The Apparition

Jacques, well-known reporter for the daily French newspaper, receives a mysterious phone call from the Vatican. In a small town in South-Eastern France, 18-year-old girl claimed to see the apparition of the virgin Mary. The word quickly spreading, the phenomenon acquires a magnitude that thousands of pilgrims flock to the site of the alleged phenomena. Jacques, far from religion, agrees to enter into a Commission of inquiry to shed light on these events.

  • Xavier Giannoli

Release Date: 2018-09-07
IMDb icon 6.4/10
  • Country: BE, FR, JO
  • Language: French | Italian | German | English
  • Budget: EUR8,900,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $3,562,793
Editha Abramo
21 January 2019 | 12:19

"Phenomenon" — French drama film with religious overtones will love all the fans of complex stories in which the viewer will have to unravel a certain mystery hidden from all. This big a multi-layered narrative touches on how believers as simple atheists who can absolutely not to worry, because no propaganda in the movie is there, so as the religion here is not in the first place, being only in the background and plot complication.

Director and screenwriter Xavier Giannoli not particularly well-known to the Russian audience, although it's possible someone saw him "Passionate Affairs" or"All over again" with françois cluzet in the lead role. Although a Director of photography Eric Gautier clearly familiar with many, so his paintings have enjoyed success as ordinary viewers and professional critics: "the Race of the century", "Hitchcock/Truffaut", "Princess of Monaco" and"Che Guevara: the motorcycle diaries".

According to the story, after the death of a close friend in hot spot famous reporter removed from the external world and virtually confined to myself, one for themselves not allowing. But one phone call from the Vatican is changing its life forever. At the request of the representatives of the Catholic Church, the journalist goes on the outskirts of France to head the Commission on the Church investigating one suspected case. In a small village eighteen-year-old girl claims that have seen the apparition of the virgin Mary. This rumor quickly spread through the country and therefore, a huge number of pilgrims and ordinary believers are sent to meet the miracle to touch or at least just to see the scene of the alleged phenomenon.

The structure of the storytelling is absolutely far from other detailed religious films, so as the authors initially given to understand that they question everything happening on the screen. Even the main character, as far from the religion does not trying to know God and not intends to save his soul. In contrast other members of the Commission, which seriously tend to get questioned a recent case, the protagonist intends to know the girl, see and to see it as did not see anybody. He wants to understand her thoughts, to feel the fears and find out the secret, which according to him, a young girl hides from all. He is convinced that this mystery girl causes endless pain and suffering. The journalist intends to help her what did not, but instead, the characters help each other, becoming real friends. They communicate a lot, speak to the souls, each of which slightly reveals himself and his soul. More yesterday, total strangers have a few days are almost the closest people who want one, but go to this very different ways.

Should warn you that the timing of the picture is nearly two and a half hours, but while the story itself is quite fascinating, intriguing and dramatic. According to its structure in the framework of a certain genre, we can say that this movie in some degree applies to the detective, where the protagonist almost the entire film is slowly and gradually approaching the answer, at the same time making all sorts of detective: interviewing witnesses, conducting examinations and analyses, the study of archival documents and various indications. The main character, like an experienced investigator, cautiously goes on track not oblivious the consequences of their actions, so it does not commit any rash acts and no no way intends to harm an innocent girl.

With all the drinks it first and foremost a real and very serious story about the difficult relationship simple, but confused people who really need help and support. All the story is divided into six chapters, each of which gradually brings the viewer to unlocking at this fully revealing how heroes, and the story arch. Also in the film has a lot of orchestral music, which truly impresses with its drama and atmosphere of sound.

If we talk about the technical side, then the whole setting looks very convincing and professional. Despite the great timing, in there unnecessary scenes and empty scenes. Every action has its relationship with the subsequent development of the plot. But of special importance in the entire history of plays, of course, the cast who coped brilliantly with their task. Each of them empathize, and believe on a subconscious level to interact with them suffering and pain. It is worth noting the talent of aspiring actress Galatea of Bellugi ("Treat the living"), which definitely has a great future in the world of cinema.

Summing up, we can safely say that this movie in a greater degree suitable only for thinking of the audience for which the story is not just a picture on the screen as something more personal and meaningful. Pleasant viewing.

6 from 10

Nellie Bogoch
18 August 2019 | 03:36

I, Too, a psychological abyss. In high school, we on account of poor funds for the expedition we are not allowed. Oh... Nabem't we our backpack with all sorts of gauges-termometre, sneak in the Area illegally. And all these miracles to believe in algebra.

Stalker, 1979, dir. Andrei Tarkovsky

The world today — is the world of scientific progress. Science-science-science and again science. And she's like know not allow all of these "what if", "maybe". To check, to touch, to examine, to verify experimentally the presence of phenomenon. And then questions disappear by themselves. The evidence base is brought under any "thesis". And how different? Any arguments without any supporting facts, ugh, bubbles. But it is a science. Religion, on the ancient times, is based on a different principle. On faith.

However, faith, the horizons are not limitless. And on it should be a censor. Separating the grain from the chaff. The patrimony of the religious, Oh as a great. Parishes, several thousands of darkness. Ministers, Legion. And if every Hierarch, without demand, without the approval "boss" of the center, will focus on local wonders in the borders of faith, the structure will lose all resistance, will spread like a house of sand at the water. Not collect, blind again. Here and "stands out" in the Vatican for all "drop down" from the maximum allowable... it Turns out that and here is "intangible", abstract need somehow to structure, to comprehensively evaluate. And then, from the possible "lies" clearing, to accept the dogma. And well even if there without the wiles of Satan, and because his machinations no one has been cancelled. So on exorcism vaccination is necessary. Here it as. Thinking this way, you know, the wilds of religion is even more profound than science. How many goals followers so much and thoughts by worlds of diversity, gloomy horizons... As soon with a single encyclopedic booklet under the title "the fiction of the peoples of the world"? Unknown. Once.

Every year in world, here there is a wonderful phenomenon. Exalted personages, indulge in the heady, intoxicating trance witness the materialization of the "Supreme entity". The reason? Overdose themselves religious opium. Wish issued for valid. And the fabrication, sometimes, is the place to be. Yes, the usual speculation. And romp then of the Commission of theologians at the world. Interrogate witnesses, correlate that and happened, looking at the personality of the visionary. Hallucination? Nonsense? One of the stages of a mental disorder? What here? And can be really a miracle? But for what, I ask the virgin Mary, say, chatting with some mess of Gryaznushka? Why is it her? Not easier  to"go out" on a direct line with the Pope? And details item item, better under recording — "what must be done." Or a massive session, when the people, thousands of so under 100, for example, were going to look at the football stadium... the Audience that is necessary. And the effective how will. All from believe. 100 thousand. But as you know, God works in mysterious ways...

Apparently such thoughts were in the mind of the Director of the film "Phenomenon". He wrote the script. He same for him the painting was removed. The search for God in the twenty-first century. The test of faith by faith. Well, "algebra" of course. Where it? Maiden Anna, orphan of the province, said on the Holy revelation of the great honor of being found worthy of her. And a Catholic altar immediately sends on the scene, "the investigation team". True or hoax? Two hours research facts. From the us. A little drama, a little detective, plus the theme for reflections eternal, and movie ready.

6 from 10

How much has The Apparition made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $3,562,793.
How much did it cost to make The Apparition?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least EUR8,900,000.
Who is the director of the movie The Apparition?
This tv-show was directed by Xavier Giannoli.
What is the genre of The Apparition?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama.
Who starred in The Apparition?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Vincent Lindon, Galatéa Bellugi, Patrick d'Assumçao, Anatole Taubman, Elina Löwensohn.
What is The Apparition IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.4.
When was The Apparition released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-09-07.