Superman II

Turns out he's not the only resident survivor of the dead planet. On the Ground you get three kryptonian-villain. They have the same strength as Superman, and are going to destroy humanity. Superman will have to fight ruthless enemies and find love.

  • Richard Donner
  • Richard Lester

Release Date: 1981-06-19
IMDb icon 6.8/10
  • Country: CA, GB, US
  • Language: English | French | Russian
  • Budget: $54,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $108,185,706
Cherianne Odille
04 November 2016 | 12:26

"You not the President. People povyliaus so many, never got down on his knees so fast." (C)

After a fabulous success with critics the audience, the blockbuster Richard Donner for the classic comic book — continued. Strictly speaking, the creation of the second film began almost as soon as just finished shooting the first. So, who played the enemy jor Ella — General Zod — Terence Stemp, has agreed to perform a cameo in the prologue of the first "Superman," knowing that his character will play a key role in the sequel. However, at the time of the filming of the sequel began an unexpected disagreement between the Director and producers, which in the end removed Donner from work hired a new Director, who was to complete the creation of the tape. This Director was the namesake of the Donner — Richard Lester (specializing mainly in action — films), and whatever does not talked — cool he is a master of the genre. Today in nature, there are two versions of the second "Superman" — for the authorship of Leicester (well-known, classic statement) and from Richard Donner, who, using his influence and personal resources, many years later, have released the picture in his own version. The fans consider equally successful both versions, however I while watching only the classical formulation. And it I quite liked it. Of course with an eye on the creation date of the picture. Because it would be foolish to compare the "Superman" and"Man of Steel" by Zack Snyder. And wasn't only as a action — scenes. The stories themselves are old paintings more baby (which would not to say — primitive), naive, that whether...

So the film opens with an episode in which the terrorists intend to detonate a hydrogen bomb which is in gasoline barrel (!) on the top of the Eiffel tower! Today is appropriate, except that what not be a superhero cartoon, but not as not multi-million dollar blockbuster. The films of Christopher Nolan have changed the approach to comic books, even the updated version of "Superman" — more serious, dramatic, and a realistic measure of adaptation. In that time, as Donner Leicester —  - filmed tale, even the prologue of the first part says that the authors wanted to make comics what a pretentious canvas. Their  Superman — it is students, bright, filled with adventure and exciting fights tale. For only the fairy tale by changing the rotation of the Earth — to rewind time in order to save his girlfriend. Therefore, such "excesses" in this movie and does not cause the whose problems, so as quite valid here. The more technically, "Superman — 2" will give odds to any Soviet film for teenagers the time. Craftsmen at the special effects created a lot of impressive scenes in which the aliens fly over the city, fighting in air the spread of building on the pieces, throwing matching hand cars. Of course, shot it with the help of trick photography, manipulation camera, or on the background projected on the screen image. Yes himself the scale of destruction that were carried out by aliens are not so great contrast blockbuster Snider, in in which the name of saving the planet, Superman fighting with zod carries to hell, the whole composed of the skyscrapers of the city.

In the story Clark Kent / Superman — continues to work in the newspaper "Business planet", posing as a clumsy weakling — glasses. Meticulous reporter Lois lane notices that Superman colleague — Kent never appear in one place, and begins to suspect that Kent — the disguise of the famous superhero. While the couple are at job — exposing the hotel near Niagara falls in fraud inflated prices on Land invaded last surviving compatriots Superman. Caused by the blast thrown by the hero in the space (there it is sent the bomb taken from Paris terrorists) removal from criminals sentenced to to wander forever in the vast galaxy, a special capsule — led to that the rebellious kryptonian General zod and companions found freedom. On they have unprecedented powers, not not behind Superman. However, the fight of the hero and great Zod complicated by the fact that Superman ever decided to part with their abilities, choosing to life with Lois lane the mask of the frail bespectacled Kark Kent. Moreover, in the same time of the prison makes a daring escape long-time enemy of Superman — scientist Lex Luthor!

Picture once again combines adventure, science fiction and Comedy. The last component of the tape meets sly and crafty hero Gene Hackman. It Lex Luthor — Woe to the offender, who is rich in mind is not satisfying because it is eager to take revenge — beating the Superman. Flight of Luther and his longtime blunt assistant to the North Polis on the balloon — this is a hilarious eccentric in its purest form! Terrence Stemp getting more screen time, turned in a negative manner at the full — his haughty and arrogant General zod — not devoid of charisma, is the main opponent of the hero in this series. One of the best, left the scene of the capture of the White House, where the aliens broke in bringing Soviet and American standards, formerly occupied by astronauts studying the surface of the moon. Woman — warrior URSA (Sarah Douglas) and inflated Ambala Non (Jack-O’ 'halloran) — associates Zod, is also memorable and vivid way. Christopher Reeve the second film has finally got used to the role of Superman, and Margot Kidder — re-creates the image of the beloved hero — journalist Lois lane...

The script for the sequel wrote all those brothers Newman and writer Mario Puzo. The film started the previous operator Jeffrey Unsworth, and has completed other — Robert Painter. The new Director was fired and composer John Williams, replacing it with Ken Thorne... At cost 54 million, coming on the screens, "Superman — 2" earned in the States alone over 100 million $. Many viewers consider it the second best film in the franchise, which time has slipped to trash in the best tradition of low-budget "B" — movie. But more about this later. Now — I wish you a pleasant viewing. If you'd like to watch — makes much of the film, just expect to see a solid, entertaining picture. Then "Superman — 2" you will not disappoint...

Lonni Giavani
04 September 2014 | 04:47

Adaptation of the story, probably the most famous comic book character in history, published in 1978, became a real box office hit, has literally created a whole new genre, immersing audiences in a Big Movie in new world people with abilities. Blockbuster "Superman" for the author Richard Donner in modern times, of course, hardly able to impress the modern viewer with its plot twists or visual chips, but as part of the history of cinema he is its integral part, because it went from here all major cliches and patterns of the genre.

Unfortunately, this can be said in address only the first part of the newly minted franchise, because from the sequel to he fell the quality of deeper and deeper in the abyss. Before us, the sequel to the original paintings, which, contrary to the rules of Silverstone not become twice as big, twice as exciting and so on. On the contrary, it became chaotic, and boring... much less ambitious. Seriously, the picture is bright, creative (for its time, of course) action from the original, the sequel opposes the ridiculous fight in the bar, Clark Kent, very very mediocre entry with the terrorists in Paris more or less sane in the final battle with the kryptonian conquerors, in fact, Kal-El.

"Ridiculous" "Chaotic" — perhaps the two main epithet, with which you can describe this's feature entertainment. Take narrative storytelling. In the original it was built around the personality of Clark Kent, his Mature and making your own abilities, only occasionally in the second half of the timing smoothly jumped on the storyline Lex Luthor. Here the writers, despite the introduction of a whole pack of new characters-kryptonians, and the return of Lex Luthor, doing a stupid maneuver and shift the main focus of the narrative on... very SCONUL and predictable romantic story between Clark and Lois lane. In the end, the plot constantly jumps randomly from one characters to another, all too tangling and stretching. In good, the story could fit 1 hour 20 minutes, because too long kryptonians settled on Earth, and Clark is too long builds a hero-lover with hints sacrifice. It looked all this is very ridiculous.

Did not help this whole mess and the actor's charm of the local actors. To acting in principle, reproach, but too academic and raw, turned them acting. gene Hackman where there your twinkle and sparkle in the eyes and the local Lex Luthor is absolutely not pretty impressive, but in the second half and completely lost on the background of the kryptonians. Terrence Stampa not given a really will unfold as it its character was only limited by the phrase "Kneel before zod" and its derivatives. Margot Kidder Christopher Reeve on the relationship which was serious accent, also with work handled not perfectly. For them fun to watch, but no more.

In the end it to say that it turned out far not the worst, but still not meet the expectations of, continued. Superman II — a vivid example of how the potential of the source you can easily ditch the vague plot build. The picture is quite good, with its own, but at the slightest comparison of it with original ribbon, flaws pop up literally on every step and for such a big franchise as "Superman" is of course, success is not call on what we it can safe to say after almost 30 years after the release of this tape in the car. The franchise of the very most famous of the superhero stalled, not having time to really start.

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Ralina Rhody
27 March 2014 | 10:05

The sequel to the hit 1978 year on the eponymous comic book Superman was marked by an unexpected conflict that arose from Studio Director of the first part of Richard Donner, who was suspended from filming the sequel, after the premiere of the long awaited "Superman 2" the Donner firmly quarreled with the Director, it took place Richard Lester. Now, if the imposition of media regular publications of scandals and Nude photo celebrities present, this moment in the history of the creation of Superman could to attract more audience, but in 1980-m to year, it seems that few people are it was so interesting, much more important was the quality of the picture. And it should be noted that it is not disappoint fans of the superhero and its film adaptation.

In the event that the picture is liked the audience, I tend to mention three of the guides of the fact in the ribbon "Superman 2". First note that that I personally the taste was the plot. It turns out that the planet krypton is not the last of the survivors, three men, among them leadership qualities and ambitions of a tyrant differs General zod, sent on Earth to call Superman and revenge for his father. At night with open arms waiting for a dangerous intellectual-the scientist and alternate enemy of Superman, a bald Lex Luthor, the antagonist of the first part. Together they represent a great danger not only our hero, but for all over the planet. So, the enemy is stronger, much more dangerous, still has the same sverhkachestvennoy that myself Superman, to him joined in and mighty brain of Lex Luthor. In General, it is necessary to look as a superhero cope with such nedyuzhennye force. To the same all will be in the middle of the emergence of the romantic relationship of Superman and his alter-ego Clark Kent with reporter Lois lane. Good, Mature, confident the story where the fiction is interwoven with high sensibility of the characters and pleasant us mere earthlings, pathos.

The second time I said growing up on quality and the number of special effects and trick photography. Of course, the past now looks weak, because obviously that is trim, but the moment flying through space, unusual aggression is a huge hero of the Jack O Halloran and its ability to smash everything with ease, looked quite reliably and convincingly. Thus, the second part of the blockbuster Superman at this parameter is not yielded to the predecessor.

And the third — it's a good game all the actors. Of course, a little confused by that fact that the charismatic Lex Luthor (gene Hackman) receded on the second plan, but even there was enough of the talent of the actor, to look at him not say that feed him hate, because he is a villain, rather, imbued with sympathy because game Hackman very presentable. Terence Stamp for a long time been called the real embodiment of General Zod, so he has attracted critics. I can't say I was the same love of his game, but comparison  Michael Shannon of the "Man of steel", then give preference to the first. Lois lane on this time I liked it more than in the first picture, in it appeared in the notes is not the arrogance and condescension with high-society manners, and any mental and open. Somewhere in the opinion could even be read if it itself, not her character is in love with Superman/Clark Kent. Well and Christopher Reeve does meaning to say something? Gorgeous!

In General, if You saw the first picture, you don't miss in any case. Those who is starting to get "quinovosamine" on the basis of the tapes from Studio Marvel so I advise to see the second "Superman", learn how originates the genre kinokomiksa.

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How much has Superman II made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $108,185,706.
How much did it cost to make Superman II?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $54,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Superman II?
This tv-show was directed by Richard Donner, Richard Lester.
What is the genre of Superman II?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure.
Who starred in Superman II?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Gene Hackman, Christopher Reeve, Ned Beatty, Jackie Cooper, Sarah Douglas.
What is Superman II IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.8.
When was Superman II released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1981-06-19.