Each of us is a superhero, need a bit of magic that he showed himself. Billy Batson must shout just one word — SHAZAM! — to be quick-witted fourteen-year-old boys to turn into quite a adult superhero Shazam, and all thanks to the ancient wizard. In his heart he remains a child, even in the adult mighty body, therefore, does as would any teenager who received super powers — is drawn to its fullest in this grown-up version of himself. And whether he knows how to fly? Did he have x-ray vision? If he can shoot lightning out of your hands? Can skip the quiz in social studies? Shazam checks limits with recklessness rambunctious child. But he will have to quickly gain control over their abilities to fight the deadly forces of evil Dr. Thaddeus Sivana.

  • David F. Sandberg

Release Date: 2019-04-05
IMDb icon 7.1/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Sybyl Niehaus
07 April 2019 | 07:19

Was in the film is one short scene with a pretty significant sense. The bright boy is playing with figurines of Batman and Superman in front of the window. Suddenly the window fly face Shazam and Thaddeus sivana. The boy is so stunned that clear figures of the two most popular superheroes treacherously fall on the floor. At least the carpet is laid, to drop Yes soft happened. In total of Tama spotted? Subtle irony, the terrible reality, the sad result? From the Director ought to ask, so the eloquent short story about how fell all hope for strong something kynoselen DC with great actors in the roles of two of the most popular superheroes. The audience doesn't want "Batman vs. Superman" they give a clear ploy to a "Aquaman" "Shazam!".

As anyone, we have become unbearable to be sad. From now on, viewers in the world will wait for new projects from "Marvel" and his unit "Marvel presents: DC". In the imaginary war against "the Reds", from the darkness remained only fragments of the pieces. We described the situation with a whole, so this does not mean "Shazam!" was a loud failure. Does nets, the people have the opportunity to see a dashing superheroine in the afterburner ardent pathos addresses the important topic of family. They say that family are not considered in fact gave birth to your parents, and odarivka care, warmth and decent upbringing, nice people (albeit other nationalities). By the way, adoptive mom in a performance by Marta Milans hot, uh, thing, but so, between us, not boys. So, the prank failed.

If you continue so the confrontation, the  Marvel has spider-Man in as "DC" from now on, and can continue to appeal Shazam. We to what exactly teenagers and just kids got for themselves-the choice: which superhero you want to become after you select the Studio. Times so get involved and throw comparison Shazam is losing because of his abilities. Light, damn it, Superman, who suddenly became a kid under a cloak. Yeah and part a turning point for understanding of the words "the greater the power, the more responsibility," friendly wins up to the pain neighbor. That touches the person, then Billy Batson/Shazam quite a good guy, which there's plenty of time for distribution of priorities in life, so far from so much fun and high.

Much like the storyline about the family that is needed for each of the superhero. To be invisible is cool, but if you forget, you can stay like this forever. As the selection, gathered under one roof Asian, Latin American, the African-American and their white. Leave in the urn discussion of the reasons for this action, clear international composition not annoying. But has developed a good message. Without doubt, Jack Dylan Grazer is the main star of the movie, baht for superhero skirmishes and stuff it still too little, so give all five hundred. Who is not seen, see "It" there potsik played real tough, although the kids tried. Talent, of course, in America enough. Zachary Levi, for example -, too, the Liturgy is not ruined. Hyped Jimmy Fallon.

In any case, "Shazam!" no nothing unusual. It is another superhero (Yes) project, which is to the covenants of the trendsetter "Marvel" corresponds to the expectations of millions, providing laughter, joy, wow effect. Only one thing jarred: capable horrormeister James Wang and David F. Sandberg (as for them other) is not can not restrain himself from noble offers to rent a comic. The feeling, once was shot in our days comics, consider inferior Director. Mulberries are not want to throw the words "evil", "dollars", "why". Want to the development of the niche, which is enough keen, not relevant to the fantasies of Stan Lee with Jack Kirby. Will programite has, at last, the "mountains of madness", "Turandot", the stories of Yu the big cities with Frank the Tilla. Here then wait for the news on the spin-off of "Shazam!".

PS. How ended the scene after the credits, I immediately wanted to say "i will start game of thrones!". And that's a good reference turned out (not).

PS.s. Now Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in addition to "Invincible", "Split" "Glass" is "Shazam!". Good or not, to decide not us.

Annecorinne Castora
05 April 2019 | 09:04

Of course it is one of the best works of kynoselen DC!! The guys were finally able to find a success formula and I hope will continue in the same spirit!

After all, this picture was a fascinating and simple Aquaman. Coming to the cinemas you will surely enjoy the game of actors and their endless jokes, and flew into address each other. Amazing grace, humor and childish did their job! They adorn the film, make it in a bright light of fun and good!

In same time the painting is touched very important topics: the importance of family core values of life, yeah and if you think about just the meaning of our existence. In fact, when the teenager "fly" such a super power after a long day you all still have to think about their correct purpose.

However, a mixture of extreme simplicity and deep philosophy did not diminish the interest in the film, on the contrary, they make it stronger. That is why this movie will be enjoyable and for entertaining each person (even very far from the comic book). So if not know: "to go or not to go on the movie?" Definitely go, you not exactly regret it. After all, "SHAZAM!"- this two hours of solid fun, thinking about the main life and attempts to save the world. (A fun cocktail, not right?)

DC — well done!!


Bunni Cudlip
09 November 2019 | 02:40

Quote Dimona Khonsu in"Guardians of the Galaxy", which by the way had a little peek and in this film, WHO? End quote. Imagine that this film would give a green light before do you have a burning desire DC to imitate marvel. Would have given?

I doubt very much. But in a time when marvel is indirectly moved away from cases viwew of the building the key characters, it's time for Warner to start to cut the cabbage. With this in mind, I went in a frontal attack. And here the second after the "Aquaman" trying to upstage competitor. Look.

A notable feature of this film is that in it, imagine trying to write a plausible plot, in contrast for example to "Aquaman". Well, at least in the first half of the film. Well OK, the first 20 minutes. The universe is still growing, growing! In short, all tiny with the face of Ivanka with a hangover gets in a foster family, consisting of the set of stereotypes in every modern film made in the USA. Here is a Negro, Asian, Asian gaviar, and also a Pedro, which is generally unclear what planet have arrived. Only missing fire-eskimo. And all this is served as a Comedy. ... Black humor? Well so, our character, which does no never wanted to become a Superhero,... becoming a superhero. And he confronts the villain, who wants to incinerate the world. Well and... actually everything, it is the whole story. But in this time they so obviously copied marvel. In this time they obviously copied MARV. And also "Kazaam", the most flawed movie in the history of cinema. But not so bad. On the background of the "Kasama" this is a masterpiece. To clarify, it was the MOST flawed film in history. The universe grows!

And check out the fun. There's a joke on racial grounds, Yes. That is, Hollywood is courting blacks, worn with them poke them every product. Sins so to say otmelivat for slavery. And that we can see after 10 minutes of the film? A real anecdote. Comes our hero the search for mom and he explains the black woman asks: "do you are you sure?". I wonder this moment in the halls of hysterical laughter? I know when  the"Naked gun" like the joke was place amused, but when was that? So, you show pseudo-equality in society? You are inserted blacks packs every film, In EVERY FUCKING MOVIE, but in this case, it is supposed to laugh? Find me the rationale for this joke. From the blacks do not is a white child? Seriously? From the blacks do not is the white adopted children? BUT YOU will SHOW LITERALLY IN the NEXT SCENE! You there just moved brains? Have you prison sits the Archmage that there are apparently all life has been, and he, attention, BLACK! Have he's personal Solarium was? You know as all stupid and awkward? And how hypocritical the notion of this approach to filmmaking. After all, it is imbued with politics and with blurry eyes, and black people are stupid again used as and a century ago. Used as the clowns in the circus. Funny? Hilarious? Oh, now burst.

Another stark contrast to "Aquaman" is that the film is just shockingly bad CGI. The monsters even the animation of the mouths is not painted. Maybe it and planned, but probably at the same time and saved to this brilliant idea. A BUDGET of 100 MILLION? You quite you? Also, there has scenes from saving people from the bus that crashed, another canonical feature of some films DC. And less obvious references, for example the movie "Big". Well, come on, who there it?

Ansel e... it is, Escher angel. Plays the role of Billy Batson. Glavgeroy. Student. Falls in the cave of the seven deadly sins, and receives a superpowered superpowers. Billy plays Escher, that is, Escher plays Billy is very convincing. On chetverochku.

The problems begin when John Krasinski tries to play Billy Batson, played by the Escher angel. Wait, wrong. In short, the problems start when a grown man starts to play of the student. Wait, it is not John Krasinski? And, well, Yes. In General, when Zachary Levi plays Billy Batson, played by the Escher angel, is a complete dump. God, do I wrote it right? Zachary sometimes replays notably, it is discordant with the game Angela. Very evident in eyes.

Stanley Tucci in the role of villain whatever his name is. Oh, ie mark strong. I remembered because he played a similar role in another superhero film, which was also a teenage superhero, and drag Queen Batman. And hit girl of course. I really trying to be careful.

Jimmy Valmer in the role itself.

The sad boy, which a hundred percent to be the love interest of the main character. Because they are actually brother and sister. Other applications for love interest notice.

Other ethnic minorities, who scored on a minor role for the film meet the standards of Hollywood. It is so cute when all equal skin color do not important. I suddenly became so dirty.

Conclusion. Try objectively and without bile. It is difficult to condemn a film that not lifts the bar in space. Strong middling, and not full pipets. Of the compliments can call it that this movie, I don't know. It easy uncomplicated. It creates the strong impression that the DC is finally starting to come into a rut. And compared to the previous movies of the universe is Oh, how good. Of course there is the stereotypical villain, which goes for a hero Aki Mike Myers for the victim, with 1 metre hours, but generally offset by a certain heat and humor, in the marvel movies have quite gone out, and here, like only inflames. Let's hope DC longer he won as in the early formation of the universe. But only time will tell.

Who is the director of the movie Shazam!?
This tv-show was directed by David F. Sandberg.
What is the genre of Shazam!?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Best Comedy Movies 2019, Best movies 2019, Best Fantasy & Sci-fi Movies 2019.
Who starred in Shazam!?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Zachary Levi, Michelle Borth, Mark Strong, Jack Dylan Grazer, Lovina Yavari.
What is Shazam! IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.1.
When was Shazam! released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-04-05.