonstrated by such superb actors, even language does not turn to call the game. I admire their Duo. Love them the characters are so sincere, so real... Real feelings, with anguish.

- I do not want you need.
Because of my you will not.

The characters fall into the trap of his love, where any selected path will be equally correct and incorrect. And how to do the right thing? And whether to do the right thing?

This is the face which balances the film and unforgettable ending. Is it true did the heroes? I don't know if response this question. Have Meryl Streep in the shoulder is a movie where another character gets in a similar situation, but isolated it is quite different. And say, what an ending similar stories are correct, but what — no, you cannot. All it's personal perception.

How can we perceive the behavior of Francesca? With one hand she did is immoral, but on the other, it too, had the right to your own dreams. She — housewife, which is not managed to implement. So whether to blame her? From everyone to this, of course, will have their own opinion.

And because the end of this movie or otherwise, the way it should be. The question is, what it was true, and what is not, remains open, and hope will be there even when it just not a place to be.

I want to love you the way now the end of his days.

"The bridges of Madison County" — worthy, amazing romance that captures its simplicity and sincerity. This movie will surely leave a mark in the heart.

After these films desperately want to believe in this unique, boundless and all-consuming love to experience it I never stop hoping for a miracle.

10 of 10

How much has The Bridges of Madison County made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $182,016,617.
How much did it cost to make The Bridges of Madison County?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $24,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie The Bridges of Madison County?
This tv-show was directed by Clint Eastwood.
What is the genre of The Bridges of Madison County?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Romance.
Who starred in The Bridges of Madison County?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Clint Eastwood, Meryl Streep, Annie Corley, Victor Slezak, Jim Haynie.
What is The Bridges of Madison County IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.6.
When was The Bridges of Madison County released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1995-06-02.