Steamboat Bill, Jr.

The film takes us to the times of the Mississippi river paddle-steamers, and tells the story of adventures of a spoiled young man from Boston, where his stern father tries to teach the tricks of navigation.

  • Buster Keaton
  • Charles Reisner

Release Date: 1928-05-20
IMDb icon 7.9/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Marylee Lantz
24 January 2009 | 12:25

This film has already eighty years old. How much water has flowed!
And in Missouri, too...

Keaton only 33, but his the shoulders of thirty years of artistic experience. In General, the whole life. In fact, it on the scene — from the cradle, well and, of course, gain experience.

His mother Myra Cutler — professional played a tune on piano, cornet, saxophone and bass. His father — John Keaton was a born actor, a native Irishman and eternal drifter. Its godfather was Erich Weiss, he is Harry Houdini — the famous magician and sorcerer, magician and illusionist.

Buster Keaton had survived several fires, railway accidents, fallen on the head of a brick and visited the arms of the strongest tornado that snatched it from the window, moved across the road and safely lowered to the ground.

When he worked as a boy with a MOP in show "Three Keaton" dad sometimes spontaneously and the mood had left him from the stage in the direction of enemies or, according to the scenario reprises, in the orchestra pit; sometimes — real hard beat feet it was forbidden to cry.

This guy grew up a true Spartan.

Notice what tricks he doing the film, as he is fearless in the fall, how much courage and self-sacrifice in not an athletic body.

As for the face, it always wore it simple but with great dignity. Here wrote about one of the great Spaniard, Luis Bunuel:

"Buster is as a humble expression, as a bottle, although at the light round the arena of his pupils danced all his aseptic soul. But and bottle the person Basseterre-ending number of points of view..."

Gerti Jerrold
10 June 2014 | 10:25

Not easy to compete easy the captain of an old river steamer with a local magnate who is building the entire city and represents the public luxurious ship. And when think the business will soon go on down with leaky, but dear to the heart of the ship, the captain as it is impossible by the way could use the help of a tough guy with business acumen, which he and is his grown-up son. But here the train goes, to put it mildly, it is not like this young man...

Their tenth full-length film Buster Keaton made with Charles Reisner, and he devoted some of its the eternal problem of fathers and children, spiced with hostility these two fathers who neither what will not allow his children to be together.

City boy with a very eccentric sense of style William Canfield Jr. directly produce on his father, and for the viewer a lasting impression. Of course, what a little disappointed dad still tries to teach him shipping skill, no matter how the damage to it not turned around. But the daughter of the wealthiest man in the city is very supportive of the guy, so he will be very hard to work hard and show their best qualities, to maintain and family and love relationship. Buster Keaton in this time made with look forward to the appearance of his hero on screen, this small intrigue is absolutely not disappoint. It Canfield Jr. is so funny unlucky eccentric, to which is immediately imbued with sympathy and from which you can expect anything. And here he is really doing anything, just to cause the laughter of the audience.

The father of the protagonist unmatched embodied on the screen actor Ernest Torrence. Of them She turned a brilliant duet. This one of the few actors with whom I would like to see Buster in the screen again. Strong contrast of appearance and characters characters in this movie becomes the pretext for many comical situations. And despite they are not so and a significant difference in age of Ernest Buster was a very convincing father and son, for whose downs and UPS in relationships so exciting to watch.

The Comedy looks on one breath, like it's a silent short film. It seems that the story where the father is disappointed in the son, who is also love daughter of a competitor, it is unlikely can much to surprise and entertain. But drama is drama, and the talented Keaton knew how to strike the viewer on the spot; with like this time copes the final episode with the hurricane. Also here you will see one of the legendary tricks of the great comedian — one where it drops a house wall. Say if Buster is a little mistake in the calculations, it would have died in the time of the filming of this scene, and when you are viewing there is a feeling of pure voshishenie and his skill and fearlessness of the Director, and the casual acting, creating the impression that there experience is not what happened. Although it is still don't have time to go through and third of the film, as have come to an understanding that this movie is now one of my favorite comedies of Keaton.

Meeting the son that the father is not seen for many years, can pass absolutely not as expected. But if the first sight does not live up to expectations, not necessary to put on it. It may just didn't come to that where the son will be able to Express themselves at the dignity.

Lucine Dorry
11 May 2016 | 02:15

I brought bread to your poor father.
Throw it and his bread!


Do you know why Harold from the film of Hal Ashby's "Harold and Maude" was shocked when his mom found a girl who was very similar to him? And because he has been Mod, which is not was it but he loved was happy together with her. And I had this Mod, but I left her one under the name of the cinema. I lost my Muse, but I want to return it because I can her. I break into film the run that there are forces, and around the men in coats and hats, Smoking cigarettes along with fatal blonde. Black-and-white color has the my eyes, I suffocate in this Noir that permeated the way to my Mod. I turn back and see all my children together Charlie in the head. They beckon me to yourself and my eyes shed tears, but I turn to them again run to his Muse. All these strange names — Kertits, Hörner, Risi, Sodmak, Sumlin, Monicelli and etc. I nothing know this for the place in General is where I got me very scary, but I keep running.

After a few hundred thousand kilometers my legs stumble, and I fall on the ground without forces. I couldn't. I failed you again, girl. Zомбион always brings. Forgive me, please. Have you a holiday today, but I even review not be able to write. I crawling on dirt and stretch your hand forward, closing my eyes and watch on Shoe. Here and girl's the end. Shoes? Not understand? I open your eyes and see in front of someone's feet. I 'll look up and see him. Not might not might not may be, I whisper. like crazy. Buster Keaton!!! He gives me your hand and smiles and says — "I know a short cut, get on wood and buckle up my old friend." A joke for those watched this movie, and did you watch it girl. The tree is ready, flew...

Buster Keaton and zombion — "Steamboat bill Jr."

When I watched the old masterpiece, the very much laughed. But when my the laughter died down, it I still sitting with a smile on face to the final credits. I just not could do anything with him. This film which was released in 1928, impressed and delighted me. How old is passed its release, a movie surprises up to now. Here hand on the heart (as I missed this phrase) can you say that we have one of the best films with the participation of Buster Keaton. In the film there are furious moments, which I was revised several times in a row. And specifically, about the last fifteen minutes of the film. See Keaton really understood that people want entertainment, so they made a real dumb action. He it is often generally arranged.

The plot of the film is very interesting. We show the adult the sailor who rolls of people on his old boat on the Mississippi river. A true once rolled, because there was a rich guy who buys all around building a huge boat. Competitor! One sailor said that a millionaire is useless to compete. Quite worth a look at its a huge ship and its like to say nothing. The sailor naturally was upset, but here comes the message from a son. They have not see, because the son lived with the mother and studied seems to be in Boston. Sailor happy. After coming of a native son. The father grabbed the other's hand ran station. He never would like his son rose, such a smile up to ears...

The movie turned out very good and positive. You know, it as if charged with positive energy. Here well feel Buster was doing it with great love. Keaton has given this film with all the giblets. He could even die on the filming of this masterpiece. By the way, in the credits Buster Keaton, not as but we girl understand that it one hundred percent of the film. Buster Keaton was the greatest actor and Director, even Charlie Chaplin could him to envy. Best picture Keaton was shot in the era of peace, and this film definitely ranks in the top five of masterpieces Buster. Closer to the end of the movie in General, the jaw may fall on the floor (like Jim Carrey in "the Mask") from all of this madness in a good way. Buster Keaton nothing was afraid, and all the stunts he was doing.

Buster Keaton was strongest no feared. There are some people? Take the above. He fought houses, trees, rivers, hurricanes and so on. Just look at this gorgeous picture, and verify for yourself. But if a moment to forget all this black and white action, then we have one of the best movies about the relationship between the father and the son. In the beginning father is very dissatisfied with his son. Actually, he own fault, went a little crazy, but came a small and humble guy in dumb pants and beret (will never forget the moment with the hats). But still remember the moment when Buster started to ride with this little guitar (don't know how it's called Hawaiian like) in front of the child, and father other than sees the child and thinks Buster's fucking insane. It was the first time I fell the precipitate from laughter. As there he is skipped. It must see with his own eyes. Around the tenth minute of the film. And after all those funny moments very much. And what his umbrella! A-ha-ha...

But still father will be proud of his son because he's the best in the world. Buster Keaton was indeed the best in the world actor. I highly recommend to all to see with his work. And it is possible to start with this little masterpiece. From the film has a very high rating (deserved) and he is included in different tops associated with silent cinema. Chaplin — this very well, but it silent cinema does not end there. And almost I forgot to tell you! Very much liked the actress who played the daughter of a millionaire. I never know, but they with Keaton was very organic Duo. Although more than half of the film Keaton will be from his father. Guy is also well played. And when you look at all the dumb cinema, then for some reason all the playing well, but my heart singing.

the End!

Who is the director of the movie Steamboat Bill, Jr.?
This tv-show was directed by Buster Keaton, Charles Reisner.
What is the genre of Steamboat Bill, Jr.?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Comedy, Drama, Best Comedy Movies, Best Family Movies.
Who starred in Steamboat Bill, Jr.?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Buster Keaton, Tom McGuire, Ernest Torrence, Tom Lewis, Marion Byron.
What is Steamboat Bill, Jr. IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.9.
When was Steamboat Bill, Jr. released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1928-05-20.