Sense and Sensibility

The story of the life and love of two sisters — sensual Elinor and passionate Marianne, whose happiness and future are overshadowed by the death of his father and the loss of huge fortunes of the family.

  • Ang Lee

Release Date: 1996-01-26
IMDb icon 7.6/10
  • Country: GB, US
  • Language: English | French
  • Budget: $16,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $134,582,776
Kassi Pape
09 October 2011 | 03:05

Not to say that was excited of the film. Narrative do not overcast, but in its that is carried away...

I had hoped for a good ensemble cast. Met my hope, frankly, only Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson — despite difference in the age, it Elinor believe, except for a few episodes, I say below. Hugh the Grant was good, but it was not enough.

On Kate Winslet I'm not considered a good actress, I she like visually — wanted to the role of Marianne someone nicer... Pleased Hugh Laurie, I'm not know, but his character is frankly beautiful!

Emma Thompson I say "Yes" as the actress, but  no how to the writer. Although, I think she will perfectly survive and without without the other. In General, the script is good, but to cut the scene explaining Willoughby, on my opinion, unforgivable! And change award Marianne is very much fast... In the book Marianne got married after two years. And explain Elinor and Edward Ferrars? The second part of the film is really crumpled. And what she wrote 5 years? After such a Declaration from writer expect a masterpiece! She made the movie more melodramatic — Elinor says: "I do not can you, Marianne!", Elinor sobs in voice worse Marianne... This is caused me puzzled honestly...

I liked the soundtrack, but, in my opinion, one of the I heard the movie "Beethoven", which was released on a few years earlier. Of course, it is not it exactly, but very similar.

7 of 10

Fae Tarrsus
18 July 2010 | 01:40

Indeed, it is a pity that Emma Thompson was already a middle-aged, acting in this film. It with the first frame creates an unfavorable impression of film.

Edward — well done, such a crease and embarrassed by it.

Mrs. Jennings is also very similar to book.

Mrs. Palmer — such a Jolly, very correct. Just a pity that some the replica was given to Mrs. Jennings.

At the beginning of the film, Marianne is not was so much emotional as should have been — to show it negative emotions. The impression is just unhappy ladies.

Willoughby — hmm, I don't handsome not so alive. For some reason they with Marianne all the time traveled, it was somewhat surprised.

To be honest, I'm a fan of accurate adaptations of the classics, I rarely can enjoy a movie with some free retreats. And not case.

Where is a fascinating dialogue between two senior sisters, Dashwood? Between miss Dashwood and Colonel Brandon? After all, they could not be better reveal the characters. Those that was — some are tight and not very interesting.

Pleased with the humor, the truth in unexpected places, but even almost matches the style of Jane Austen.

I'm so sorry — 

5 from 10

Maxi Dagney
22 May 2011 | 05:20

Jane Austen... Every film adaptation of her books I was pleasantly surprised and this movie is not the exception. Love, betrayal, hope — all present the novel.

The acting is great! Kate Winslet perfectly accustomed to the role of the gentle girl, who can make decisions. Alan Rickman... It's one of those men that age not the spoils, and Vice versa decorate. Its hero, Colonel, falls in love with the main character, but perfectly hides his feelings. But here is a game of Emma Thompson and Hugh Grant's not impressed. The first has desperate to get the heart and second — indecisive, not even a skittish groom.

The work of costume designers and decorators: what they tried fame. Beautiful dresses and suits 17 — 18 centuries are fascinating. So I imagined that era: carved house, around the expensive massive things.

Thank you very much for a lot of positive emotions to all who worked with this film. My rating:

Of 9 10. Took off a point the game Hugh Grant. Well, not like me his character.

How much has Sense and Sensibility made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $134,582,776.
How much did it cost to make Sense and Sensibility?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $16,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Sense and Sensibility?
This tv-show was directed by Ang Lee.
What is the genre of Sense and Sensibility?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Romance.
Who starred in Sense and Sensibility?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: James Fleet, Tom Wilkinson, Harriet Walter, Kate Winslet, Emma Thompson.
What is Sense and Sensibility IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.6.
When was Sense and Sensibility released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1996-01-26.