The Basketball Diaries

Heroin can wait...In his power, someday, will and Jim. Over the next dose is ready to steal, kill, sell! It will be... someday... a Matter of time...the Opium knows how to wait. The story of a dive to the bottom of the street of the famous musician and poet Jim Carroll. Shot in brutal style, the painting is shocking for its explicit scenes.

  • Scott Kalvert

Release Date: 1995-04-21
IMDb icon 7.3/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $2,381,087
Datha Casmey
14 December 2010 | 12:11

The story of talented guy who traded a basketball and a bright future on a syringe with heroin, taken by the autobiographical book by Jim Carroll, it would seem, had all the chances to become iconic, but such was. Even though Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role. And all because the movie is made. Someone say — "base", I say — honestly simple as a documentary program by the BBC.

In the "Diary" no pathetic "Requiem" and sumasbrodka "Trainspotting". The story of Jim everyday: sometimes boring, sometimes interesting, as usually is in life.

First, we see the sunlit new York street going somewhere friends. That important for them? To throw more balls in the basket to pick up the girl, and climb on the open collectively show the ass by a passing steamer — here they are the little joys of American teenagers of the sixties! And no matter how the school teacher with an enviable regularity applies to Jim corporal punishment trainer in the secret all burning to ward strange love, and mother every morning lecturing about the need to find a job — all this stuff because he has friends, notebook with poems basketball.

And then life loses paint, which is found, returns first little pink pill, and then syringe with clear liquid. Jim throws a basketball out of the house and a couple with a friend (who, incidentally, played by mark Wahlberg) begins to Rob the car to get money for another dose.

But his free life was not so sweet now Jim is sitting under the door covered in nozzle saliva begs his mother to let him in home. The mother calls the police and Jim was arrested. In prison, he keeps a diary, reconsiders the life...

People tend to think of drug-like what — terrible killing, but initially granting some unprecedented pleasure substance. The substance that opens the way in Wonderland, where there are no boundaries and everything is possible. But is that Wonderland — this is just the Ghost, the vision which looms where — the front, making everything faster and faster to run for themselves. And the man runs faster and fast not noticing the muck that he appeared. And soon the man himself becomes a Ghost, ready on everything to return it a fleeting feeling of bliss, which he once experienced.

The film is unpopular, because it is not shows the freaky pleasures of life, which all heard so, and only shows its dirt. Hardly it will want to reconsider: neither a beautiful picture, nor the philosophical dialogue, is that the acting of DiCaprio and good soundtrack can attract the viewer.

No matter what the film is good, a little preachy, sure, but different not be could.

And very soon will be new movie — a feast for the eyes and ears of aesthetes cinephile, where the new heroes will run all the faster and faster, past the falling floors and enraged refrigerators in the hope to get into your mythical Wonderland

Gwennie Proud
04 March 2018 | 06:02

This is the one that you put 10 out of 10? Or those who "trudge" all your friends? Or definitely need to the name of the film was listed in a popular and reliable ranking? Or under the flickering frames of this movie you made love for the first time with a girl? Or you are so like your father that his favorite movie is getting and your most favorite?

I'm in the concept of "favorite" film investing, primarily, in what part of my life painting influenced how long have you been with me. And often it turns out that related to the categories "favourite" film me now is not like it. But it is something so it was worth when I was revised to the tenth time, or when I tried just exactly to reproduce the dialogue of the film is appropriate in real life. In other words, if the time I not breathed the movie, then he had nourished me and gave food for thought and aspirations. And all time was, I little his fantasies were woven into the canvas and was part of Kinopalats. So not to love, not to respect means not to love himself a little or without a difference.

Usually you know thoroughly the dialogue and multiple meanings and a refrain this, your "favorite" movie, you know the minute it storyboard and intonation of the dialogues. You even distinguished that in this film wanted to tell the writer and as made from the Director! But despite all this useful knowledge and feelings — will be very difficult to write a review on this movie.

I happened to be in the area Khodynka and I was wandering around him for several hours. Once there I spent my childhood, or, in the words of Tolstoy, boyhood. Somehow I rarely thinking about the period of life, although the period from 14 to 18 years of age this, in my opinion, the time of the birth of the little man of personality, because everything was to — attempts of parents to make us as they were not themselves, and all will occur with you after 18 years — will try every way to knock out you the grain of identity. Exactly in this age the poet Jim Carroll, whose an autobiography went to the basis of the movie, has survived major events of his life, left to her only the scars, but in a whole changed its relief and move.

And I remember yourself at his age and see our young "gang", which was all still, how to prove the same as we the boys from the neighboring yard who steeper — playing football or basketball, fights or fight the girl another district. Have unit it was computer and just not one was his cell phone, but we most of the time spent outside the house was always light and ready to get involved in any of a boy's point of view, steep adventure. Then we thought that our district lived we have been directly involved in his life — certainly not observers from side. Reviewing shots of the "basketball diaries", I mentally go into the time realize all the guys from our district successfully finished the period of its formation and now go on life is not looking at the past.

The picture will be of interest to all fans of Di Caprio, from which, it seems, not were no one movie where he left only role in which they are going to play without the emotional anguish.

It is very difficult to isolate the the only meaning in the movie, which was previously looking at. Reviewing "the basketball Diaries" again after 15 years, I'm glad that despite that 16 know what apartment in the area you can get drugs and was this insane desire to prove to everyone and especially myself that I am, I did not not overgrown scars of life, which later regretted and told unusual the new York poet Jim Carroll.

8 from 10

Doralia Juetta
06 December 2009 | 09:03

`Ledi Hey, SHUT UP!!`- here with these words begins this nor what is not like a biopic. With the first seconds shows a competent hand of Director, in combined with universal Leo gives a brilliant incarnation on the screen is surprisingly sincere and very interesting memories of the life of Jim Carroll.

I remember late autumn evening I inadvertently stopped in a bookstore full of people, because some of the presentation of the new book, I slowly passed to the Department of `Alternative` and chose no remarkable book `the basketball Diaries`. Of course, I not expected, to such a powerful effect, then I hoped just interesting to spend the evening. But what thoughts swirled me in mind after reading a fascinating book Carroll! Empathy Jim was disproportionately large, every time opening again and again this amazing history, always one and the same feelings swirling in mind.

The skill of Carroll to leave an indelible mark in mind I opened not first, but the sense of the discoverer, attended and will always be present. I explain why. You probably going to the bookstore or the supermarket, see on log on various lockers, shelves ads of numerous books. And I madness disgusting to read such pathetic, hypocritical book is intended for some bestial population, his morality and story by us some soulless animals, which is no values other than watching endless TV. Most of all I hate that in bookstores, especially in hypermarkets, supermarkets, section `Alternative` is always in very nondescript place like if trying to tell us: `do Not pay attention to this series of books we buy just for show, well for a pair of frostbitten fans or addicts!` Nonsense!

What goes to the film — in my subjective opinion, it with dignity passed the test on durability. The film is decorated with an indescribable atmosphere and the spirit of the life of Carroll, it appears as in a beautifully shot urban landscapes and the life of the main characters presented does not limited, complete freedom. Leonardo DiCaprio thanks to such films as `the basketball diaries`, `Gilbert What's eating Grape?`, `Total Eclipse` was a popular favorite and a fan.

Out of respect for a stunning book that influenced the root for my life due reverence to the boundless talent DiCaprio!

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How much has The Basketball Diaries made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $2,381,087.
Who is the director of the movie The Basketball Diaries?
This tv-show was directed by Scott Kalvert.
What is the genre of The Basketball Diaries?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Drama, Biography.
Who starred in The Basketball Diaries?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Leonardo DiCaprio, Lorraine Bracco, Marilyn Sokol, James Madio, Patrick McGaw.
What is The Basketball Diaries IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.3.
When was The Basketball Diaries released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1995-04-21.