Super Mario Bros.

Two brothers, a plumber from Brooklyn, Mario Mario and Luigi Mario, accidentally discovered a whole new dimension. This underground world that is ruled by a cruel tyrant Kupa, a city populated by people, lizards, direct descendants of dinosaurs. They yearn to escape from an underground captivity and led Kupa capture the entire Earth. The key to victory is stored in the crystal fragment of the meteorite, which is like a precious amulet wears around his neck a beautiful young Princess Daisy. Rescuing the Princess, Mario must superbrata at the same time and save human civilization...

  • Annabel Jankel
  • Rocky Morton

Release Date: 1993-05-28
IMDb icon 4/10
  • Country: FR, JP, GB, US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $48,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $20,915,465
Ree Fi
25 February 2014 | 04:46

Well, my dear friend, you with me? Then you take me for hand — and ran! I will take you to the world that you haven't seen. Here people are transformed into of dinosaurs, and the dinosaurs in the people. The web, as if cobbled together from thousands of chewing gum can save lives and police take in the plot for any offense. Be careful. You may immediately notice that everything you see is like movies that showed you a mother with dad. You there was very small and now there any one — soon in the school will go! Trust me. Soon you realize we open a lot. Even in this, first glance familiar, world.

To begin, select the character for travel. It — Luigi Mario. I think he is better suited for you. Young and beautiful, all that he loves — lie on bed click pips. In General, the same as you. Luigi with childhood is an orphan and is brought up not parents and this fatty. Its name is Mario Mario, and they would rather manage I. For long years of living together they became great friends, so that to fight us with you should. Even if you me order — I'll do it my way. So we, the plumbers, the nature. To stay home and watch TV, of course, good. But you're I guess just this game to pass. Now you close eyes I love you how we were. Come on, don't look.

Op, and we already in the new world. It is here and the journey starts. Purposes several. The first — find the Princess Daisy and return her to our world. Luigi fell in love with her first sight this problem more for you. Second — to find king Koopa, which are all I think how to teach. Only mention the name here all scared. As well we you no afraid, right? He makes ordinary people is terrible ugly slaves with crocodile heads. We can't you allow this to happen. The third and the main task — to find a piece of the meteorite. After the Coop will use them, the worlds will connect. Our life is no longer be the same, because the Clumps with the most evil intentions — to enslave everyone. Only when performing all three conditions, our mission will be accomplished. Not forget to grab tools, a flashlight and take the parties. We will be useful for any information.

The important thing is that you need to understand of the game — the value of true friendship. A true friend is known in trouble, know this. Have you can have a hundred friends, but only those who is ready to support in difficult minute, you can call friends. Those who will run away, tail between his legs, not your enemies, but not more than just acquaintances. Think twice before going to help them. Mario Luigi came to the rescue, because he knew that he'd be lost without him. Only by becoming one team, we will be able to pass this game. Not lose self-control and whatever your heart. And another — believe in itself, never lose hope. On us will attack, torture, mock, but if we gave — we are all-powerful. Hope — is the only thing that any monster can take you. Not forget that.

I'm sure we will succeed. Daisy and Luigi getting married, Mario will lead his beloved Danielle in theatre, the forces of evil, as wrote in your favorite fairytale remains "the broken trough". Maybe this game — just a set of images in a rectangle, but lessons learned from it should stay with you forever. You realize we won, when in the room will play music of the old Swedish team, under which ever danced with your dad. Not run to tell about win friends. Better hug my family, kiss them and tell me, how you love. Even Ale kiss — she will be very happy. And then take it is not games one has to live a preschooler. What they say that only yesterday were cleaned? Well OK, Tomboy, can walk in this time. Only cap't forget come home early. So my mom doesn't worry.

Vinita Worlock
24 January 2011 | 11:32

Who doesn't know the game series Mario? Legend. The symbol of Nintendo Corporation. Best game series for the whole story. The incredible commercial success. The recognition of the world press players from all countries. So tell about series of games created by Japanese designer Shigeru Miyamoto. I could a very long time to talk about this series. But now my review dedicated not her(unfortunately), and film with the same name, released in 1993. So all order.

In the yard in 1993. In the Mario series have 5 games released for Nintendo consoles(better known in Russia as Dendy), Game boy and Super Nintendo. The success is enormous. Money pours in the company Nintendo. And then Hollywood decide "If we take off something with a similar name, it certainly're going to clean up". However the writers who were given the task to write the script and wonder, "How should look the script for the film, which is based on game where an Italian plumber living in mushroom country and save the Princess from a cross between a turtle and a dragon?" On what greedy money the producers answer them "it don't care. We are invited to starring Bob Hoskins and Dennis hopper. Most importantly, write something about Mario and Luigi" In principle of the film nothing special waited. It was the first and the history of the adaptation of the computer game, kind of an experiment. Alas — it was a complete failure. In America the film is not gathered rental half of its budget. So we were spared from a sequel to which was hint end.

This is not very much promising. With music of games. Starting to think everything will be fine, as in the game. However, all hopes are destroyed instantly, as only begins the story. And further movies problems begin. A large sheet of problems. The first and the main — this is the scenario. I I don't know where the writers took inspiration, but such misery, I have not seen. And if the film was about the salvation of the Princess of the Turtle-dragon — this would a lot more sense than that I saw. The plot twists around a novel Luigi and the archaeologist Daisy(in it was a Princess) and a parallel dimension in which humans descended not from apes, and from lizards. To the same Mary — not a brother Luigi, and the father. How is this possible? The film does not called "Super brothers Mario"? Second — casting. Why Italians Mario and Luigi play the British and Colombian, and why Bowser — this tyrannosauroidea Dr. Evil? Third — acting. Believe me, I did not get the talent of Bob Hoskins and Dennis hopper. But in this film they play is disgusting. Even on the background is completely unknown actors they not stand out. The film is like a Comedy based on the game. But believe me, acting is necessary in any film.

It should be noted that the film does not affect the series. Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy, which came later, are masterpieces. But even then, the producers had to understand that from adaptations of games a lot of good to expect it is not worth it. However, until sold games that negligent Directors like Uwe bol, will create the base of the film, calculated only on to pull some money from the fans. What I can recommend to the end. Movie not to watch, but in the series to play. Worse not will be. Thank you for attention.

Jemie Gypsie
24 January 2011 | 02:27

"Superbrute Mario" it's hard to call the game-adaptation of the immortal Mario Broth., as a two-dimensional toy of the 80s for Nintendo might remind you of one only that main characters — funny plumbers saving the Princess Daisy from lizardmen. The however, the movie several film Directors can be called in the unique due to this similarity. In as in the early 90s, the screens were filled with the best fantastic fighters 20th century, all kinds of plagiarism on the topic of cyborgs, it is a combination of various genres were particularly unusual. Because this science fiction, adventure, Comedy one person. Primarily fiction, so like the funny plumber Mario and Luigi are dealing with the descendants of dinosaurs that look more like ugly ridiculous alien. The design of these people-lizards at the same time and laugh surprise.

The only similar movie characters you can think of just critters who are a little less fortunate with the actors budget. In addition, the action takes place in a futuristic scenery, which often remind you of the genre "cyber-punk". The ubiquitous devastation, rags instead of clothes, some iron boxes instead of the usual cars. So if not "johnny mnemonic" in mind, at least "the Running man". However, the last one was an action movie with Arnie, but all these dungeon corridors with a maze of pipes and dirty streets with all sorts of crazies just don't forget. Of course, will not go global plan for the destruction of all mankind. And to confront a ruthless tyrant will not a muscular super-hero, and two awkward funny plumbers. Here means non-standard approach. After all, originally the adventures of Mario more like fantasy, especially if the pass game up to the very end. There were friendly locations with blue sky, ladybirds and green chimneys, diving into which character was cute brick dungeons.

The film is absolutely nothing offers, one can see that the writers of the game in eyes not seen, probably, only read the description on the cover. However, the aforementioned monsters with huge toothy jaws the movie was much more original toy dinosaurs. About which, by the way, not forgotten. Rubber head raptors in again reminiscent of a masterpiece by Director Steven Spielberg and surprising that "Jurassic Park" was shot in the same year and "Superbrute Mario." It is clear that all attention was paid to scenery and costumes, and not visual effects, but 50 million 1993 all still somehow not enough. Well, come on, it still not the game looks like a due to actors Bob Hoskins, Dennis Hopper and John Leguizamo movie "Mario" can be viewed simply as a fantastic Comedy of the 90s. still have a lot of really funny moments, and the share of the absurd and funny characters. So once you can see it.

In my opinion — a little similar to the adaptation of one of the most well-known games, but as a fantastic Comedy not too bad.

How much has Super Mario Bros. made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $20,915,465.
How much did it cost to make Super Mario Bros.?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $48,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Super Mario Bros.?
This tv-show was directed by Annabel Jankel, Rocky Morton.
What is the genre of Super Mario Bros.?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Adventure, Comedy, Family.
Who starred in Super Mario Bros.?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Bob Hoskins, John Leguizamo, Dennis Hopper, Samantha Mathis, Fisher Stevens.
What is Super Mario Bros. IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 4.
When was Super Mario Bros. released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1993-05-28.