Struck by Lightning

The events in the film are described from the point of view of memories of the student Carson Phillips, who is killed by a lightning strike. The story of how he blackmailed his classmates to promote the publication in the literary journal, as well as his relationship with his mother, Sheryl Phillips, who tries to reconnect with his son before he left for College.

  • Brian Dannelly

Release Date: 2013-01-11
IMDb icon 6.3/10
  • Country: MX, US
  • Language: English | Spanish
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $28,378
Iormina Abbott
21 October 2013 | 02:51

"Lightning Strike". This film, I decided to watch just because of the fact that it removed Chris Colfer. I knew it plays series "Glee", so I wanted to see it in a different way, more serious. To be honest, I thought about that this movie is not leave a trace in my soul or I'll be bored to watch it from the beginning. These thoughts just don't been. I started to watch it so say, Neal ohmureniya mind.

The death of Carson, which is shown in the beginning, not makes the film uninteresting. Yes, even though we and how all over it does not interfere with our experience with the hero of those of events that occurred in his life. Personally for me even better, that we had pre-opened the curtain on its troubled future, because I'd hoped to the last thing though it happened a couple of toxic life events, it can worry he will appear again in a dream, but here is. Death. I quite a sensitive person, I fell in love with the hero immediately, with the first minutes of the film, so this is the event would lead me combustible tears, and depression the rest of the day. To really, even knowing him in the end, I still thinking that can be fate will change and he will remain in alive, but that I understand that it is utter nonsense. It is not a fairy tale, and the real cruel reality. The entire film is impregnated with this reality with the beginning to the end. All phrases, all the words spoken by the characters, so true and have such a deep meaning that I don't even donated their time and wrote some of them a separate notebook. It as a valuable and wise guidelines to the life, which should be heeded.

Can't say that this film is in any way changed my life. I by nature a realist, and so in many of the phrases I already found myself. This film has taught me that can't give up. You need to follow your dream, no matter what. We need to fight for their lives, for nobody can push you to the fulfillment of your dreams, it you need to do myself. You need to appreciate every moment of your life, because it may stop in any time. Even if it seems that it is lost the meaning that there is no purpose for which it would be possible to get the morning, you should try to live and be happy. It is the only need of you.

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Antonie Herzen
28 March 2014 | 11:21

Watched a very interesting film the"lightning". It just the case when film principle, do not wait, and it is not unnoticed and forgotten.

"lightning" tells us about the school life in a regular school in the town of clover. The main character, Carson Phillips, produced the school newspaper, and further decided to open the school's literary magazine, where he was going to publish different stories from the lives of his disciples, school. But because of the unpopularity of the Carson and also not love modern disciples to similar to pulp fiction, he has to blackmail the captains of the various clubs.

This is not another youth Comedy and not film do not like to think. Carson is smart, talented, sharp language, dreaming people and he probably the only one in this God-forsaken town of the 9525 people. And if you are not the same, it is unlikely you should include this movie.

The acting is very strong. All known Chris Colfer, who plays Kurt Hummel in the music series world Glee, played brilliantly. He is fully demonstrated by the experiences of his hero. Allison Janney, who played the mother of Carson, also did superbly for his role.

Film "lightning" smart, touching, telling not about how  the"right"to live and order in order to stand out and show themselves, show their capabilities, how to achieve their goals well or at least begin to achieve. After all, in pursuit authority people sometimes forget themselves, forget about the dreams purposes in the future radically changes their lives and not always best.

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Nicholle Odrick
26 January 2013 | 10:56

Indeed, the whole of our lives — it's a lightning bolt, which forces you to move in which — the direction to follow dream. It is sad is that we recognize when you come across such movies, in which the answers to all the questions. Even on the ones we are afraid themselves to ask.

This film, I found quite by accident, news SOC. networks. I like — not attach importance to such "advertising" and then discovered the IMDb, I looked briefly the first two reviews from the village for viewing.

At first, I thought that will look at the first ten minutes, and then I will suffer from boredom on chair. But everything turned out on the contrary. The first ten minutes with one eye I watched the other side, just listening to conversations.

But then I so carried away that I heard and saw nothing around. Was as in a vacuum.

Unlike other who wrote here, I didn't know any of the cast, so to compare who — with other roles are not will. But I want to mention the main character — Carson Phillips.. I really liked how he played, I made me feel like it's a where — out there was like me he says personalize your dreams, on your blackmail.

You know, I sad this movie is not come to mass — market large screens, in fact, it seems our generation to think about his life is not hurt. Not would all the time to change, to change, because "you Know someone destined to become a Nobel laureate, someone is destined to be a ballerina. Why not us?" And, really, why would not us? What makes us change to betray his dreams?


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How much has Struck by Lightning made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $28,378.
Who is the director of the movie Struck by Lightning?
This tv-show was directed by Brian Dannelly.
What is the genre of Struck by Lightning?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama.
Who starred in Struck by Lightning?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Rebel Wilson, Chris Colfer, Allison Janney, Scott Bailey, Donna Ann Ward.
What is Struck by Lightning IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.3.
When was Struck by Lightning released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2013-01-11.