The Book Thief

Germany, the eve of the Second world war. Death is preparing to start the harvest. Nine-year-liesel moved to Munich to their adoptive parents and with their help learning to read. Every day reading becomes a necessity of life, and liesel begins to steal books — the only joy of her life. All she learns from them, helps her understand the events around her — the persecution of Jews, anti-fascist movement, humiliation and hunger. All this, in the end, it will be in its own story, the story of her life.

  • Brian Percival

Release Date: 2013-11-27
IMDb icon 7.6/10
  • Country: DE, US
  • Language: English | German
  • Budget: $19,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $76,586,316
Tabbatha Manlove
17 November 2019 | 04:02

The book thief — historical teen drama, filmed on the novel by Marcus Suzaka "Book Thief." The Director of the film was made by Brian Percival, who this is widely known to the Russian public movies filmed. The book I have not read, so the comparison is not can. All the insights and impressions made only on the basis of the film.

The film in General, similar to "the Boy in the striped pyjamas" and"the Pianist" and tells the story the background of the events occurring in Germany during the Third Reich. Young liesel falls in foster care. Her foster mother, at the beginning it seems harsh and principled woman, but the course of action reveals perfectly with other.

Pleasantly surprised by the acting of all the main characters. Geoffrey rush perfectly played the role of a good and caring father, with resistant attitudes and not accepting imposed by the authorities of the regime. Emily Watson also smartly played the role of a strict stepmother, but over time, as related good heart. And definitely liked the acting of the children.

The film's atmospheric and deep. Learn to appreciate simple truths such as family, freedom, love, time spent with loved ones. In total recall taste of life that many lose with the years.

The film is softer, according to compare for example with  a"Schindler's List" in because of its juvenile orientation and this fact considerably broadens its audience. It can show young and they will be quite interesting. The film is based on acting and dialogues. No action, and there he is essentially is not needed.

Of the minuses — Apple is in the end of the film. Could do without a film like this. Well and clichés about that in the end it saved the brave Americans on their aircraft. But these disadvantages do not spoil the overall impression of the film.

10 of 10

Anderea Dunham
22 January 2014 | 09:08

"The book thief". Insanely warm, sincere, kind, sad, strong, beautiful and humane movie. For me — it's a masterpiece. It is the rare movie that really touched my heart and have no heap of nominations and hail laudatory odes from the critics, personally for me this best film not only this year, but one of best I saw life.

The story of a girl — teenager, which scared not lucky to be born in Germany on the eve of the bloodiest war in human history. The story of a child who lost his mother and his beloved brother, but who found happiness in books foster family, which brought her fate.

It's a movie about that in such a terrible time, as the war life goes on.

Children first fall in love, touching and caring father teaches his daughter to read, the man once saved from death, risking their lives, hiding yourself the basement of the son of their Savior. This film about that the war there is nothing heroic or good, this feat is just live and appreciate every moment of my life and to remain human, even when it seems that the whole world went mind.

In this film, great acting, ranging from master Geoffrey rush and ending quite young Sophie Nelis. The atmosphere of the film is simply mesmerizing. For two hours I managed to experience the full range of emotions from loneliness all-consuming grief that brings war to warm, almost magical feel, which gives family and love. Not the last role in the charm of the film is the brilliant music of John Williams.

After watching this I again realized all these awards, disputes which movie is better, which actor more convincing, all not importantly, it's the little things. Important only those feeling that you experience in time after watching the film and changes in your soul under the impact of magic that someone once called, in one word... art. This matter and everything else is trivia. The ceremony will be held, statues fade and covered with dust, even the film can trace the abyss, but the way it gives the hearts of its viewers, the eternal

10 of 10

Josefa Calen
06 May 2019 | 06:33

So I can identify this movie. And it's even not from the person who goes the narrative, but in the General atmosphere of the film. It at the same time cruel and merciful, and mercy comes quite with the unexpected side, the actions of the heroes — people define it, but importantly, the narrator presents it, despite the specificity of activities. The apotheosis of mercy to become the ending of the film, maxims about the souls of the dead and the life path of the character, it can not leave indifferent. And cruelty of its a lot, it surrounds the little liesel, she is changed her life the beginning view and is accompanied by further. Different from the fascist state and ideology of Hitler cannot be expected, then, many were milled by these mills. But even the atmosphere of fear and hatred is a place of goodness that helps the heroine to become a man with a kind heart and to survive the surrounding terror. On the first place is Hans hubermann's — foster father, surrounded by liesel kindness and attention, and the second place is the foster mother of Rosie, a woman with a Big heart, which she skillfully hiding under the mask of rudeness, and which is able to give warmth to the girl. And in third place neighbor Rudy, the mayor's wife and Max, each of which played a role in shaping the personality of the heroine.

But why still the Book thief, war and the tale? Yes, because one of the book began the transformation of thinking and nature of the child to the backdrop of the biggest dramas of the twentieth century, a whirlwind of death hovered over the Germany and only books helped the heroine to get better, only thanks to the books she could help others, and the books have attention to her hand of Death. And the tale is how the authors of the film showed the life and death of Heaven street.

Actors are the decoration of the film. First, Geoffrey rush and Emily Watson, who played a couple of Hubermann, I didn't recognize Emily Watson in the role of Rosie, it is indeed the implantation of the actress in the yeah so that the eye is not tear how shows diverse character of the heroine on the screen. Treffry rush played less bright, but deep, for the kindness and smile of his hero worth all the pain and suffering. In second Sophie of Nelis, who played liesel, childlike, the pain of loss and the depth of emotional intensity was shown in her heroines are wonderful.

Very good, deep movie about the war people, a pacifist by itself, merciful for filling.

PS. It is a pity that the translators don't put into the lips of Frau hubermann's her favorite word — Svinuh that was in my translation book, very succinct.

How much has The Book Thief made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $76,586,316.
How much did it cost to make The Book Thief?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $19,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie The Book Thief?
This tv-show was directed by Brian Percival.
What is the genre of The Book Thief?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, War, Best movies 2013.
Who starred in The Book Thief?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Roger Allam, Sophie Nélisse, Heike Makatsch, Julian Lehmann, Gotthard Lange.
What is The Book Thief IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.6.
When was The Book Thief released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2013-11-27.