The Blues Brothers

Brothers-musicians Jake and Elwood Blues learn that their home Church will be demolished if she did not pay 5 thousand dollars. The only thing the brothers don't have much time, and they decide to give a concert. However, Jake just got out of jail, and Elwood his troubles with the law, and to reach them dream of all and Sundry: police, thugs, neo-Nazis. Before you save the Church, the Blues brothers will have a real mess on the streets of Chicago...

  • John Landis

Release Date: 1980-06-20
IMDb icon 7.9/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $27,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $115,229,890
Clara Pogue
06 January 2010 | 08:02

The film is not matter. Importantly, the picture takes the viewer (me) — it's the music, songs and dances. Songs in a performed by James brown, Cab Calloway, ray Charles Aretha Franklin not sure to impress any one, well, unless fans "Tender may". But that I am sure, will be in love Negro dance numbers from the 70s of the last century. It — just "super". They, for a modern audience may seem ridiculous and absurd, but in the same time, so fascinate and attract the eye that away from the screen is almost impossible. Probably not in vain their black dance we have for many centuries (well, with minor deviations in the direction of the current fashion). I think in movements, rhythms and harmonies of the melodies of this culture there are elements of hypnosis, shamanism, or something that can not be explained. Liked the movie.

8 from 10

Moira Savannah
20 December 2006 | 01:30

Film legend.

John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd — once inseparable couple Comedy, two completely unique talented actor, whose nature is not have abadilla hearing and love music. That is acting talent, musical talent and love music spawned on the two brothers Jake and Elwood on the names of the Blues.

The first speech in the famous American show "Saturday Night Live", the release of two albums and many concerts were given to understand that this original musical-acting phenomenon, it is indispensable to immortalize. To help came Hollywood Director John Landis. Thought they with Aykroyd, yeah and decided to write the script for the movie the Blues brothers, which later was destined to become a true monument to the first white artists music Blues.

From the beginning to the end of the film looks with the constant tapping of the foot on the floor, beating rhythm. Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, James brown, John Lee hooker and the Blues Brothers overwhelm the movie was great real live music. Crazy chase scenes, a few dozen broken machines, crazy funny humor, and a unique game of Aykroyd and Belushi — all The legendary The Blues Brothers.

Everybody needs somebody
Everybody needs somebody. love

Mady Jania
07 September 2011 | 07:29

Wonderful movie! Energy in this is just incredible! Here what I love ' 80s movies, especially Comedy, so this for the genuine laughter and a lot of positives, which they we are pleased to still. Although it's been 31 since the release of the musical Comedy with elements of action traditional action movie — "the Blues Brothers" by John Landis. Exactly, it will be reconsidered, because this movie gives you a boost of energy that impossible to forget or to refer to typical comedies that don't stay in memory after viewing.

And now in order. The image of the Blues brothers in baggy suits with a tie the narrow ribbon in felt hats and with sunglasses was established in the ' 70s. Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi created their own musical group, which he called "Blues Brothers". They were in clubs and bars. Also warmed up the audience in the popular American show "Saturday Night Live" before the main speech of guests and the stars of the show. Then, having conquered the audience with their musical symbiosis of data and natural charm, these guys of course already passed in the main program. Earlier in they were good musicians, it now having caught his audience, and they were able to ask yourself musicians who created in while a lot of hits in rhythm and Blues. With love to take it the invitation are magicians rhythm and Blues, as guitarist Steve "The Colonel" Cropper, bassist Donald "Duck" Dunn, guitarist Matt "Guitar" Murphy, Willie "Too Big" Hall, Tom "Bones" Malone, Lou "Blue Lou" Marini and others. With that moment began their time if at first they still played on opening of the public as on tour of the famous comedian Steve Martin, then they gave their concerts. "The Blues brothers" and has released several CDs and platinum, their songs fall into different tops and received their awards. "The Blues brothers" may have not done something completely new in the rhythm-and-Blues music, but breathed in her new life, because this style of music began to lose its popularity. The group "the Blues Brothers" has become truly iconic for the time. And in 1980, the work of this group resulted in an incredibly funny and energetic movie.

The film's plot is simple but not on the rate was, the emphasis is on version, it is just gorgeous. Two excellent comedian Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi with incredible charisma just harness on the entire film. Calm, unflappable in any situation, but, speaking on stage, these brothers blow the dance floor and"fry" on all cylinders. From them impossible to put down, when they have a microphone, according to their energy speeches and songs beats the best versions of those of hits, which they sang, even though they modestly say that they kickstarter is not worth than originals. I absolutely not I agree, but not to give the opportunity to talented humble; people — it is a sin, so let yourself be shy. There are so many excellent musical numbers, well-known hits and in the performance of such giants of music as ray Charles, James brown, John Lee hooker, Aretha Franklin and Cab Calloway. A phenomenal cast, have because of which fans of Blues, rock-n-roll and rhythm-and-Blues this film is a must. But John Dan behind masters the expressiveness of the execution. I especially liked the song in the performance of the Blues brothers "Everybody needs somebody" — it's just a blast! I will only speak for myself, but the best performance of this famous song I never heard.

View this movie. Don't regret it. He just blew up the ' 80s with their energy and music that have become to forget. And they dancing imperturbable faces — that something! In soon I will definitely watch the continuation of this hurricane of a film.

How much has The Blues Brothers made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $115,229,890.
How much did it cost to make The Blues Brothers?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $27,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie The Blues Brothers?
This tv-show was directed by John Landis.
What is the genre of The Blues Brothers?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Adventure, Comedy, Best Musical Movies, Best Music Movies.
Who starred in The Blues Brothers?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Tom Erhart, Gerald Walling, John Belushi, Walter Levine, Frank Oz.
What is The Blues Brothers IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.9.
When was The Blues Brothers released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1980-06-20.