Simon of the Desert

The film is a parable, the hero of which is a spiritual seeker, observing strict austerities — resists the temptations of the devil, who is to him in various guises. This fight Simon continues from ancient times to the present day.

Release Date: 1969-03-15
IMDb icon 7.9/10
  • Country: MX
  • Language: Spanish | Latin
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $1,843
Sadella Mauldon
12 January 2010 | 03:30

The last Mexican film poster, received two prize the Venice film festival, due to financial difficulties was cut by almost half, the not like this is impressive in its integrity and simplicity.

This adaptation of the old parable of Christian righteous Simeon, in the V century BC who founded the new one for the Christian religion, penances — pillar-dwelling, consisting in a prolonged stay on top of a stone pillar in the post continuous prayers. Simeon was considered as one of the most admired Christian preachers of the time, and according to legend, was able to heal the sick and to foresee the future.

Very interestingly, buñuel, who was a Jesuit for his ecclesiastical education, and with the was a staunch atheist, was deeply moved by the fable and shows Simeon in the film is a true righteous, bravely resisting the machinations of Satan, and patiently vyslushivaesh believers who come to him through Council.

And people come to it is very different — here ungrateful cripples, and the envious slandered him, and a giddy young novices of the monastery. And the devil — in human form, incredibly sexy performance of the actress Sylvia Pinal. But Simeon stoically, but sometimes with humor, rejects all the temptations, trying more closer to God...

But whether this is the repentance of the people? They expect Simeon wonders of simple, not able to understand the depth of repentance, and even the monks speaks in different languages.

Without the surrealism inherent in the work of the great Spanish Director, and in this film, of course, not cost: Satan is cleverly rides to the pillar on which Simeon is, in a black coffin, and in the end, the heroes are transferred to a modern metropolis of temptations in which much more than on a stone pillar in the desert.

And how V century, when the Roman Empire stood on the brink of Apocalypse — after a few decades of its overwhelm waves of barbarian invasions, — and the modern bourgeois society, according to the opinion of the poster is on the threshold is the same disaster. But Simeon, believe, will find in himself the strength to resist the devil. I want to believe that will find strength and we living in this world.

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Almeda Hubble
08 April 2014 | 10:37

The third (and in General the last) look at Bunuel veneering witnesses the Creator of the universe was the most critical, but it not so rather like it was the Viridiana. In General, the Spanish Director relationship with God is quite ambiguous, because know what buñuel does not believe — still not possible.

Respects and honors if one of the most skilful artists of the twentieth century Creator of all times and peoples is difficult to say, but that it respect, love and reverence to Holy men, ascetics and other fighters for the truth and truth — an indisputable fact.

Reviving literary characters of his countryman Benito pérez Galdós, buñuel turned to history and its real personalities, suffering is not just someone's imagination.

The film can be divided on two unequal half.

The first occurs in the fifth century. The Christian Saint Simeon for the diligent and heroic austerities received the gift from the Lord to heal the sick and do other miracles... But apparently the magic was seeing at the time and a like the people in the crowd does not surprised the severed hands of a thief by the will of the Lord are back to place. After all, in the existence of God and the possibility of the miraculous healing of his all-good Will of no one might even elementary doubt...Well, where there is absolute good, there is not to do without the evil of the world.

The devil, in the performance of Sylvia Pinal — absolute hit in the image. Of course, the choice is not casual and some replica ("I was so close to God") give a direct indication  of"Viridiana", where the actress played the righteous, the innocence of a nun, which had severely to pay for charity and compassion "humiliated and insulted". Here she has already been having known all the sweetness of Vice, torment Simeon with various temptations, the most important of which will be totally unexpected, not only of the Holy, but for the audience...

Because the monk suddenly transferred at the will of the Devil (or the Almighty will of God?) in 1500 years forward is on "coven of the dying flesh", or simply put... to modern(sic!) disco. Frenzied, violent dancing in a confined space of the club, seems able lasts forever, makes an impression on the background of the first part, with its rich scenery of the calm sky, the endless desert and stretching hundreds of miles around the divine silence. Surely in his almost forty-year hermit Simeon never felt such a profound loneliness as in this raging crowd of bodies. Now he is absolutely one, so as everywhere lost the last trace of his only interlocutor and mentor — the Lord. But how it then will become closer to Him? But as close sexy body young beauties... But No! He continued to persist in their faith. Sorry, could not return — its pillar is already busy. So you'll have to endure...until the end... Perhaps it is the hell in which, by the way, has been many Christian believers — "Life has become for me a bitter drink, and I still have to accept it slowly, counts, drop..." C. A. Kierkegaard.

Mariellen Abram
04 June 2014 | 03:58

Questions of religion, faith and spirituality have always troubled mankind. Not surprisingly this theme the well-known master directing workshop Spaniard Luis buñuel. Does it answers the questions that most of time set themselves about who controls the world ? I think not just give, and answers them exhaustively his films and, in particular, "Simeon the Stylite". Someone will rush to see in Simeone a type of Christ, but I think it not quite. This person who wholeheartedly believes in God his hands on pillar prayers. Yes, we see the beginning of the film that he heals the person. To which was the stump, he miraculously gave his hands. But it is rather a directing metaphor. At all that Simeon leads an ascetic life, almost nothing is eats do not drink, buñuel shows him as human and a man struggling.

Prayer can work miracles, that we see the whole picture. The devil in the shape of a woman tempts Simeon, on that this spiritual wanderer responds quite clearly and clear: Begone Satan. And the devil retreats, because he can go nowhere. But he is strong and patient enough to come over and start your temptations and exhortations.

Someone thinks of buñuel, atheist or may it himself called, know. But despite it films such as "This is called the dawn" and"Simeon the Stylite", I wouldn't have been so categorical in the judgments. Moreover, they guessed invisibly divine manifestation and I tend to thought that buñuel was a man of faith, just like his heroes in him as and they were and will go the eternal struggle, the struggle of flesh and spirit. In this sense, Luis buñuel is very similar to our Mikhail Bulgakov, which showed the Sabbath even more multidimensional and multifaceted than the Spanish Director in his "Simeon Stylites".

To understand or at least closer to know that I meant to say Bunuel, I had to watch the movie "Simeon Stylites" twice. Of course, I would love to see a new ending, very. But these are the realities of life. We want or no, but the Sabbath boulavsky in our days acquired unimaginable border and only a few continue to fight. Such are thoughts.

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Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $1,843.
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This tv-show was directed by Luis Buñuel.
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The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama, Short, Best History Movies.
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Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Claudio Brook, Enrique Álvarez Félix, Hortensia Santoveña, Francisco Reiguera, Luis Aceves Castañeda.
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At the moment, the rating is 7.9.
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The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1969-03-15.