Terminator 2: Judgment Day

It has been over ten years since, as a cyborg from 2029 tried to destroy Sarah Connor — a woman whose future son would win the war of mankind against the machines. Now Sarah was born the son of John and when he lead the survivors to fight the machines, inexorably approaching. It was at this point of the post-apocalyptic future arrives new terminator — virtually immune model T-1000, can take any form. The purpose of the new terminator is not Sarah, and the destruction of the young John Connor. However, the chances of John to rescue significantly increased when the aid comes reprogrammed resistance terminator of the previous generation. Both cyborg enter into mortal combat, the outcome of which depends the fate of humanity.

  • James Cameron

Release Date: 1991-07-03
IMDb icon 8.5/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English | Spanish
  • Budget: $102,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $520,884,847
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Georgette Kopple
21 January 2020 | 11:46

The first Terminator 1984, was a very successful film, combining in himself the elements of science fiction, action movie and Thriller c inimitable villain-cyborg in the face of Arnold Schwarzenegger, which the period of time rose by a few step higher in the film after filming in this movie. The budget of this sequel (102 million) "Terminator 2: judgment day" really allowed Cameron to focus on more special effects and let it to implement what it is not able to implement the first part due to low budget and not enough advanced technology and precisely to realize the idea of the terminator from liquid metal T-1000, played Robert Patrick.

In our last reviews of the first part of the film I have talked about that cult movies never be forgotten, therefore, removing this sequel, Cameron once again has confirmed its status as a cult Director, which is ahead of its time and seeks to the latest technologies. Also, I think about this sequel talk is much more at this day than on the first part I remember this movie a bit more than the first part.

With the first frame of the film we immediately see improvement of the film at the chart by design, and that is only the initial stage of the appearance of the terminator in bar finding clothes and vehicles. Immediately mention one of the main characters of the film, the cyborg in human form, as well as and the analogy with the first with the only difference is that he plays the role of a positive character. According to compared to first part, character of the terminator or rather its nature have undergone their own changes, not just because he is a positive character, which, by the way, no one of killing, and only causing minor damage, but because Cameron was trying to show him more humane and knowledgeable of mercy, and understanding the essence of human thinking, so on the course of the film we have shown communication between man and cyborg, and it is the communication of a teenage John Connor (Edward Furlong) and T-8000 (Arnold Schwarzenegger). He also Arnold once he proved why he is great for the role of the terminator, even to say that it — the perfect actor for this role.

Linda Hamilton, performing the role of Sarah Connor, is also back in the sequel, only now much more combat and more unstable. I want to mention one scene, which first can as not to draw much attention, but at this stage we can say that how effectively Linda Hamilton showed his emotions, the scene of meeting Sarah from T-800 in a psychiatric hospital, in this time the fear is completely pierces her body and think terrible emotions she never felt after the destruction of the terminator in the first part of the movie.

Robert Patrick in the role of the terminator from liquid metal T-1000. Original idea by James Cameron has finally found the application and Robert Patrick perfectly blended in this role, cool gaze, ruthless, cruel, not having compassion. I should also mention the wonderful idea of reincarnation in any person after contact with him. And the fight between the two terminators T-800 and T-1000 looked spectacular and effectively.

All four of the existing character of the film in the persons of John Connor, his mother of Sarah Connor, the Savior of the future T-800 and the main killers T-1000 really are not only the main stars of the film, but have become iconic characters like the actors themselves, and it is impossible for someone else to submit on their site.

Music became even more nuanced and intense and improve their quality, until today uppercase musical theme of the film takes alive.

"Terminator 2: judgment day" — the next big James Cameron as Director and screenwriter. Terminator 2 truly a great fantasy Thriller and the best in its genre.

Of 9 10

Janel Badr
08 January 2011 | 12:07

"Very young John Connor looks at two little boys, who for some time ran around the gas station. They screamed played the war games, directing each other toy guns, boys, tearing the throat shouting to each other "I killed you!", "No, I have killed you!". It was in their eyes something that made John doubt people, after all, if we have the the, the natural cruelty, which is even in early childhood, deserve whether we rescue? John sighs sadly and refers to the man standing at his back. But not quite a man, he a robot sent from the future, to protect John. "Are we doomed?", thinking quickly, John is making a small clarification. "I'm about people." The robot looks away from car, the mending of which he works some time is responsible. "You tend to destroy each other."

Let's be honest, hardly in Russia there is a person that does not watched this movie. Yes there Russia in the world. For many, this movie is the most loved and probably each its a cult. No wonder at it to still no one negative reviews. All we childhood I dreamed to be like Arnie, dressed as he is also striking to reload Winchester (it's only now as an adult I know to what would recharge it with one hand you need to have superhuman strength) and ride a steep bike under ZZ Top — The Bad To The Bone. And if we talk about something eternal, Terminator 2: judgment day this is the case.

Often it happens that in the head of the man is not blinded by the fame gets the idea to create that either a genius, he's work on this, bring to seemingly perfection produces light. Product it works becomes just love in the people, sold well and continued coming (though in case Terminator is for seven years). What happens with the sequel? First, the Author takes into account small errors in his last work, a complement to it than the new, making the continuation of a more beautiful and tastier. The second part of the product gets even better known, brings even more money and overshadows the first part. Second, Blinded by the glory, the author produces the same eggs, only in profile than ruining brilliant idea of the first part, gets a slap on the fans, small profit and the beginning of a seemingly great franchise not took place To... happiness Terminator was the first. And seem to success Terminator 2 I can only compare the success of the game Resident evil 2, which surpassed all the expectations of fans and became much better than the first game literally all the parameters.

And if at first glance it may seem that we show these same eggs (well, again, a robot vs a human, a mission, someone is there to save), then this feeling will disappear after the first action scene. When Arnie and T-1000 to the first meeting can be perceived as an ordinary person (remember how he realistically expressed through this emotion and did not show his techniques) meet in a narrow corridor and instead to open fire on the John Connor, Arnie starts shooting at the Robert Patrick and suddenly it turns out that the really a robot, too, only more perfect... Imagine how this scene blew minds viewers in 1991 prevoda them in a state of mild shock. And the further deepens the film, the do you realize Cameron has started itself up and went ways of development of the older ideas of modernization, bringing to perfection. Striking attention to details, example, if the Terminator took from the guard two extra mags, they then shot Sarah, bullet more. Heroes never will release at least one bullet more than could be their weapons.

Though Terminator 2: judgement day is a fantastic fighter (and to argue with it's hard), there's place for drama, and for philosophy, because if the robot is able to realize the value of human life... Maybe someday we learn? Remember the scene where Sarah tries to kill miles, because it and are unable to pull the trigger, and why? Yes, because the price of human life is inviolable, we are not have the right to deprive her of anything. And about the same time, Cameron says, almost in his every film.

Striking acting of Linda Hamilton. I still then, every time after seeing the scene when the Terminator comes out of the Elevator wonder how gorgeous she is played, all this despair and fear can be seen in the eyes of Sarah. It is seen that Linda had been preparing for this role the time of filming she was excellent physical shape and has played above any praises, all I am surprised she doesn't have any one nomination (Award MTV is not considered), Edward Furlong, speaking in the role of bad boy John into a child only coped with its role, however, and added something of their own as he did it in American history X. Well, and now Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnie, he and Africa Arnie, of course oskarovskoy the game, he does not Shine, but was not what, a cyborg in his performance looks like a living and I want to see is not a minus, but a huge plus of the movie, well, who us hadn't want one of your own friend cyborg? In until the very end of the credits not feeling that the Terminator died. It died not has been destroyed, dismantled or removed from the system. To the Terminator, after it probably more than I will not feel such sadness from the loss of a robot, after all, we deep down, believe that the Terminator was the more and a good heart.

All that it was after the second Terminator — only the race for money, an attempt to play on the feelings of the audience. Here you interesting facts about Termintor 3, "James Cameron refused to directing, so as his opinion, the story was completed in the second movie." Cameron said and showed us. all wanted. One of the main ideas of Terminator 2. the quote is "there is No fate except the one that what we yourself." And fate has been changed, all over at the second film, stop all the stretch for bogeyman. And so key quote of Terminator 2, it is just a hoax and actually it sounds "Everything is predetermined by fate, it can only delay."

Terminator 2: judgment day definitely one of the best movies in cinema history. The film, which saw every film that will live forever. This is not forgotten, never.

PS Paradox. The robot was much more humane people.

Rosette Zoilla
16 November 2010 | 09:08

Great movie. The best fighter of all times and peoples.

It would seem that the plot is simple, well the machine of the future, well the salvation of the world, is found in every second action movie, but not so just as think.

The success of this film is that it will appeal to almost anyone. Everyone can find in this picture something of their own.


- Then lamentation — reaction pain?
Not always. Sometimes you don't hurt you cry.

This shows the relationship of a boy with his military mom. How cool machine learns. People who don't understand each other. All intertwined together and creates a dramatic-philosophical picture that reveals the eyes everyday problems of the people and their response to the events of the Apocalypse.


- You I broke my arm!
- In the human body 215 bones. I broke you.

Despite the seriousness, here is a place for healthy irony, which perfectly relieves the tension and attracts fans of Comedy.


Come with me if you want to live.

Of course, the staging of scenes here on the highest level. That there is only one race truck for a kid?! And explosion office? In addition, there are numerous shooting, racing. Shown a huge number of different types of weapons. Fans of the militants just do not blinking freeze screen.


Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Edward Furlong just height. I think their best for the entire acting career.

there is No fate except the one that what we themselves.

of 10 10

How much has Terminator 2: Judgment Day made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $520,884,847.
How much did it cost to make Terminator 2: Judgment Day?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $102,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day?
This tv-show was directed by James Cameron.
What is the genre of Terminator 2: Judgment Day?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Sci-Fi, Best Action Movies, Best Thriller Movies, Best Sci-Fi Movies.
Who starred in Terminator 2: Judgment Day?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Edward Furlong, Robert Patrick, Earl Boen.
What is Terminator 2: Judgment Day IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.5.
When was Terminator 2: Judgment Day released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1991-07-03.