Thank You for Smoking

The work of nick Naylor is not easy. He should lobby for Smoking as possible. It would seem absurd: to come into conflict with ardent opponents of Smoking and try to prove the usefulness of the latter. But that's nick's job. And it has achieved considerable results, agitating all Smoking in a talk show on television, and promoting cigarettes in movies. However, Nick himself never considered how much Smoking or useful occupation. He spins the cigarettes to be, to live and raise a son.

  • Jason Reitman

Release Date: 2006-04-14
IMDb icon 7.6/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $6,500,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $39,323,027
Annelise Hildegard
20 August 2015 | 09:25

The film "Here smoke" I remember me a positive recommendation from the magazine critics, the view was inevitable. But since the release of the film — to my view, it took a lot of time in other topic of Smoking for society are relevant and now.

A little surprised that the film is almost addresses the topic of Smoking in the film, although very satirical mention of this is the place to be, but still not the main line, and only minor additions and course — considered in terms of Commerce, because the main character all the same lobbyist and not an artist. But still until a great movie no of censorship the image of a smoker, or about what freedoms can be discussed. It is also commendable how the strange — lack of a single cigarette in a movie, or a smoker, the excellent reception for paintings such an eloquent name.

The movie is definitely sarcastic and interesting, at the time of viewing the head and the flying thoughts "but if it a movie filmed by the Coen"... so K. the film is more "boltologicheskaya" genre, threads of thoughts and more speeches than action. The however, the result of view and about what was the picture — very unexpected for me. In the film has a lot of questions "edge", the set of points of view and relationship to smoke and as a criticism of the American government and society... but how it turned out to stick stick, all America is still loved by the Director, and a cappuccino film. There is a wonderful moment when the son of the main character, is asked in school to write an essay — "why is the us government — the best in world" — what we get honest and sober answers, you can be so what you Yes still earn same as for example the main character of this film. Indeed, each — your talent.

The cast of matched perfectly. Aaron Eckhart — 100% hit in the image. The character is very appealing, a kind of charismatic bad guy does not lose its charm with any topic of conversation.

The constant presence of the character of the son in the frame, interesting conversations between father and son was also an interesting storyline, no extra hanging morals, but with a truly fatherly advice on how not suitable for real life.

the Result: a Very entertaining and charming movie, a satire on modern consumer society. But don't be deceived by the title, not expect that this film will impose any particular point of view on Smoking. Watch a movie, especially if you — the thinking man, thinking primarily of your own head. Night in the head a lot of thoughts and chat with whom?.. . just turn on this movie — it will replace you a conversation with an interesting conversationalist.

Lynsey Macey
26 June 2007 | 04:15

Smoke? No? And nothing... let's See how recruiting sexy drag of smoke spectacular display krasotki! Look at all those lovely rings allowed an action hero... How a glove is held in the lips of the mighty Schwarzenegger the same as powerful as he himself, a cigar... a Great leader Fidel Castro is not leaves his cigar, and Lieutenant Columbo all their most serious crimes were disclosed, thumb in mouth Cuban cigar a gentle smoke which have a nice sting in the sky... Smoke! See how cigarette helps communication, reduces stress, see the end of the day, "Coffee and cigarettes" Jarmusch, there polfilm people of different professions are engaged exclusively in the fact that is passed through the deadly smoke.... Let! what it's fatal. Well, not  - called we are eating ice cream — fatal attraction, because ice cream is sore throat, flu, death in the end... And airplanes, cars, poisonous snakes, maniacs? Yes all that is in the world — kill planned and brutally, well, the cigarettes worse pizza? They are legal, not the road is accessible, popular and bring huge income... And from here in more detail.

Nick Taylor — professional liar. A liar, a bitch, a hypocrite, sycophant, perverter of truth, revolutionaries of truth, corn YAP... As call it what you will, however, nick is more like the word no. it is not counsel you might think... it's word lobbyist, t about a man who something stands for. What stands for Nick? He asserts the right of people with their hands to ruin their lives. Very American, agree. He is a professional agitator, brawler, force its beliefs is a soft and the boneless tongue can talk on any subject for hours without touching neither one face of the topic even lightly. He always says everything to feel wrong, and right or wrong Nick — that have no think, being busy with knowledge of their falsehood, about someone else's truth people are usually unable to think. Profession Nika — to be hated and despised by all. Society is not love the truth, but not love the sweet outright liars that lie straight in the face, lie, not even hiding their lies, lying delicious relish, with pleasure, if none to convict them a lie.

And Nick works in the Corporation area. It is where the talent of a liar's needed most. But so nick, as any man, sooner or later have to deal with some as professional and ethical,

The film is based on the novel by Christopher Buckley, and it felt right, because in Hollywood films rarely seen so much smooth and interesting scenarios, as a rule, even very good scripts written artificially, sin and all sorts of radostyami errors but scenarios good original literature often differ by their logic, reasoning, clear adherence to the idea. So with a script is in order. Despite some Hollywood fairings — so in the book is completely different, the opposite end and etc., scenario is deprived of rough edges, it interesting, makes you aware of the depth of the problem and to understand the characters.

The important thing is that was able to show the creators — how really powerful and all-encompassing giant of the industry "suicide" — alcohol, tobacco, arms industry, against them to go is impossible, they are immortal. Because they run whole States such lobbyists as Nick. But if think, how many of them lawyers, legal and illegal, how much money, how many advertisers and PR — realize neither the cancer center nor one study, no senators with all of this, nothing will do. All intertwined so much that it is difficult to separate who who financed and whose Lapa.

Very well written the characters of this world of big money and vile people. Fits perfectly into a Roman figure of the nick to the performance of Aaron Eckhart. He's a good actor, interesting — a strong chin and rather greasy face, honest eyes and lying, as plastic horseshoe, the smile... He arrogant, cynical, incredibly confident in himself, the scoundrel. He turned out always and everywhere. Look at the path, which goes dry from water Eckhart — a pleasure. Have a lot of the same and always effective arguments in "selling", which I take it your a peremptory arrogance and simplicity. Their not even prove it but naive people to bought it. Eckhart played well the transition between the masks of his character and a real, as he alone or a son. But is especially good, of course, it performances all show and Congress he always answered directly and honestly, and shamelessly lying.... And just suddenly-a terrible issue the Congressman's "what if your son wants to smoke?" knocks on the moment with his mask, and sincerely it is ready to answer "no", but all... with his lips fly those words of habit said always and everywhere. Eckhart reached the main hero — he's so damn convincing! Sometimes I feel that than devoid of truth.

In this film there is no element of rebirth, which is so visibly present in many films and spoils even a very solid and smart films like "phone booth". Here Director well understood that people are not able to be reborn, to change all that makes it "man" in the social sense of the word. Of course, the ending of the film and novel differ, but the essence remains the same — the moment flashed in Nike human, just before he died, he realized the language he is not will help only to second feel fear and despair, but he was able to afford them to suppress, managed to stay a villain. What you wolves live....

The film is shot in a tiny money for those who also, the cigarette companies not will remove even the one advertising. In there any element of surprise, but no element mobilizovano, no one crushes film, doesn't explain what Smoking is not need of this is bad. This film is not to wean from Smoking it all about other. He how one person can affect the whole world. Yeah and the words of this agitator does not so is wrong. Really, who prevents us from no Smoking. For example, I don't smoke do not understand the problem of smokers... I know I can hardly ever smoke I absolutely spit on cigarettes advertising them linked, I don't touch no Smoking stars in movies or vehicles campaign... So for I have this film — interesting satirical sketch, good, intelligent and live movie, but no more.

Penny budget is not gave the movie stars, however, William H. Macy was as a good the role of the poor in his implacable and losing the war with all sorts of floggings... Of  the"types of stars" there's someone here Katie Holmes. You know her as an actress? Hardly. But know her as wife of Tom cruise, the she is great. Cute chick in the movie said less about journalism than the word "fuck".

In General, witty and interesting the film turned out. By the way, the film took native son great, I would say, a cult American Director Ivan Reitman. But from Apple Apple fell far — if Reitman — the author is very light, pure entertainment and hilarious Comedy with a touch of adventure and fiction, film son special roll in any genre, it is on the border of Arthouse and not even devoid of psihologicheski. It's debut Jason Reitman — extremely successful, among other things.

In General, the film turned out very smooth, interesting and old-fashioned. Good, decent movie.

P. C. by the Way, in the film it smoked no one — that have been mentioned several times. Also it is interesting to know that 90% of the heads of such tobacco corporations do not smoke not going... and What you suggest, dear friends. Without any PR and frightening cancer — better not to smoke... I am, of course, is a delicious food shows, but but the refusal Smoking develops strength of will which useful life more than a cigarette.

Kalie Casar
30 November 2012 | 09:02

Forrest Gump needs to smoke between the chocolates! (C)

The film "thank you for Smoking" was shot in 2006 explanation satirical novel by American author Christopher Buckley, and it should be noted that the film adaptation was very successful.

From the opening credits you know that in front of you something unique. Imagine this story exclusively on cigarettes the effects of Smoking, but presented not primitive, no sadly, not instructive. The success of this film — light, ironic, relaxed atmosphere, good jokes, often, the immediacy and very frequently — the cynicism.

For the main character at the name, Nick Naylor Smoking — is a way of life, work, industry, earnings, and its a little concerned about the fact that the cause of all his life is killing millions of people. Nick well aware of how he hated the supporters of a healthy lifestyle, but what to do if it calling — to agitate people to buy cigarettes? So it makes life. It would seem that Naylor — the devil in the flesh, who is paid for the words in the dispute, he can put on the blades of any but he's just yuppies, ambitious professional, and he had to make on life. Whether add that Aaron Eckhart plays brilliantly shameless?

The film reveals the topic which in our time applies to everyone. And in the film examines the problems of not only Smoking, but and alcohol abuse, fast food, the proliferation of weapons. It is a movie about people who sell death to live.

It is important that the Smoking is shown as with good and bad side, so everyone decided that closer to him. Who knows, perhaps at least one smoker, seeing this film you please put out your cigarette and will hurl the bull away, once and forever farewell with addiction. And another, perhaps, will run in the nearest newsagent and buy the first in life pack with a big dose of nicotine.

The moral of the fable, undoubtedly, exists, but it is not presented on a silver platter: the viewer, mainly smoker, he needs to reflect on seen to decide what these are cigarettes, — dangerous poison or a moment of pleasure in length whole life.

7 out of 10

How much has Thank You for Smoking made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $39,323,027.
How much did it cost to make Thank You for Smoking?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $6,500,000.
Who is the director of the movie Thank You for Smoking?
This tv-show was directed by Jason Reitman.
What is the genre of Thank You for Smoking?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama.
Who starred in Thank You for Smoking?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Joan Lunden, Eric Haberman, Aaron Eckhart, Mary Jo Smith, Todd Louiso.
What is Thank You for Smoking IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.6.
When was Thank You for Smoking released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2006-04-14.