The Angriest Man in Brooklyn

Female doctor mistakenly reported one harmful patient that he only live half an hour. In an effort to correct his hellish mistake, she rushes in search of a man who decided until late, to correct all the mistakes in life.

  • Phil Alden Robinson

Release Date: 2014-05-23
IMDb icon 5.7/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $615,198
Tilly Tersina
03 June 2014 | 02:17

90 minutes. That is how much it gives life to the main character in the performance of the inimitable in all senses of Robin Williams heroine enchanting the Mila kunis when he comes welcome to hospital know that he is terminally ill. The benefit of such a verdict is not final made only due to the fact that the patient got terribly harmful, and the doctor had a hard day. But from this no easier. But here is the journey of the characters because of this, it turned out unforgettable. About this in more detail.

Fix bugs! This is the aim of perhaps all of the movie characters. Henry Altman is the leader in this as his life there were many situations on which he sorry. Its character it is impossible not to sympathize, so well as not might not feel the game Robin. He close to each of us when we are broken because of nonsense on their loved ones and favorite people. And naturally, this story especially on it — about really rashawnna man of the Brooklyn. The same similar to the 90 minutes of the film we observed moments when I want to laugh, but when to cry. But all these points — and all at the road. And the most important thing in this life — family. With he wants to reconcile before his death. The only thing that a bit strained under the end — this is too frequent retelling of the most dramatic stories of the film that's all memorized after the 3rd times, I guess (though perhaps it is my tastes due to the fact that it was a third film on kinouchi and wanted to sleep). The at least the movie gradually reveals to us all the main characters of the film, and do you really believe in the cohesion of this family, which can withstand all adversity. Melissa Leo Peter Dinklage played great. Latest and made a significant share of humor in this film. If we talk about humor — what a American film without the American humor? Of course he there can't say it's bad, but praise him I have not succeed. But if you focus on a different sense of humor — I laughed. soul. Another important character — Dr. Gill, who, after going through a lot of trouble, dropped out on its share of the recent years, takes the advice of our lawyer (the same idea to which he came in the half-hours of his life) and in the end, makes everything to be happy. Mila immediately took set by team bar and played in full. The actors then coped great, even my favorite Richard kind I know from time, Scrubs. Very pleased with the appearance of James Earl Jones, known to most people as man, voiced Darth Vader. Here it is the role though episodic, but one of the most memorable.

Although the film's plot is quite simple, and ending us almost famous the beginning, he touches. Catchy in its simplicity. And that thanks to him! Thank you for the 90 minutes of the film, which I spent the cinema. Thank you for the 90 minutes in the life of a character that I have lived together with him. Thank you.

What can we say in conclusion? Perhaps all have what I have said previously, there and complement nothing, except: "See you'll regret it!". The film was presented with a mountain of amazing actors, funny situations and heartwarming story, which, as I hope not will leave You indifferent. And on this positive note:

Of 9 10

PS special thanks for the blooper reel at the end of the film, which the last time in the afternoon with fire not find. A pity, because they made my childhood unforgettable!

Viola Wessling
30 May 2014 | 03:15

Localizers want to hit, and want to do it almost always. Because first, the action takes place in the afternoon. Second, place — Brooklyn. So why is the film called "the Most evil man in Brooklyn" should translate as "This morning in new York"? It will remain for us a mystery, but as and numerous lapovia translations.

The film is worth watching at least just because there is Robin Williams. And to moan about repeat Isutoshi story kind of silly, when Robin is still great and we love.

We are all the time angry even over little of nothing we can get out of yourself. And Henry, is an example. Angry always, everywhere and for everyone. It hate rap, bubble gum, sabvufery, fatties, and this list goes up to infinity. But it is not always been so, once said his wife was a jerk, but a fun and cheerful. And now life only anger and nothing more. With wife problems, she lost her son, second son's about to lose or already lost. And everything his anger.

And then the doctor tells you that you will be dead in 90 minutes. Of course, first you are angry, very angry. And realize you need something to do. Is it possible to fix life for 90 minutes? Of course no. But you can try. Try to do something good, become a little happier. It to do it every day, we begin to be in a hurry to live, when death is waving from the corner.

Robin Williams, as a nice to look at his screen. Very funny to watch he yells at all alive and sputter when he so cute. Mila kunis full movie in desperate, in a panic trying to catch up with his furious patient, and at the end comes the realization: up to what they are similar. And me think that she's still cute and I like. Peter Dinklage is very serious and even I man who knows little inspires sympathy and trust. And certainly charming Melissa Leo. All these four actors made this film. Made a fun, emotional and melodramatic.

- And whatever you have to do, knowing how much you have left?
- I would try to be happy.
- So what are you waiting for?

Orelee Kopp
02 August 2018 | 08:37

The film, which the good hands of the distributors turned into "This morning in new York" takes on a different meaning when you watch it, knowing the history of Robin Williams. In the last films in which the actor played a scenario consistent with a particular Canon — when the mental anguish of the hero on a life lived in vain allude to change. All the power goes on the opening of the soul, but decisive actions from the writers, nor the Directors of the fuse, not left. Probably very difficult to want transformation, when a deep depression engulfs the soul. The same thing happened in the life of Robin Williams.

The plot of the film is built on how the protagonist Henry falls into the accident while in the hospital finds out what he has a serious disease. There is a desire to do something good in life, but time of light playful flow doctor released for Henry — it is not a lot. Further, the plot develops in an effort to try to put on in the last years of his life Henry allocated time — this is to normalize relations with family.

How would have not tried Director Phil Alden Robinson to create a fascinating movie, insightful drama — not worked. The movie in common sense, much has evolved from entertainment in preachy. As example — inappropriate voice for the frame, which is often commented on what is happening on the screen, although the acting in the scene gives more than that voice was. In the film collected jokes, events, clichés and prospective triggering mechanisms of humor, but chemical merger is not going on.

Application that everything surrounding the event is very annoying Henry and he is constantly experiencing bouts of anger very well played. There are some absolutely stunning moments when tension and anger are so evident in the game actor Robin Williams that the scenes really are funny and instructive at the same time. Another issue is the balance between script and spiritual experiences do not correlate. The viewer clearly sees where is acting, and where is Williams just shows the real you and makes it harder to appreciate the movie. Because immediately have the movie magic that occurs in the participation of Robin Williams.

The difficulty arises when you wish to reduce the level of talent of Robin Williams passing meaning it colleagues film. But they do their task. From the secondary characters have nothing to oppose to the protagonist, except for the call not to destroy his life and not to spoil the the plans of others. If a very dry rest of the reasons Henry is understandable, but does not reveals the fate and history of other people. The Director is limited to snatches of conversation, from which the audience are trying to impose to believe a stranger stories. Robin Williams shows his true, and sore from this I want everything less less joke and more and more to think about.

How smartly turned out Robin Williams in his role. It angry at the whole world character, that moment when you realize that on really comes in his life — converted. Robin William shows, others show their game. The desire of the Director to include didactic notes really spoils the story, because in real life to be an actor for Robin Williams is what makes you move forward. Real life does not give second chances. In the film is asking the viewer to look at the events and draw conclusions. Robin Williams asks to have a look at their experiences and present your life, your minute-by-minute struggle with a reality. The film's Director does not believe it, but for the viewer, the message Williams is very explicit and clear.

8 from 10

How much has The Angriest Man in Brooklyn made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $615,198.
Who is the director of the movie The Angriest Man in Brooklyn?
This tv-show was directed by Phil Alden Robinson.
What is the genre of The Angriest Man in Brooklyn?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama.
Who starred in The Angriest Man in Brooklyn?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Robin Williams, Mila Kunis, Peter Dinklage, Melissa Leo, Hamish Linklater.
What is The Angriest Man in Brooklyn IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.7.
When was The Angriest Man in Brooklyn released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2014-05-23.