Sorry We Missed You

The Turner family after the crisis of 2008 barely making ends meet. Abby works as a nurse, and Ricky for all the money gets the van to start to work on himself — now he delivers the parcel to the delivery service. But the reality is harsh: in order to pay off the franchise, Ricky has to work 14 hours a day, and in the remaining time to raise children. Can family this test?

  • Ken Loach

Release Date: 2020-03-06
IMDb icon 7.7/10
  • Country: BE, FR, GB
  • Language: English
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $8,487,343
Karrah Bain
02 November 2019 | 11:10

Once the economic crisis has put the financial situation of the family of the Turners under a shot. Abby (Debbie Haywood) is forced to work as a nurse for a pittance, and Rick (Chris Hitchens) jumps with a vacancy on another. Now he is sitting in office in delivery of parcels. The chief promises freedom of action and independence. In the end, Rick will work himself for themselves, the company provides a franchise. Only need to buy a van for 4 thousand pounds to begin the work.

The reality is much more harsh. Manage to bring a parcel for hours, otherwise fine. You need time to come to quickly load the boxes into the van, otherwise fine. And, of course, you need to be polite with a client. Tough conditions, work on 14 hours in the exhausting schedule. Beautiful words about the freedom and independence are transformed into ash on the signing of a contract. For children there's no time, son, compensates for the lack of attention to petty hooliganism in dubious company, and daughter may fall asleep while parents not coming home. In the apartment has an atmosphere of constant tension. Problems piling up, but no one wants to solve, each family lays in a drawer. First, we need to think about how would earn on bread.

And here there comes a time when everything goes under the slope. Down and down. The worst thing is that the film is not offers a way out. He doesn't solve the problem, but it just describes it. The Director (Ken loach) see what built modern society and make it to offend the viewers who are put up with the rules of the game. Because of this hopelessness becomes sick, want to leave a session forget seen. The picture indicates that in the world of new technologies people still be a commodity. Driver — not people. Have no emotions, problems and feelings. There's only an hour to deliver the package to door to go to other orders. So it. So left.

It's amazing how similar the films participating at the Cannes film festival. It would seem that the action takes place in different parts of the world, but the problem is the same everywhere. Poverty, lack of confidence in the future. The feeling when you have a family and kids, which need to feed, clothe, and carry school, no money. And time, too. As and understanding between each other. It in a strange way we are common.

7 of 10

Shayne Timmi
02 November 2019 | 02:19

Brilliant tells the story of an ordinary man, ready to plow for the sake of his family, are relevant for many. Honesty, observance of laws and a huge work ethic in modern Britain is not are the passage to the normal life. Losing a job and mortgage the 2008 financial crisis, after trying a string of jobs (mainly construction), the head of the family at the advice of a friend decides "to start working on yourself." Because all have family two children, where both adults work very hard, this small and a cheap car. We have just enough money — only food, clothing and rent. And no prospects, sad and outright deadlock.

Wanting to get away from low-paying and grueling work, the protagonist connects to hard competitive service delivery of parcels. The purpose — earn the first payment on the mortgage. The income here depends only on you — but huge fines, for deviation of delivery schedule and other faults. In he delivers the parcel to 14 hours in a day, with virtually no output — because you cannot skip a shift without a replacement driver, otherwise — fine.

Wife, a very conscientious social worker, caring for disabled, too, does not home is — leaves early in the morning and returned when the children are already have to sleep.

Not surprisingly, deprived of adequate parental attention, children begin to create problems.

Son, teenager, rebelling in full compliance with the natural surge of hormones. The lack of daily empathetic involvement quickly leads to a rapidly growing misunderstanding between them. Scene with son and cause a burning desire to take the belt with one hand, and other — forced to empathize up to the point of tears.

The youngest daughter in General loses a normal dream, because my parents fight because of the constant fatigue and issues son.

Family connection parents and children is broken. The food in the refrigerator and control phone — not enough, alas. So to raise children is impossible.

And if adults are able to grit my teeth and endure for a better future, children — it's still children, and they think differently.

Simple social drama the skill of the Director becomes a true masterpiece not to be missed! Touched to tears.

A grin of modern society: hard-working and law-abiding citizen, not able to find options outside the beaten track of society, doomed to the life, proteins in wheel — the system is completely sweatshop.

A sad story told by an English Director about the ordinary English of the white man, not migrant and not marginal.

Of 9 10

Terza Nerland
04 November 2019 | 09:47

"Sorry, we you are not found" — film at the Cannes programs (2019) year. Took it off the Briton Ken loach — two-time winner of the Palme d'or. What we are pleased with the 82-year-old classic at this time.

British films are renowned for than that "everything is bad", and "Sorry, we you are not found" — is no exception. The creators show the lives of the British working class after the crisis of 2008 year, as is. The engine of the plot is the slavery of the main character Ricky, the father of a very poor family in a courier company, where he purchased the franchise. Not could he know that, to earn "such denzhischi", you need to work six days in week fourteen hours in a day. What rent a van from the company will cost 65 pounds, because you will have to sacrifice the remnants of the comfort of his wife, having sold her car to buy the van. What head (oops, sorry, partner), even in critical situations (clear danger to health, a child in trouble) is not will give concessions, even though it will be terribly proud. But the capitalism. But his own thing, private enterprise. Not "uncle".

Sometimes the loach gives hope: there are very cute scenes of dinner in the family, daughter — the miracle, a kind of mental barrier. But, as a rule, Ricky and his family make a move forward, to make two ago. The circumstances are buried hope. And people all around toxic (one of the customers complained that carries Ricky's daughter in his van). Shown through endless throwing from client to the client Ricky and wife fighting are won very rarely. And the ending is absolutely not provide continued.

My main complaint picture — the image of the son. I'm not have long graduated from high school. Saw a lot of children of dysfunctional families of all kinds. And then, according to the entire family a prosperous — or drug addicts or drunkards or domestic violence, parents clearly love each other. But even dysfunctional families I haven't seen so open the children was against parents, as in "Sorry, we you are not caught". Directly specially the situation worse. Very strange.

Actors. Chris Hitchens played great. Debbie Haywood not so shone, but and I her character is more reserved. Ross Brewster very good in the image of the evil boss. Cathy Proctor — one of the few children on my memory playing so good.

"Sorry, we you are not found" — good art films. Wide recognition it will not get, but the fans of Ken Loach will taste.

7 of 10

How much has Sorry We Missed You made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $8,487,343.
Who is the director of the movie Sorry We Missed You?
This tv-show was directed by Ken Loach.
What is the genre of Sorry We Missed You?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama.
Who starred in Sorry We Missed You?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Kris Hitchen, Debbie Honeywood, Rhys Stone, Katie Proctor, Ross Brewster.
What is Sorry We Missed You IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.7.
When was Sorry We Missed You released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2020-03-06.