Stranger Within

A famous actress Emily Moore and her husband psychiatrist named Robert, decide to relax on a remote Mediterranean island. But the first night in their house comes a young woman in hysterics from the death of her boyfriend...

  • Adam Neutzsky-Wulff

Release Date: 2013-09-03
IMDb icon 3.7/10
  • Country: DK
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $800,000
Essa Kitty
03 September 2013 | 01:00

Film, the answers to questions about what is happening, and all the frame and run portray a Thriller. Successful Hollywood actress suffers a kidnapping and brutal bullying, before it is the police, spends a few days in case and then, travels with her husband the psychiatrist in Spain in the house to heal the injury.

And the couple lost the child that compounding the effect of what happened with the main character that have and sees the dead everywhere, and communicates with my daughter. But in addition to all these visions that already, being on"vacation" in one of Islands Spain, the night knocking on a stranger, have there on the island, killing the boyfriend and for some reason, instead of to leave Yes share with someone in their grief, it remains the house with family, experiencing the same the emotional state.

Moreover, the stranger somehow quickly forgets about her loss, Yes, and starts a sarcastic main character and satisfied with evil machinations. What noteworthy film "the Stranger inside" almost there any specifics, the ideological thread from the Director, if were, it to pass reliably on the screen is not have been generally solid and dark symbolism as for Thriller not an ideal output, but when there more and the original rod — things will be even worse.

To sum up — film what, more precisely two row sense and plot stretched to an hour and a half of screen time. Waiting on the acquittal collapse completely after the denouement of this story, which is really simple, this chamber Thriller with just a few characters is the reason for nothing spent your time.

2 of 10

Henrieta Gillian
19 April 2015 | 11:53

In this Thriller from hands over bad all from start to the end. Fake heroes play fake drama for a fake script. Adam Netsky-Wulff has created a completely unintelligible story that even with a stretch cannot be called a Thriller — just to disgust boring and prolonged parody of him. Of the advantages of personally I just don't emit the largest timekeeping and flashed a couple of times the island's beautiful landscapes.

Let's see: the actress is kidnapped by a mysterious pervert, actress rescued by the police, the actress is going through depression. It is the first part of the story, not know why inserted here fully — that is, of course ridiculous kidnapping we also see. And then character is a number of hallucinations, while in her life is not bursts into a tourist — and here all could move in the direction of the play about the erotic intrigue; only instead of the desired development, we to the end you have to wonder what this movie is more important — the state of mind Emily Moore, intentions of the young stranger or excessive boredom, devoid of strong emotions and the right intensity. I think third.

A number of unexpected developments (which somehow do not care when they occur) closer to the end brings to the final, served as a mind-blowing twist — so thought the Director. Although the twist on the case was terribly implausible and then all of a sudden — and end! Yes, because what else can I say? And nothing. You so that had broken off good, that would want out of the ideas.

Now let's take a look at perfectly false technical component. Stupid shot, devoid of originality, accompanied by a banal background music, as if from the last forces trying to knock out we need experience — sadness, suspicion, sympathy. And it turns out! Sadness is present from the awareness of the incredible sadness of the story is reinforced by the suspicion that dullness here will linger for a long time, and ends with sympathy for yourself over. spent on viewing time.

But most importantly — acting "nedoigra". Play bad at all, but I will put the three main actors in priority from best to worst. Tried in vain to show something Sara Butler. After the "I spit on your grave" to see her again in the role, somehow associated with a rape, it seems too obvious repeat. Pretended to himself old log William Baldwin. He was so ugly that even nothing more to say. And first in this relay is a star and a diva of the film — Estella Warren, who starred up in dubious base projects. Here who wants to empathize! For the total lack of talent. I won't specifically describe how the woman empty looks, anything portraying. On her face seemed frozen one and same mask — "Oh, I am confused, but I don't know how to portray it, so I even more confused!", and looks like funny... until a bitter tears.

Disgusting no movie so lazy and helpless that wants to make fun of them as over the weakling in high school, and then take to forget. But even a mockery of "the Stranger inside" will seem useless and very quickly get bored because the film is not have any claim on quality, neither on trash nor at least the scandal — it just somehow exists. As a perfect example of how ineptly it is possible to trample the weak plot in the dirt outright schlock.

2 of 10

Frayda Morgana
11 September 2013 | 06:25

Film for one-time viewing. In the first ten minutes of viewing I thought or describing what something is not so, either I downloaded a not that movie. When the frame appeared the maniac, on which can not were no words, I a little confused.)

For its genre the film is little weak, because it is not too keeps in suspense, makes it easy to escape from the viewer, to quietly drink coffee, get a manicure or engage some things that can be combined with viewing films, action which you begin with too interested. All points that would be terrible for a very long time whipped creepy music, and ultimately nothing special and occurs.

The plot is not new and not original, too many movies about people with mental disorders, which is plagued by nightmares of the past. The ending also left much to be desired because of the originality again disappoint.

Very pleased with the game Sarah Butler, who was back in his role of the cruel mstiteli, which have been in the movie "I spit on your grave",and it just what good for her. The rest of the actors were sulfur, dull and sweet.

In principle, we can say that this is a film one evening, which you can see in a large company, quietly focused on interaction with other nothing not miss not poterala. For a single view will do.

How much did it cost to make Stranger Within?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $800,000.
Who is the director of the movie Stranger Within?
This tv-show was directed by Adam Neutzsky-Wulff.
What is the genre of Stranger Within?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Thriller, Mystery.
Who starred in Stranger Within?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: William Baldwin, Estella Warren, Sarah Butler, Jeffrey Pierce, Katia Winter.
What is Stranger Within IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 3.7.
When was Stranger Within released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2013-09-03.