Soaked in Bleach

The film explores the possibility that Kurt Cobain's death was not actual suicide.

  • Benjamin Statler

Release Date: 2015-06-11
IMDb icon 7.4/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Isabel Rahel
28 February 2017 | 12:57

Interesting comment above, but a little strange. There is some truth that impression Kurta is created after the movie that it is not be depressing what was really like trying to remake its identity, but -- I didn't shoveled a lot of material to very confident to say that will say next. It just my opinion.

The film is somewhat similar to any transfer of discovery or channel forensic — in the frame all the zone with their names and names of professions in the corner, tell us some facts of the cut "death of Kurt Cobain". This presentation of facts is sometimes interrupted by staged pictures, which filmed a little told episodes. I was interested to hear the since I nothing know about his death, who are interested in knowing why there is a theory about that no suicide is not been — welcome to view. Do not see the sense of not see this part, some interesting points anyway you can emphasize. And you like the film or not depends on what a theory of outcome of Kurt from the world support.

I want to respond to charges comments above. Saw the movie "the story of the son". And I understand that I tried to convey the authors through in trying to be fun with this part. When talking about one of your side, it is difficult to form a correct opinion. since your other side is not mentioned. So here no mention of his illness, of psychosis, paranoia and hatred of other people, just trying to convey that it is not been so sullen as he seemed the impression is that Kurt trying to apply to others. And I think there just trying to say that and tried to tell himself, Kurt Story son. Have him a sour look, but not mean he's pissed off, it all I ask is that is wrong and he wonders what to him — the form according to his feelings. He he said on his interview that could not believe it sounds as many a gloomy type. He talked about yourself as a about a sense of humor and he loved to roll and appreciate who could support this. A way it absolutely another. It and trying to apply in this picture. In other words, it was one foot in the coffin and on suicide he lives have been very strange way to end it. Actually, I the film is very even. The only question on how much all that in this film corresponds to the truth, although it seems that and there are

Domini Showker
18 June 2015 | 06:12

In 1998 on the screens out the documentary "Kurt and Courtney: the End of Nirvana", directed by Nick Broomfield, the notorious for his passion for the conspiracy theories. The author of this picture one of the first began to furiously assert that the musician Kurt Cobain not ended a and was murdered, possibly with the direct participation of his beloved wife Courtney Love. In 2006 there was another documentary about Kurt Cobain under the name "Kurt Cobain: history about the son", the film which decided to focus not on the death of singer and musician, and his life, which he says Cobain — most of the film consists of records interview. In 2015 year was made one notable attempt to make a documentary about the legend of grunge and on cinema screens around the world out the picture of "Kurt Cobain: the devil's cut", in which the story is told in Cobain mainly through its own drawings, records, songs and other creative work. This film was the best attempt to tell the story of the tragic life of the famous musician and singer, and the authors of this work do not make mistakes that have been made their predecessors. However, even after this, interest in personality the fate of Kurt Cobain and did not subsided and, after the film "devil's cut", saw the light of another one the documentary "Soaked in Bleach", filmed novice Director Benjamin Statler, who has already showed a lack of good taste, when he became the producer of the film "Hello Herman", a very superficial considering the phenomenon of shooting in schools.

As a picture of nick Broomfield, the work of Benjamin Statler is focused not on all period of life of Kurt Cobain, and only his death. The protagonist of the film become a tireless "truth-seeker" and a private detective That the Grant, with you are already familiar, if you watched "Kurt and Courtney: the End of "Nirvana"". Grant did a good career on the statements that Kurt Cobain not tragically killed a and was brutally murdered at the order of his unstable tend to the manipulation of his wife. But, if the picture of nick Broomfield, he looked like another fan of conspiracy theories, it in "Soaked in Bleach" Tom Grant thoroughly worked over their image and trying to present yourself as a seasoned professional that's looking for justice for murder victim and maybe even changes to the system in General. Picture of Benjamin Statler is perfect with the point of view of cinematography — it's cold Noir, efficiently removed in the rainy Seattle, and visual solutions of the film are well-suited to pictures of which so much blood, tragedy, addiction, sex and lies. The only problem is that "Soaked in Bleach" is not just a documentary with a large number of production episodes, after the Grant looks like he just came from pages of a Raymond Chandler novel or another great Creator of Noir about a private detective with a heightened sense of morality. It still the film, which is staged with the beginning all — as a picture of nick Broomfield, the work of Benjamin Statler woven from personal assumptions based on some inner instinct, questionable "facts" and the obvious manipulation of the information that is known to all and for sure.

"Soaked in Bleach is" not only distorts certain aspects of the life of Kurt Cobain, but his personality and history General — the creators are trying to imagine a musician who has suffered from serious problems mentally with a very early age and have always expressed their dissatisfaction with the world in which he live as the happiest person on the earth whose text and some creativity to really was meaningless, because "in fact" Cobain not put soul in their heartbreaking work. The authors attempted to prove that history of suicide in the family of Cobain on really a lie and all these deaths were accidental. But as whatever tried by the authors, is not detract from the value of the fact that in addition to the three members of the family of the musician, who finished with a more a great many of those who suffered severe depression, and the musician began to treat with Ritalin when he was only 7 years. Every song, diary entry, picture or any other work of Kurt Cobain showed wounded soul that does not feel comfortable in this world and found solace in drugs and music. When of this soul was mortally outraged by the fact that his life is torn to pieces by fans of cheap sensationalism — anyone who know a biography of Kurt Cobain is known for its problems with a journalist who printed a nasty article about his marriage with Courtney Love. And even after death "whistleblowers" like Tom Grant, receiving excellent advertising itself, stuck to the case of deceased celebrities continue to distort the truth and heard by injustice, trying to achieve "justice".

Who is the director of the movie Soaked in Bleach?
This tv-show was directed by Benjamin Statler.
What is the genre of Soaked in Bleach?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Documentary.
Who starred in Soaked in Bleach?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Daniel Roebuck, Sarah Scott, August Emerson, Tyler Bryan, Julie Lancaster.
What is Soaked in Bleach IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.4.
When was Soaked in Bleach released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2015-06-11.