Six school friends decide to meet the old company and to spend a weekend at the lake. The meeting takes an unexpected turn when one of their friends is found dead. Now you need to find out who and why could do it, but one thing is for sure: the killer among them.

  • Nino Aldi

Release Date: 2018-03-13
IMDb icon 5.1/10
  • Country: US
Christabella Latoniah
30 April 2018 | 04:01

Six school friends decide to meet old company and spend the weekend at the border lakes in Northern Minnesota — away from any civilization, and separated stormy full-flowing streams. But the meeting takes an unexpected turn when one of find the morning dead. All trying to figure out who why it could do, but one thing is clear: the killer is definitely among them. It would seem, than not a good complication to acute psychological history, but about all order.

Another story with confined space and narrow circle of suspects, in the style of the classics of the genre. "Still waters" has incorporated the all possible cliches of American cinema over the recent years. It you and the story of the veteran of Afghanistan/Iraq, suffering from post-traumatic syndrome, the man-the drug dealer, completely entrenched in his world of cocaine, the idea of walking around with down the river former friends suffering from the crisis of self-identity. Add to this the reckless balaguru the plot, very reminiscent of the teen comedies of the ' 90s. According to the idea of the Director, scriptwriter and producer Rinaldi (he played a major role in the tape — brutal Ricci) all this was undoubtedly to bring the film to succeed played at the output "a disservice" as close was not sorazmerit with the original.

The film was more like the attempt of friends to get together and remove a story. About the acting of the characters a lot I will say, since all she was reduced only to the verbal sparring between the characters, the history of which is not registered. The story and acting itself was pretty bland. Only towards the end the creators reveal to us some cards, but most of the movie, the tourists only go back and forth, trying to unravel the mystery of the murder, and then disappearance. Although the attempt to explain and logical — it still shocked was a few of the highlights of the "Quiet waters". Therefore, the main drawback of the film is in its script. Quite often what is happening on the screen evoked a longing and drowsiness, due to the lack of any speakers, or a decent performance. Rinaldi not able to lend in the screen proper voltage, as and intensify the drama. Therefore, until the detective, and even more of the Thriller "still waters" is clearly not short. One of the musical accompaniment is clearly insufficient. Missing in film inconsistencies, especially one that and does not disclose sufficient grounds for an explanation of what happened. After all, according to the story was going best friends. Still in addition to the clearly unexpected ending another advantage of the picture was good camera work and an abundance of gorgeous frames of nature.

6 from 10

Roxana Estis
19 August 2019 | 10:46

There is nothing better than to hold a remote weekend in the woods with their cronies. Wildlife, lack of communication, shot down the men's team — it seems everything goes couldn't be better. Strange trio of casual acquaintances, adds all the more interest and spice to this weekend. The next morning, along with the hangover comes another one horrifying discovery — near the camp is found dead one of the school friends. This shocking news leads to that the degree of panic and distrust from the other increases by leaps and bounds. Universal madness and the inability to control the situation pushing to the subsequent victims and flash outcome...

He raises no matter. The characters played very convincingly and no cause. The script is full of all sorts of plot twists that for a good detective is the clear norm. Perhaps the dynamics of the narrative closer to the middle is slightly weak, but a strong final tape perfectly compensate for this deficiency. However, the main tool leading to the main climax, personally I was predicted in advance for the attentive viewer will be on the surface.

So, "still waters" Director Nino Aldi — is a strong representative of the slow detective Thriller, with a good ending and decent acting job.

6 from 10

Theressa Tiphane
30 September 2018 | 04:28

Why — in while watching the film, I didn't seem like it is made in the USA. It reminds me of the atmospheric Scandinavian detectives, with gorgeous nature, easy, unobtrusive detective line and the same a quiet ending. To unfortunately, these movies are not have no claim to popularity, because it does not come to the mass audience. Often to detect it can only be accidental. What makes me to upset.

Six friends are going to arrange a small gathering in the woods. In the woods, where, of course, not cell service, Internet and any possible contact with the outside world. In addition, it is not just the forest, but still island, which can only sail, spending not less than 3 hours road. In this respect the film is very atmospheric: it seems that you are there with them, around a campfire, drinking beer and talking about life. The idyll is interrupted when from not out of nowhere appeared three friends, one of friends. To be honest, I don't really understand why these characters in the film. It would be much better if they are not added at all. They do not carry in themselves any meaning, just to fill screen time and provide the appearance of a large number of suspects.

In the movies, where the main mystery is the one murderer in an enclosed space, has always been the logical chain that leads to the killer. Here I not enough. It seemed that the whole middle of the movie the characters just running around and absolutely groundless have accused each other of hoping someone — some just take and confess. Heroes don't tried to think logically, to — the tests, they only took turns accusing each other. Ending at this reason, turned out a bit blurry. There is a feeling that the clue to the whole mystery just dropped the boys on the head. Was about such a scheme: the Murder — accusations of each other — is — something what guys don't irrelevant — Mystery solved. With same it could just all time to sit on a stump and wait, and when finally there is the killer himself.

In the same time, we cannot say that from the point of view of a detective movie right bad. The intrigue, though, and weak, the film is present. Passions comes gradually, but the less film sagged. No such that in the movie what — the time nothing happens you becomes boring to watch. Dynamics is definitely there.

The cast of nothing to say. The film is not requires no divine levels of acting. All occurs usual.

The film is worth seeing from — for the atmosphere that transmits this film. Yes, it is not a brilliant detective, after which you still some that go to shock. This film belongs to calm category of detectives, which you can see at home in the evening, wrapped in a blanket with a Cup of tea. Not think he — that greatly disappoint.

7 of 10

Who is the director of the movie Stillwater?
This tv-show was directed by Nino Aldi.
What is the genre of Stillwater?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Thriller, Mystery.
Who starred in Stillwater?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Tyler Ritter, Carlena Britch, Eric Michael Roy, Paul Elia, Nino Aldi.
What is Stillwater IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.1.
When was Stillwater released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-03-13.