Son of Saul

Auschwitz, 1944. Saul Auslander — Jewish prisoner and Sonderkommando member. His job was to accompany the last journey of the prisoners arriving at the camp continually. Then clean up the traces of their presence and wait for a new one. Among the thousands of people passing through the gas chamber, one survives for a few minutes. Saul recognizes him as his son and decides to whatever was to bury the body according to the rules. Now it is his only goal in molten, so unlike the life of the Inferno of the death camps. To protect the body from the furnace to hide it, to track down the Rabbi — the task almost impossible and crazy in the background of the grinder, the burrs of which Saul have to twist myself in order to survive. In the camp of the maturing rebellion, Saul becomes too vulnerable, but he only thinks about his son... whom perhaps he never had.

  • László Nemes

Release Date: 2015-11-04
IMDb icon 7.5/10
  • Country: HU
  • Language: Hungarian | Yiddish | German | Russian | Polish | French | Greek | Slovak | Hebrew
  • Budget: EUR1,500,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $6,659,121
Loria Faythe
22 April 2016 | 12:29

A member of the Sonderkommando Saul finds out in one of the victims of the gas chambers is his illegitimate son and decides to bury him. In the conditions of the concentration camps is not an easy task.

The Holocaust filmmakers were treated have many times, and often addressed the issue with quite unexpected angles. For example, the vaudeville Roberto Benigni's "Life is beautiful" presents a horrific event as a fairy tale, and the sentimental drama of Steven Spielberg's "Schindler's List" and it becomes commercially successful project that can not call a kind of bewilderment.

Director Laszlo Nemes immerses the viewer in a world of total cruelty, the inherently was Auschwitz. Thanks to an original approach to photography, film for a split second, not cause disgust from the viewer. On the contrary, in the center of the frame is only the main character, Saul, and the rest of the world presented rasfokus. Thus, the viewer captures the essence of what is happening around the character, but not contemplates the barbaric routine of the concentration camp.

One of the main unresolved intrigue of the film was the question: whether the boy died, the son of Saul? And why, if not so, main character dramatically important to bury? "You're risking the lives of the living for the dead", — trying to reason with Saul, another member of the Sonderkommando. And, indeed, the desire to bury the boy becomes a real mania, the obsession. Not forget that the protagonist of each day helped to make the victims in the gas chamber, what could not to cause feelings of guilt for Saul. Perhaps that is why he seeks to the eve of his death to make a last act of mercy. Metaphorical final picture can be interpreted as forgiveness, remission of Saul his sin where for the first time in it to face of a hero shyly and timidly, a smile appeared.

"Son of Saul" tells the audience a very human story about the desire to do good in the environment where all the lovely long ago died in the gas chamber, where to wait for rescue is not have a hope fading with each passing day. No wonder information summary in the beginning of the film immediately gives us to understand that Saul sooner or later die.

Lisabeth Langbehn
04 December 2016 | 09:22

It's only been 70 years after the trial in Nuremberg when potrachennoe mankind learned about that Hell the world really can exist, and Hell is not created from above, and handmade well planned, how this tragedy turned into another "brand" of our time. Brand simple but regularly generating income to all who his exploits, ranging from historians, and ending with the filmmakers. And what? Than such a Director Laszlo Nemes worse than Steven Spielberg? The fact that also wants to get his Oscar? Only the burden was not on forces. No, I were not have against the Hungarian Director, but my look at some of the topics for cinema it is necessary to impose a taboo. To finally destroy not be a farce. And the first candidate in my list on"oblivion" is the theme of the Holocaust, and concentration camps.

Five years ago, I came across the book Paul glade "Manuscript found in the ashes," is a documentary collection of entries written by members of the Sonderkommando serving in the crematoria of Auschwitz, and buried them there, the territory of the crematorium. It is, by one of which the film is a screen Saul. So now, the background of these notes "from the country of eternal cold," the film is Laszlo Nemeth — this roughly crafted fake, made by the principle "and so will come down." Really, who will be sitting at screens in a comfortable chair to understand the intricacies of the process of destruction of some representatives of Homo sapiens by others? The main thing to squeeze out more tears viewers to enlist the support of professional film critics, and all, success is guaranteed. This movie and not real life, in which it is necessary every day, every hour, to make a simple choice — die this very moment, or to extend its existence for some time. For by taking the life of others. Where here hamlet with his "to Be or not to be". Someone was in the courage and jumped on security guards; some prefer just to jump into a fire pit; and someone wrote notes in hopes to leave behind at least some memory. Which turned through 70 years has become quite a hot commodity, at a reasonable price. For which people can be burned a second time, to protest because there is no one.

P. S. the diary of Rudolf Hess, commandant of Auschwitz, described the following episode: one day conducting a regular inspection of the camp, he with the escort appeared at ditches, in which are burnt the bodies of the gas chambers. And his attention was caught by another prisoner, who pulled the body from the pile suddenly stopped, and after a pause threw it in the ditch. The commandant sent his adjutant to find out in the case, returning the reported that the prisoner had learned in the body that dragged his wife. Some time back, Hess came to this group of prisoners and called a person identified his wife. And as Hess says, it was struck by the sight of the prisoner, his eyes not expressed absolutely nothing, it were the eyes of a dead man. Dead, who were still alive.

3 of the 10

Nelie Latouche
14 September 2016 | 03:09

"What is the most resilient parasite? Bacteria? Virus? Intestinal worm? Idea. She tenacious highly contagious. Is the idea to take over the brain to get rid of her already almost impossible."

General information. "Saul's Son" — the debut feature film by Hungarian Director Laszlo Nemeth. Now almost every person who loves cinema knows that name, but take Kansk film Festival, a Director acted "dark horse". He won the Grand Jury prize, the FIPRESCI Prize and several awards, and the Oscars and the Golden globe "Son of Saul" is just not have competitors.

Technical implementation. the film is not need the description, so how comprehensive information can be found in the synopsis. "Saul's son" — this is an example of excellent correspondence of form and content, when one does not can exist without the other. The film is based on a moving handheld camera, which throughout the narrative, virtually no account of the main character. Saul constantly show close-UPS, with entity or from the back. This allows experience in the movie, not only to feel present on the scene, but and see them through the eyes of the protagonist. I usually against the effect of "trembling camera", but in this case, it is difficult to come up with something more suitable. For by focusing only on the main character (scenery shot is blurry, but if you want to be their detailed re-creation) achieved its maximum understanding. Despite the small number of replicas, Saul seems more alive and open than the heroes of many other good dramas.

Against film. Critics have taken "Son of Saul" with enthusiasm. It and clear. The film is made wonderfully: from strong production and a non-trivial script to the stunning operator and the artists. Among the spectators, however, there were also those who saw another film about the Holocaust is not convenient for perception form. For me "Saul's Son" — this is a film about man his obsession with the idea. The interiors and theme of the movie called so to emphasize the sense of hopelessness and despair the main character, as and mania underlines the horror of what is happening on the screen.

Actors. to emphasize here is possible only by the head of the role of the Gesu Reiga, which if an unusual type of photography was able to capture fully all that was required of him. The rest of the cast as and all but the purpose of Saul, were only a background.

Result. "Saul's Son" — one of the best films of the main program of the Cannes film festival 2015, which, thanks to its impeccable production and a difficult subject, written in the history of modern world cinema.

How much has Son of Saul made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $6,659,121.
How much did it cost to make Son of Saul?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least EUR1,500,000.
Who is the director of the movie Son of Saul?
This tv-show was directed by László Nemes.
What is the genre of Son of Saul?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, War, Best movies 2015, Best Drama Movies 2015.
Who starred in Son of Saul?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Géza Röhrig, Levente Molnár, Urs Rechn, Todd Charmont, Jerzy Walczak.
What is Son of Saul IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.5.
When was Son of Saul released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2015-11-04.