Steel Rain

At the top of the Communist party of North Korea is brewing a conspiracy. A senior military makes the job a former special agent Ohm Chor to eliminate the conspirators. Deal with two, one with a sniper rifle lay waiting for the appearance of the third opening of joint center. In the square a crowd has gathered, is the goal for opening arrives the number 1 of the Communist party, when suddenly the area subjected to missile attack. Agent of Om grabs the badly injured leader, the two surviving girls, pushes them into his van with plush pandas and a crowd of Chinese cars miraculously slips in South Korea. Now, not to unleash a nuclear war, he must at all costs save the life of the leader of the party and will have to cooperate with South Korean intelligence agencies.

  • WooSuk Yang

Release Date: 2017-12-14
IMDb icon 7.1/10
  • Country: KR
  • Language: Korean
  • Runtime: 2h:19m
Jessalin Millar
27 March 2018 | 10:14

The head of the DPRK in danger! The conspirators of the highest elites decided to remove the Great Leader. The main character, a retired counterintelligence officer, is in the midst of a coup d'etat, miraculously saves the Leader of the under fire "firing squad", and smuggled it in the only safe in this situation place — South Korea. Now before it is an impossible task: to save the life of a wounded Leader of the Nation, to protect it from North Korean agents, as well as and southern security forces, and, together with Advisor to the intelligence agencies of the enemy, to prevent a new Korean war.

Steel Rain, in national rental managed to beat the eighth episode of Star Wars, is rich in for we love Korean Thriller: brilliantly delivered uncompromising action, attention to detail, the signature humor and, of course, a scene of eating noodles. In General, the film is not let for standard Korean cinema two hours, and in all respects superior to the Hollywood counterparts in recent years. Have it has a character: the executions of crowds of Schoolgirls, shredding enemies with a scalpel, scissors and other improvised means, murder of the first persons States even the combat use of nuclear weapons - while in Western movies all of this only prevent, Asian kinodely go for broke and exacerbate the situation to limit.

But not think that you have the East Asian equivalent of "the Fall of Olympus" on steroids. The Director allows himself much less mistakes and assumptions, and many of voice in the course of action of scenarios directly resonate with that we hear of the news releases. All this helps with more easily believe in events and to empathize with the heroes desperately trying to save the Korean Peninsula from the murderous war. In this respect, Steel Rain at the same time and old-fashioned and very modern: a typical story of the Cold war takes on an incredibly hot sound.

In addition, the film will be interesting not only to fans of blockbusters. He is an excellent example of what this is a massive Korean cinema: it reflected many features of the national tradition. And wasn't only playing here President Lee Gene-Jeno, have a long time is completely monopolized in Korea, the role of the heads of corporations and senior politicians. It's eyes a mix of genres, which the Western cinema all still would be considered more experimental. It is hard to imagine a pretentious Hollywood spy action, filled with jokes that at this is absolutely serious, but still almost turns into a certain point in typical buddy movie (a genre, incidentally, all still popular in Korea). But for Korean films such eclecticism — rate. Through comedic characters in a serious police dramas vanilla romance in brutal thrillers: the usual for their contrasts, seldom disturb the harmony of the narrative. This is what the ability to combine in a variety of genre elements, but at the same time to preserve the integrity, allocates a good Korean movie.

Another typical national trait — avoidance of the schema of "bad — good." And do all the villains on not really so is negative, the Leader of North Korea — the victim of a conspiracy and do not want to use nuclear weapons despite the calls for the military, and even the initiator of a coup at the really just do not to forgive First Number of unjustified purges in the army. Who on really to blame for the whole situation? The answer to this question is offered to the viewer after meeting with all the circumstances and points of view.

Here include the image of the DPRK as of the state. Of course, the film portrays the North in the grim sins cranberries: deliberately poor and miserable types of cities, the inferiority of which is enhanced by the types of bustling and prosperous Seoul, Schoolgirls, ready to die for a Great Leader and sincerely wonder what South people eat white rice and even (!!) meat. The than no "evil Empire," as no image causeless thirst for war dictatorship, an overwhelming peaceful people. Northerners maximally humanized, they are driven by understandable human motives and feelings. The authors Steel Rain attempted, albeit not entirely successful, to show (as all allows the genre) that system North Korea as simple and straightforward as is considered to be. However, this is partly due to a General conciliatory message of the film, calling to put everything aside and finally start to unite.

Summarizing, we note that still not ideal for those see myself South Korean cinema. The painting bears on itself the imprint of Western influence trying to appeal to not only domestic audiences, but and foreign (and her it is quite possible for Netflix is clearly pleased with what he saw and acquired the rights to stream). The however, the film -bright, bold, slim and charismatic. In short, if you want to spend the evening with a blockbuster movie and not regret about spent time, Steel Rain — definitely your option.

8 from 10

How long is Steel Rain?
3h 39m
Who is the director of the movie Steel Rain?
This tv-show was directed by WooSuk Yang.
What is the genre of Steel Rain?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Drama.
Who starred in Steel Rain?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Woo-sung Jung, Do-won Kwak, Eui-sung Kim, Kyeong-yeong Lee, Kap-su Kim.
What is Steel Rain IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.1.
When was Steel Rain released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-12-14.