She's the One

Mickey, a taxi driver, considers himself a happy man. Until, until he meets hope, a beautiful and intelligent student, on her way to Paris. Francis, his brother thinks he is all right, and he is quite happy doing what — what business on wall street and being married to his charming colleague. Until then, until fate confronts him with Heather, a slender blonde, a former friend of Mickey. A romantic interest of two brothers threaten to turn their entire life and become a hurricane.

  • Edward Burns

Release Date: 1996-08-23
IMDb icon 6/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $3,500,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $9,538,948
Toby Adelind
22 August 2014 | 08:44

A young taxi driver Mickey is preparing to marry the intellectual hope. But once he meets his first love, Heather, who once cheated on him on the eve of have announced the wedding, and is now the lover of his married brother. Heather tries to seduce Mickey, but his refusal to flirt brings so much gossip, that all related alliances begin to crumble one by others.

Qualitatively drawn dialogue and genre accurate solution close to the sitcom, in which the love of calibrated sex, idealism is tested on the strength of a swagger, and romantic in every way flouted pragmatism, — all not only draws a portrait of contemporary new York, but give it quite a human face.

Edward burns joined in three talent — writer, Director, actor — and created, in fact, art films. After the movie "the Brothers McMullen" which burns in the ranks of the independent, Hollywood decided to make the budget low that had to make a new romance burns more respectable and palatable for a wider audience.

Although the second work is not became a hit, after all, she has gathered significantly more than the debut of the film, the duty amount as on average, bring a tape of woody Allen. I manner of writing, loyalty to certain actors and orientation Irish marginal burns can be compared with Allen, with the only difference is that the last shot movie, aimed at the tastes of the intellectuals-Jews with Manhattan.

Sonni Ive
31 October 2015 | 04:20

Frankly, that would couldn't think Edward burns in the first Director, then writer producer and bronze claimed it as an actor. Thus was settled what he was educated in the school of arts. He was even an assistant Director Oliver stone when he took off his Slavny "the doors". However, in the initial stages of Dating burns left more memories as the actor. Among them — the characters in"Saving private Ryan" (though he there on the sidelines), in the Thriller "the Gift", in adventurous Thriller "Scam" in science fiction "sound of thunder" (although better this film and not remember), and also role in the romantic Comedy "the Holiday exchange" (even though he there only briefly) and in "27 weddings". In General, multilateral filmmaker Edward burns, only here level talent allows to name a star, it somewhere in the steps of the first tier, and held his work.

Melodrama about a relationship "Only she only" was the second full copyrighted work of Edward burns, who he took it off, he wrote and still was produced by her. The first were similar in the genre of painting "Brothers McMullen", published in a year before "she's the Only the only", it is in 1995 to the year. Under the banner of his film, burns called Mike McGlone, Maxine Bunce (both played and  "the Brothers McMullen"), experience the same acting for yourself John Mahoney, also his consent to star gave Jennifer aniston and Cameron Diaz, and in a small but notable roles, you can see Amanda Pete and Leslie Mann. The plot revolves around two brothers Mikey (burns himself) and Francis (McGlone) Fitzpatrick that are on different steps of the social hierarchy and therefore payment of their work is also very different, they still have different characters, and that's what unites them, except that they take, that both contacted one same beauty (Diaz), which was born with all cynicism to break hearts.

From the heroine Diaz was a cornerstone of the character to which I reached in narrative strings. For the actress "Only she only" became the third consecutive film in his career. Yeah, she won the hearts of spectators and the sympathies of the producers after raskrsnica in the red dress in the Comedy "the Mask". But that only the role of notorious bitches with the rude heart, still with greedy character in "Only she only" not out so convincing, here is why Diaz more sitcom roles, and those when it is led by strong and influential Directors (e.g., Martin Scorsese in"Gangs of new York"). And it really is Diaz could his confident game in "Only she only" to prove once and severity of claims for a deeper role, but, alas, not everyone out thoroughly. Even the heroine of Jennifer aniston, from which is not such a multi-role, fulfilled his task in a more convincing and emotional light. And Leslie Mann and Amanda Peet alone once more amused with his heroines in this tape, although maybe not going to be absolutely comical, but and as they both thanks.

Edward burns in again casts doubt on his acting talent, because he was as to the end is unconvincing, as Cameron Diaz, only she didn't directed the film and wrote the script to himself, and experience in movies it was one-two and obchelsya. So that Edward burns, also, as he picked up a refrigerator to put it mildly, not pleased with particularly expressive playing. Mike McGlone is more generally hated. And, infuriated, and his character, and the game of the actor. This exaggerated self-love, the cries for about his male enhancement — moreover, it was constantly and so soon tired wanted to the hero sat in a machine went somewhere to be. And as an actor he is all the time was one same expression like him "the bottom" breaks and it is very concentrated, so as not to be embarrassed about a game can go when it? And only the wisdom of the hero John Mahoney, though somehow rescued the male contingent of romance "she's the Only the one".

could it and would a good time to shoot in this Volume Hanks and Meg Ryan, and directing would be replied Nancy Meyers, but everyone here did Edward burns, so "Only she only" — this is a typical medium family melodrama on one-time viewing, despite the good selection of actors.

6 from 10

Jessi Pepper
18 January 2011 | 08:08

Edward burns here for more than 15 years making films about the same same. About one same and same. Equally well.

His first film, "the Brothers McMullen" received Grand-Prix of the festival in the Sundance — author of the cradle of American cinema. Inspired by the success already in the following year he releases the picture under the title "she's the one" which in the Russian hire is called "she's the only — the one". Taking a new project of two actors from "brothers", and it is Mike McGlone and Maxine Bunce, a young filmmaker went on to tell the audience about love, family values and relationship between the sexes. Prizes this tape no gets there, and the box office first job is inferior. Despite this, the sincerity, spontaneity and desires to speak in the second film burns too just not less. Acting, well-balanced Director, gives the film the natural, which (especially given my theme) so important for the perception of any picture. To the same in the film were involved, the current superstars — already loved by millions for the role in"the Mask", a charming Cameron Diaz and endearing in its simplicity, one of the elite six "Friends", Jennifer aniston. Perhaps the only significant disadvantage of the second picture is Edward burns, Maxine Bunce. On the General harmonic background, it looks a bit bare, and go for her Paris (or wherever any was) really not want.

Main the advantage of painting is that it true (albeit in a light comic way) talks about what kind of problems was in the relationship between men and women 15 years ago. However, for such a short period, they are unlikely changed if they are generally subject to time.

PS to Forget the old love
And not to be sad about it?
Forget whether the old love
And friendship of the old days?
More mugs ready
And to the brim fill it up.
We drink old love,
For the friendship of former days.

How much has She's the One made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $9,538,948.
How much did it cost to make She's the One?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $3,500,000.
Who is the director of the movie She's the One?
This tv-show was directed by Edward Burns.
What is the genre of She's the One?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama, Romance.
Who starred in She's the One?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: John Mahoney, Edward Burns, Michael McGlone, Maxine Bahns, Jennifer Aniston.
What is She's the One IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.
When was She's the One released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1996-08-23.