At the naval air base brought artificial intelligence, which must be trained in the management of this pilot combat aircraft. With the growth of military and political preparedness, the AI gets some ideas, particularly harmful for peace in the world.

  • Rob Cohen

Release Date: 2005-07-29
IMDb icon 5.1/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English | Korean | Russian | Spanish
  • Budget: $135,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $79,268,322
Noelani Ori
12 June 2011 | 12:16

Low rating not because of the acting, not because of special effects and not even for the scenario. They all — normal. Not masterpiece not a failure. For something to praise.

But how to evaluate the film, where are so "skewed" view of good and evil? About heroes and villains, good and bad?

Have outstanding Russian literary critic E. M Malatinskeho interesting conclusion about ancient folklore and myth — about the famous phrase "in the fairy tale good always overcomes evil." So here he says that not exactly as and not so a rather, in the story 1) space (i.e., ordering) defeats chaos and 2) their foes win. In the movie "Stealth" highly transparent second of these meanings. At this is the distance that separates us from the ancients, who could sincerely equate good to the good of only their own tribe, gone somewhere.

Planes roam to the world, fulfilling the military tasks, and state borders for them is simply not exist. Do: bring down not able — why do you think? But that's North Korea shot down. What to do? Save her! Carrying in pieces of the North Korean border guards. Now we digress from that North Korea has many disadvantages in terms of its political regime. What the Koreans are doing in the film? Shoot down military planes violating its the border. After the catch landed by foreign military. Question on filling: how would need to enter the North Korean military in such a situation, whether they are not "bad", and "good"? Another question (of course, it completely incorrect): a if it was the opposite, the Americans would have shot down the North Korean military plane over the U.S. and caught then the surviving pilot, and help arrives reasonable North Korean plane? Where would welcome evil then?

And how great was bombed skyscraper in Burma! (if I nothing confused, I think, in Burma). Again, Burma's state border as if there is no. But if is, this is it, the Burma problem. Most pleased with the result: a skyscraper full of terrorists, happened, and victims among the civilian population. Yeah they also the wizards! Maybe they tweezers all civilians were removed from under the falling rocks? Or just, for example, a waiter or cleaner, providing services to terrorists, are also terrorists?

In short, the views of Americans on the justice, legality, regularity, on good and evil finally came out in this film from all the ugliness. Eclipsed for me the aesthetic side of the film, with love line, action and even attempts to the philosophy about artificial intelligence. Why attempts? Too predictable, and at the end of too far-fetched. Although peccadillo to "humanize" a robot, not thinking through what it is the philosophical base, slips even the great Isaac Asimov: subject objectively difficult. So that assessment is not for this.

5 from 10

Adore Werbel
20 August 2008 | 02:08

Being a fan of modern combat aircraft, I decided to watch the said movie "Stealth". Naturally, I was interested in the technical aspect of the film, and exactly as the authors present the concept of stealth aircraft of the future, his appearance, performance characteristics etc. Conclusion upset — the authors did not present.

Now, I think, heard the cries of that this film is aimed at a wide range of audience that the action takes place in the future of this in the end is just fantastic! Of course it is true, but not quite. I will not argue that even after 10-20 years of aircraft are able to develop triple the speed of sound in a few dozen meters above the surface they will be extremely low consumption of fuel that somehow some special equipment the aircraft will be to reduce almost all the effects of a tremendous overload "zero" and etc. I really did not say anything about "consisting on arms of the Korean army "the Terminator" (su-37)!

Here's friend. On my opinion is not a fantastic Thriller, and a Patriotic action film with elements of science fiction! It is because of these "works of art" and like many of the inhabitants of our planet, and in particular, some Americans and Europeans to still think the second world war was won by USA and others with them. Of the movie its budget could make something more interesting, bringing it to reality as technical and the plot plan. But! But instead of bread turned out popcorn.

Carlie Fong
28 February 2012 | 07:39

Alloy progressive filmmakers such as Rob Cohen William D. Richter implies unquestioning sight. A topic such as dogfights mean speed, action and special effects. A trio of Josh Lucas, Jessica Biel Jamie Foxx implies a strong ensemble cast with a strong game. But if all wrong?

William D. Richter written, though not curasi stereotypes, a great dynamic scenario where already the beginning, the viewer finds himself in the whirlpool of dashing pilots on fast jets. For fans of such spectacle leads to delight. It's the same thing. On — more. Biting plot twists, not giving bored, and feels the case, without pathos and excessive discharge.

Director Rob Cohen that became popular after two stylish paintings fast and furious xxx, masterfully brought special effects with more real world and not only the plot is not allowed to get bored, but and manner a rapid transfer of the action that is called a dynamism, a pleasure. This is especially for the production of air battles — famously, beautifully, powerfully.

Special effects at all when the view has had due influence, not was too flashy and pointless inclusions by the method of "the more — the better", they were theme of the imagination, such a high-quality plan not very long ago sometimes it is set mind understanding that so much.

Acting on a high level. Josh Lucas perfectly fit into the way the main character (along with"EDIE"), and as to the main roles have he was little, and here he is a brutal, energetic, a real hero. Jessica Biel, which many more striking beauty and figure, than his acting, not worse Lucas accustomed to way the more so it was a debut in the role in the genre of action. She obviously felt that need to not only looks, her watched. Jamie Foxx only played up to their partners safely, but little.

Stealth — great entertaining Thriller, action provided the special effects on high level look at the same breath with a genuine interest. Very spectacular movie. To disassemble on spare parts whether or no, not see the point, main thing here is entertainment.

9 of the 10

PS: the evolving computer "EDIE" somehow evokes strong sympathy.

How much has Stealth made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $79,268,322.
How much did it cost to make Stealth?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $135,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Stealth?
This tv-show was directed by Rob Cohen.
What is the genre of Stealth?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure.
Who starred in Stealth?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Josh Lucas, Jessica Biel, Jamie Foxx, Sam Shepard, Richard Roxburgh.
What is Stealth IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.1.
When was Stealth released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2005-07-29.