Space Station 76

Version of the future of the 1970s, where the face of the person and the asteroids.

  • Jack Plotnick

Release Date: 2014-03-08
IMDb icon 4.9/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Seana Viguerie
03 October 2014 | 08:28

Very original picture.

Especially interesting it will the who are nostalgic for the 70-th years of the last century...

In terms of the transfer of that time, all on the highest level, ranging from hairstyles constant Smoking in the frame characters and ending with the right selection of actors and types which are just like the time machine was taken from the disco era, and Maxi flare.

The plot is simple, without the action scenes which usually fantastic movies.

The action takes place on a space ship, where "face personality".

Something reminded me of the movie "galaxy quest" 1999, Sigourney weaver.

Abagael Ries
19 October 2014 | 11:06

Hee, hee. Jack Carpenter daring to remove it looks like a movie, I decided to take the audience's bastions of original and unusual. Because find another reason, according to which he chose this script, I can not find. And the kid's good, took and took, perhaps, the most original space fantasy of the last few years. And certainly the best space fiction in this year (Yes, Interstellar Nolan still not out, but the unlikely it would be so odious as the movie).

Adorable Jessica Marlowe arrives on the space station "omega 76" populated by well very odious personalities. To what you there used? To the heroes of space movies that disciplined, snobbish and always ready to conquer the depths of space? Or characters-geeks who are also ready to conquer the Universe with pathos 90 level? Yeah, bummer. Here we captain suicident, which does not to end of him (prevents him onboard computer). And he suffers because have to hide their homosexuality. And also from what needs you to pretend to be a friend of the entire crew.

On-Board mechanic, with outdated mechanical arm which is in rhododendrum secretly grows marijuana. Or his wife, 100% blonde, manipulative, mentally ill, so sitting on as a sedative Dr. house on vicodin, gives them this child from husband regularly visits a robot-therapist. And their child feels no one needs to all over the ship. And this is just the surface characteristics. And you understand, the arrival of a very correct and disciplined Jessica just adds to the atmosphere on the station.

The carpenter cut off from the usual understanding of space fiction. No galactic empires, Alien slobbering, pathetic battles in space other things. Instead, personal cockroaches and the complexes of the crew and poisonous almost hostile atmosphere inside the ship. And then waited, blasters? Replacement worse, the Director took an ordinary American life of some provincial town of the U.S. 70s to the space stylized as space movies of the 60-70-ies with a demonstration of a purely earthly problems. Housewives, tired of the monotonous life, children providing for themselves because their mother spends time on the intrigue, gossip and the betrayal of a husband for the thrill. Neighbor, who can afford to live better than cause tons of envy for the eyes.

Personal complexes, which have to stifle whiskey and jam a sedative. Pettiness, envy, intrigue, Skoki, but apparently all friendly and wonderful. These problems must not be solved either in what time. But Director convert the film in snotty melodrama or heavy drama. This is a Comedy the subtle humor and irony which, of course, comes as a positive bonus. The moral of the film is expressed exactly and simply in the end of the film — Society absorbed in petty strife, selfishness, intrigues destroy himself yourself. Or rather just missed external danger, as it will be busy showdown. However, the Director gives optimistic advice, look in itself and look at their lives. Maybe you first have to change something in yourself? Asteroids don't always inclined to give it another shot.

10 of 10

Deanne Ruffin
09 February 2016 | 03:11

After watching this film, I thought that it was a book written in the 70s. So as the future we see this tape, presented in approximately these years. However, no evidence that the film is based on some work, I have not found. Apparently, the creators of the film, in led directed by Jack Carpenter, much of the soul is such a genre as retrofuturism.

In this picture we will tell the story of some space station on which people live permanently, what each affected in different ways. The disclosure of the characters, the appearance of conflict in the enclosed space — the idea is as old as the world. Therefore, the beginning of the film, coupled with very poor graphics, a little scary — to think about that the next half-hour will be just thrown out of the life. However, not all so bad.

As soon as a viewer, you begin to realize that those the 70s, the future is not were presented without sex drug, immediately justify the concentration of certain characters, I'm sorry, on Masturbation the appearance of "grass" (although, in the beginning, absolutely wonder why after so many years drugs are the same primitive).

Can't say that the film reveals some real drama. Personally I gave me the impression of a certain understatement. Like the plot twists, the characters are revealed, it's time to take the next turn of the storyline, then to see what does objects they change. However, the ending, in my opinion, was a torn and disastrously short.

That goes for actors, it to single out someone special work. People played the way demanded by the atmosphere in the picture. It was the atmosphere, but not role. So how my opinion, the role of how again, quite simple, the characters complex. The only question is how their "submit". And, in General a whole, with a more serious approach from this story could have to get a very good psychological drama.

Watched this picture from Liv Tyler, who finally got one of the main roles and contrast the majority of films of recent years with her, got a lot of time on the screen.

Who is the director of the movie Space Station 76?
This tv-show was directed by Jack Plotnick.
What is the genre of Space Station 76?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Sci-Fi, Comedy, Drama.
Who starred in Space Station 76?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Patrick Wilson, Liv Tyler, Marisa Coughlan, Matt Bomer, Jerry O'Connell.
What is Space Station 76 IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 4.9.
When was Space Station 76 released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2014-03-08.