Sinbad and the Minotaur

Sinbad, who had heard about the ancient gold, secretly sneaking into the desert camp of the sorcerer al-Jibara. Among the many relics he finds the ivory chest in which is hidden the magazine pirate captain Minos. He should lead Sinbad to the Golden head of the colossus of Rhodes.

  • Karl Zwicky

Release Date: 2011-05-21
IMDb icon 3.2/10
  • Country: AU
  • Language: English
Maxie Dearden
10 February 2012 | 12:51

Another creation for the Syfy channel, which is listed as an unofficial sequel to trilogy Sinbad ray Harryhausen, the famous domestic audience due to the fact that in the 70s it was played in theaters over the Soviet Union.

As the TV product (and only the more Syfyевский), not the budget is not realistic it is not red. Therefore anything similar to the classic trilogy nor the new "the Fifth voyage of Sinbad" You will not see. But how many have managed to say... I haven't seen even in Syfy. The bald sorcerer from "Seventh journey Indaba" (only name was replaced with the cherry Blossoms on al-Jibaro to copyrighters not stuck), and morph (spotty man with inset sharp teeth), and children of the Minotaur (a bunch of extras with glued horns), and the colossus of Rhodes. Grief sorcerer is more like a public house, a team of Sinbad — on the punks, and the Minotaur — the mating of a bull with Ankylosaurus. And all cheap and cheerful. Places is fun, and sometimes just pathetic. It should be noted pseudo-historical facts about the story of Minos that flow from the mouth of Sinbad, when the team swims on the boat to the shore of the island. And classic ending, a La "the Mysterious island". Fans of big-budget Hollywood pop movie is contraindicated. Lovers of fillers from Syfy, which is sometimes just not of this world, I can safely watch.

5 from 10

Verla Darsie
20 April 2014 | 02:50

It turns out that those who not know about this sailor, all know its name. Sinbad its name and the adventures of his waiting. And here the Australians withdrew his version. What happened? Oh, how to save a review clean...

In fact, the film with same time started the place it little that claimed. It looks like all the performance. But the laws of the genre, not always the same for theater movie. Here everything in the last gasp was done. The costumes look worn, decorations written off. What to the story itself, then this is a fantasy-adventure. But and then, you know what?.. In General, "the Mummy" and"the Scorpion King" look more convincing.

However, if you a big fan of adventure, then maybe this film is for you are not so bad. But at the moment, judge for yourself, — not a single positive comment.

The plot? With this tight. I just finished watching I forgot just saw. Well, Sinbad, of course, went to seek adventure to the next... (well, you understand). came to the owner of the harem. There kidnapped girl (although truthfully, that she snuck out). At this treasure learned the secret and took an artifact. It to help or deal dead. The point is to that the treasure of the God Minos guards in the cave of the Minotaur. Well, by the way, this man with a bull's head. But it is simply a bull eccentric type. The owner of the harem starts after for those "pohozyaynichat" in his home. And then all standard. Plus a couple of uninteresting facts that show any of palusami. All this uvezut, but watch this has won't be interesting at all.

It is impossible not to note the leading role. Manu Bennett. Just to note it will have a minus sign. The rest of the so bad. But except the performer of the main reason of the villain. Stephen Graves. And in General, special sense, and someone to allocate not even been. Still movie country kangaroo never was trend. Even lovers of world cinema and not always pay attention to this.

But the main claim — in that when viewing I think adto the film 60-ies of the last century. Not at all. He new...

In short, bad movie. Pass him party.

3.5 10

Norma Svend
25 August 2011 | 12:56

No, the idea was a common good: the island of Minos with the animal in the maze, mysterious scrolls, courageous Sinbad, half-naked beauty, the evil sorcerer, genetic mutants — the offspring of the Minotaur, a priestess of nut, Golden head of the colossus of Rhodes... So win-win, tasty items, even one smart spin — can such a blockbuster zabatsat! But alas. So to fuck up the theme — it should be able to!

We want or I, but compare to come to mind. Remember the famous movies about Sinbad the 70's — "the Seventh voyage of Sinbad, Golden voyage of Sinbad". Well, "Sinbad and the eye of the Tiger", though it is somewhat weaker. Oriental flavor, colorful costumes, gorgeous (for the time) special effects — nice, fun, fabulous. Here is — fabulous. We were the real tale, after all, Sinbad — hero tales of 1,000 and one nights.

And this is what? A cross between a Thriller with pseudo-historical fantasy? Where where the East is? This is the case, apparently, is so thin that it not visible at all. One dancer restaurant level and up eyes of the sorcerer as much as not bind an action to a specific region.

And Sindbad! It W fall and cry. Manu Bennett, of course, an interesting man himself, , but here he similar, rather, on Russian crime boss than the hero of the Eastern tales. Its opponent, the sorcerer also drops out of the context — both dressed so disguised that show pictures of their persons person, not watched a movie, compared to Sinbad him even the head does not come.

I have talking about such misunderstandings, as computer Minotaur, paper walls of the maze are painted under the stone, well, like head of gold — just unlikely. with such modest size, it could belong to the Colossus of Rhodes, for the height of the statue, according to the sources, was more than 30 meters, and finger hand at sviditelstvo Pliny the elder could not to embrace each. Yes not was the Colossus of gold. Bronze he was...

Plus, this twitchy shooting, subjected to a test audience the vestibular apparatus, boring walking and Jogging here and there it through the woods, it through the maze, actors, which seems to be gaining in Amateur circles... Dreary, incoherent, some ragged, dull not show. Why was this waste of money?

For such desecration I would do nothing set, but so to be — put the unit in plan. 1/10.

Who is the director of the movie Sinbad and the Minotaur?
This tv-show was directed by Karl Zwicky.
What is the genre of Sinbad and the Minotaur?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Sci-Fi, Adventure, Fantasy.
Who starred in Sinbad and the Minotaur?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Manu Bennett, Steven Grives, Brad McMurray, Holly Brisley, Jared Robinsen.
What is Sinbad and the Minotaur IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 3.2.
When was Sinbad and the Minotaur released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2011-05-21.