Spider-Man: Homecoming

After the historic meeting with the Avengers, Peter Parker returns home, trying to live a normal life under the care of his aunt may. But now, with Peter keeping an eye on one more thing... Tony stark saw Spider-Man in business and must become his mentor. When a new villain the Vulture threatens to destroy all that is dear Peter, it is time to prove to everyone what a real superhero.

  • Jon Watts

Release Date: 2017-07-07
IMDb icon 7.4/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English | Spanish
  • Budget: $175,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $880,166,924
Meredith Saire
29 June 2019 | 02:50

Without any exaggeration, the most popular comic book hero, with more than half a century of history, here for fifteen years;trying to fit in screens. With the first major film adaptation, a lot has happened. And here the long-suffering "friendly neighbor" has finally taken its place in the framework of hit and relentlessly expanding universe "Marvel Studios".

Of course, speaking about "Returning home", it is impossible to do without comparisons the trilogy of Sam Raimi and duologue Marc Webb. And because the first place we note that the new Spidey has a fundamental difference from his older brothers. The most striking innovation of course is a young actor, perfectly blended in the image of a gifted mind and not burdened superhero experience of the student. From what should the development of the plot. Armed with high potential and endless desire to do good, by trial and error teenager falls into the path of the hero. And that this time to the beginning of the movie, Peter Parker is already has superpowers and family tragedy that pushed him to fight crime, behind, gives more screen time for disclosure directly to the human side of the character. And perhaps it is the best solution the makers of the film. The story of Spider-Man in the world of cinema have not is the new original, here is the story of Peter Parker very fresh and interesting. In more picture as time about a teenager's life than on the avenger in the red-and-blue tights. Among other things, the difficulties of adolescence very well infused with leaning in the main character's power, and it and responsibility(!!). That in turn generates a lot of humor, a dosage level of action and even a little drama. Separately want to mention the main antagonist, who was taken to almost all drama "adultness" of the movie. It is not just another madman with dubious motivation created "potamogetonaceae", and really interesting, well written, unusual and with however, quite a promising character. (Spoiler!!) It not drained as a disposable threat, and so have a lot of ways to implement canonical events. (Prim. — talking about the Sinister Six, which was part of the Vulture in the comics). So it should mention a number of minor officials whose role in the context of classical history is very important. Closing his eyes to nekanon and tolerance, completely featureless seemed to school a hater of Peter, Flash Thompson. Overly pretentious and absolutely not relevant like there, but cutting it from the script, loss not would be noticeable. With love interest of the main character and nothing is clear. That there is certainly a romantic line in the story is present, and it is arguable, however, future this direction seems very vague. Probably the "marvelous" was saving this piece for sweet. And in the category "Best supporting actor" winner is the closest (only) friend Spider-Man to the bone geek, and just a good guy ned Leeds. That is the kind of character not much enough previous films about the Spider. The concentration of relaxed humour, kindness and endless charisma. I sincerely believe that he earned a place on the posters for the film, instead of the same Tony stark, who in the movie was even less than for example Peter Parker in"the Confrontation". So is Aunt may, which pomolodet was just may. She of course good, but its been a little critical, because some common characteristics can be difficult. It is noteworthy that the near the main villain were not random people. As the epic revealed they weren't, but there is a good Deposit on the sequels.

To summarize. Did "Return home"? Of course. There are certainly disgruntled, nostalgic for the Toby Maguire. But before watching this movie, it is worth considering the fact that this brand new Spider-Man. New and promising. In the power of podrostkovoe, Comedy. Comedy and dynamic. A relative to other films of kynoselen Marvel, quite down to earth. Down-to-earth and with the superhero.

And both(!!) scene after the credits is required to browse.

Tammara Blim
08 October 2017 | 03:59

The universe of marvel movies to still continues to grow with incredible speed and where other kynoselen fail, the marvel's everything is pretty stable and more even good. All their current paintings feature some organic and you no doubt believe that all superheroes, there are almost no side by side. In this kynoselen fit another newcomer, well, or quite new, as a friendly neighbor filmed the third time with for a relatively short period of time. Frankly, the standard for I guess so will remain the films of Sam Raimi, for with the exception perhaps of Alfred Hitchcock's legendary, which had a lot of reservations. About the paintings of Marc Webb me and remember not want, watched their once even if you really try, then do not call a single plus, although the cons remember immediately. The in share John watts Pala not the easiest task in the regular screening of films about spider-Man, but then there was an important that the picture should be again, seamlessly weaving into the overall plot of kynoselen marvel. Latest watts definitely possible, but about the film itself, there are some of the troubles.

The plot follows after the events of the third film about Captain America. The Avengers had partially wandered off, yeah and the moment there are any significant threats. Spider-man or Peter Parker came under addition Tony stark, the latter tries to keep Peter in itself, conscious of all abilities of the guy. Only here Peter craves adventure and cannot live a day no patrol the city, waiting for the next instructions of Tony stark. In one such patrols, spider-Man stumbles on a gang of criminals, who earns on the sale of high-tech weapons on the basis of weapons of the chitauri. The boss of this whole thing is a Vulture, with which will take the confrontation of spider-Man.

In principle, a film about spider-Man probably needs to be so cheerful, fun and carefree. There is virtually no space drama as it was trilogy Raimi, for all fool around, do stupid things and show the true youth, if so of course to speak. And just from that most of the characters in fact is teenagers. This probably both good and bad. The creators sometimes too much hit is now understand forget about that the film will be to watch as not only the youngest audience. But so was that the picture almost entirely and fully for such. Sometimes too tired to watch how Peter is hanging out with your classmates and holds all sorts of leisure. By the way, do classmates too bad, almost everything. Probably not had so pointedly to invite this different national people, it looks bloody ridiculous and explicitly in order to please different kinds of fighters against national oppression. Suffered most of all of course Flash, which is turned into the Hindu, Yes, still not the tree man. Girl Peter performed by Laura Harrier also incredibly mediocre and more than just annoying. But I am glad at least that in the plot of the piece it is written not just and it will be one really nice plot point. In for the rest, I really hope that in the sequels, she will not appear. But again, it is impossible positively not to select a close friend of Peter, which was really like at least a few funny moments here. Similarly do not forget about Michael Keaton, who played very decently here the role of the antagonist. It is of course not Defo with his Green Goblin, but not the squalor of the first part of "Guardians of the Galaxy" at least even.

The film has something to offer regarding action in fact it here is good, though it does not cause any incredible enthusiasm. And the less the task of entertaining the audience copes. In principle the restart of spider-Man that happened — easy, simple and in some way absolutely standard. Watch it must be strictly under a good mood, because or all this is a local tomfoolery that abounds, the picture will seem completely ridiculous and incredibly inappropriate. Not mention that itself a film everyone has designed for a little more than a narrow audience. I can't say that John watts outdid personally for me Raimi, but came in slightly better than the novels of Webb. Here at least not irritating me, Andrew Garfield, yeah and binding to kynoselen marvel in General, happy.

6 out of 10

Krystal McArthur
10 July 2017 | 06:17

Spider-man from me how and million fans — favorite superhero marvel studios and movies his participation is always of concern. On my lifetime those already 6 and honestly I like all, well, or almost all of them. What the place will be a remake of their predecessors, let's decide together.

Traditionally, I appreciate the movie on the five most important for me the parameters for each of which charge up to 2 points to bring the final score, putting the rating on your favorite aggregator (#Kalamurina).

Scenario — seemed very even with kilotons of blemishes. After a meeting with a spider in the previous creation of the Disney we all were convinced that in a solo film that it'll light. And I guess I was wrong. The first 30 minutes — bored to death, when that the writers do not bother over start his story, she begin with the middle. It is, that I have got an aunt and is stark. Any word not mentioned uncle Ben, why does a guy live without parents where ability and so on. It could see the X-Men universe, where mutation — a mass phenomenon, but here to my opinion is a wild failure. All this makes the remake less drammatichnye than any predecessor. Teenage emotions are shown very messy, and sometimes frankly boring, constantly waiting for action, but here not too much. The signature element of the universe of the Avengers — humor, recall, the recent Guardians of the Galaxy, so here the humor of the category of "jokes for 300". Baby, below the belt and so on. In the end, the plot is more of one point to put just do not really.

Visual. Here he was just super. When the writers are still give a reason to make mages from the movie world their business traditionally for Sony effects just something! Hundred millions of combinations and lotion suit, which sometimes suggest a thought, let me I would could look for six advantage of five. A vulture is drawn in great detail, the beautiful scenery of new York in the film is full of things that please your eye. Do not forget the creators and about productplacement. Fly in the ointment for me was the secondary — though the spider is shown here a couple of new "chips", but as always, the trailers showed all the fun, alas. what were not called "wow effect". Half of two for picture.

Direction and content of the film leave much to be desired. The same secondary — moment ship this remake, as two drops of water like the moment train of the trilogy, the beginning of zero. Settling in timing — that picture are stuffed with events, gone into a melancholy not rich phase. Trying to insert a video blog format I thought bad. Well seriously, Peter Parker — young genius, not can find normalee mount camera and removes all with a shake and lags? No serious, touching scenes. I expect the best. One point of the two possible — all I can put in the works of John watts.

Music in the film remember at all. After the trilogy Raimi is directly the problem. I was expecting epic songs, which I add to playlist, a and a couple of weeks for a ringtone and there is zilch? Battle, crash, voice dubbing, all the rest — cool. Marvel spoiled their viewers. Guardians with music from 70-80s, Thor, the Avengers with their epic, heroic themes that you humming under his nose long after the credits. So here just not will find, alas. Score of two.

The actors are pleased. Michael Keaton created from a rather weak second-rate villain in this picture of a monster. Moreover — a monster that wants to empathize. The motives are clear, the game — aerobatics. Downey Jr. — as always irresistible, the creators have managed to restrain the temptation to make the Spider of the fourth solo album about Iron Man, then it as much as you need to my opinion — nothing less. It is not a fleeting cameo, but not the main character. He Tom Holland surprised, and played more than adequately. I didn't always like her and it was clear mental digging, but then they not so much. Interesting to see the boy, when he will have to play by a truly tragic scene, and they also times should see on the way Peter Parker. Other actors also do not spoil the picture. Some any doubt calling me caste female roles. Again, in the compared to previous spiders I was waiting for the set-of-wow more. Only because this is not can supply the maximum rating of the acting body. Half of two.

Summarize — six ten. Instead of the promised critically acclaimed masterpiece, I saw a mediocre movie. Here Peter Parker is not genius creating itself as a personality — it is user cool suit from Tony stark, which even the hack no did without which it was already dead to 40th minute of the film. Heartaches and understanding yourself man in this world, spoofed from watts teenage problems and a rotten sense of humor. The film is secondary, not very impressive, and clearly inferior to some of his predecessors. So far at once.

6 from 10

How much has Spider-Man: Homecoming made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $880,166,924.
How much did it cost to make Spider-Man: Homecoming?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $175,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Spider-Man: Homecoming?
This tv-show was directed by Jon Watts.
What is the genre of Spider-Man: Homecoming?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Best Action Movies 2017, Best Adventure Movies 2017, Best movies 2017, Best Fantasy & Sci-fi Movies 2017.
Who starred in Spider-Man: Homecoming?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Robert Downey Jr., Marisa Tomei, Jon Favreau.
What is Spider-Man: Homecoming IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.4.
When was Spider-Man: Homecoming released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-07-07.