Selfie from Hell

Videobloger Julia comes to visit her cousin Hannah and suddenly becomes ill. Its a strange disease causing Hannah's suspicions. Once at her house strange things happen, Hannah begins to search for answers on the Internet. She finds a blog entry, Julie, and finds himself deeply immersed in the network — in too deep — in the place where the horror knows no bounds.

  • Erdal Ceylan

Release Date: 2018-02-22
IMDb icon 3/10
  • Country: CA
  • Language: English
Arabela Avruch
02 August 2018 | 08:33

The debut of Erdal Salana based on the same short Internet video, the story of the girl who went too far in the truth and received deserve. Young Hannah is concerned at the sudden illness of a friend: taking a few selfies, the back in bed for a long time, and judging by the as close to death, although doctors had prescribed only some antibiotics. Hannah have to understand what the victim had visited the sites before become a parody on itself. In this character will help to more knowledgeable "friend on the Internet", but the most important condition that will allow you to survive everything — not a camera thirteen times!

My God, there is nonsense! In time, technological development had enough anecdotes about the horrors of the world wide web. Industry horror may not very often, but trying to shed light on this subject, squeezing the last remnants of fear of the adolescents, presidency in their gadgets. And if any "Remove from friends" can still tickle nerves, it is  a"Selfie of the hell," max laugh a couple of times, and then unintentionally, and main effect of viewing will serve as a healthy, sound sleep. This is very boring, stupid, illogical, scary and compelling to throw in the screen rotten tomatoes movie where all — from the wretched script to acting, — a hideous dummy.

I think you will wait for unexpected twists or the hard scenes? No, we throw hours teaspoon absolutely trivial "chips" and the legend, the way of plot construction, reminiscent of a nursery rhyme than good horror story. In General, the idea of the death of selfies have claim the title of "Idiot of the year". What to talk about the complete confusion in she grows about some forbidden links, keeping torture and violence, which you can view or even be a part of it; about the Ghost grabbing you for the collar from somewhere in dark... it would Seem that such open space for imagination! The so that "Darknet" covered in the film does not fiction could serve as a storehouse of plots for horror. But presented with another bike maximum toothless and klishirovannyh, why even timing have a tiny paintings — and imagine, in spite of that you have time to sleep in display.

Individual acting laurels go to the rolling logs, for this game isn't call. Frankly, I occasionally went "bazinga" gave colorful emotions than people frozen in nightmare Stanislavsky.

I want to summarize only the fact that "Selfie of the hell" — this is another piece not even a third-fillers, and fatally useless fecal eruption, is proves: there is no mystical (mystical it!) the dangers of the Internet in itself does not conceal. The Internet does not guilty of human fears. It just a site where all want. For example, live like nedoroscik, due to overcrowding in urban garbage dumps, forced to wander in the vast realm of pixels. However, the important thing to hire seldom went out, and rest will somehow endure.

2 of 10

Maribelle Rimola
02 May 2018 | 10:55

Since since mobile phones cameras the Internet has revolutionized the company, we don't miss world that just don't works without the above technologies. However, new technologies — new ways to scare the layman. Countless "creep"-the archives and tales of "mortal files" become part of the network of folklore, and comfortable with the evil spirit of the other side of the world of technology were set, probably in"the ring" and in "the Pulse". In 2015, the same on YouTube came the short film "Selfie of the hell" (a Selfie from Hell original channel Fuck you Zombie). 2 minutes almost 20 (!) million views. It is not surprising that the video became an Internet hit in the German segment of the Internet for a few weeks. He same clip, it turns out, was part of the bachelor's thesis some Sweet Adams (she starred in film is important, but a small role) on the impact of viral videos and, apparently, really made a lot of noise, so what version of the full meter was almost inevitable. For nothing?

So, "Selfie of the hell" is clearly focused on people unfamiliar with the Internet. Blogger Julia (played as the the Mila Adams) leads a successful channel YouTube, where she shares her experience with Darknet, the the "shadow" region of the Internet, has earned a bad reputation. To unfortunately, the young girl who got caught up in the world wide web, which is why it attracts some homegrown ghosts. Colleagues of Slenderman brought Julia to coma. Her cousin on the name Hannah also began to explore the shadow side of the Internet to find a cure for the impact of ghosts of the Network.

The main problem of "Selfie of the hell" is that on closer examination the film is only some kind of hodgepodge of ideas. If a "Selfie" anchors the sophisticated viewer, it is so do take the risk to stumble on the openly borrowed elements of such films as "Remove from friends", "Death in the network" and same "Pulse". The admittedly, those pictures could work, but could give, especially when it comes to a mystical story. In  a"Selfie of the hell," that the plot is very conventional: the script is moving too narrow in advance is dictated by the conventions. At first it a horror movie about social networks, beginning as a slow Thriller with a reference to an almost legendary Red Room, saffa and other unpleasant things. However, it should cybercriminals be some ghostly nonsense, to the film immediately cease to be taken seriously.

Himself the main plot reception is excessively complex for understanding. The brainstorming efforts of screenwriters led to some strange, even for a cheap horror game that turn. Whether you need it to this ending, or the creators just don't want to spend money on the culmination bigger? And as for ideas on 13-year-selfie? That's the same. 

Well, the film, not really so and catastrophic. The script desperately needed additional treatment, but that is, looks quite competent. The elements of production, such as lighting the sound is suddenly performed on a decent level. The actors try, despite some unsympathetic to their types. The antagonist is the Ghost Selfman (similar to its relative the Slender man:) like and a few terrible shots, it is able to scare, if you watch horror in the right atmosphere. Honestly, the worst enemy of the film was the film itself, because trying to fit so many good ideas in one film led to a mess.

First detective Thriller, then a psychological Thriller and, in the end, the film Ghost — it seems the "Selfie of the hell" does not can find their place in the world. Ironic that  a"Selfie" has much in common with "there goes the light...": both the film is based on the short films made a lot of noise on the video, both have trouble with scenic rhythms, both about the ghosts, and both were made just for the money. But if "the light goes off..." was good, then the decision to move the "Selfie of the hell" in the format of the feature was clearly not the best idea how to get the plot moving from the rational to the paranormal.

4 out of 10

Elisabetta Sawyer
06 April 2018 | 08:28

It is time to start to ignore the films with a rating equal to four and below. You need to stop hoping that the film will be at least average. Here this picture is its evaluation. Hope dies last, I still thought that, perhaps, though chances it is very small, but it will be not so bad. But my aspirations do not come true. On it turned out to be terrible.

Although the basic concept of the film is not done to holes, subject  - called darknet not appeared previously in the movie. In any case, I about it is known. The idea is fresh and it had successfully implemented on the screen. And do the creators do not able. Really don't know why, but I think the authors were just too lazy to come up with something interesting, they just not tried. Its Majesty the scenario here is not able to surprise or to interest, neither to scare nor to cause at least some emotions and feelings. The only feeling that came to me twenty minutes later from start it the feeling of sleep. In soon came and the dream itself. Then I woke up, of course, and wound on right place. No longer sleeping not because it became more interesting. All so the same dull, no atmosphere, to scare at least once, the film is not able. And despite its short duration, the picture seemed to be long, I was expecting either, so she would all be over or to start something really interesting. But knew the second option is not likely to be. So patiently waited for the end. Sometimes I like to torture myself.

In addition to the wretched script and that the film is not terrible atmosphereless in him and special effects under the become him. Their there are few, but they are so bad that better do not used. In addition to bad implementation, bad script, horrible effects and even the acting. A or lack thereof. Probably, the actors understand, in the removable and if possible, also not began to try. And so the characters have them to learn cardboard, surface, unrevealed.

One word — trash.

3 of the 10

Who is the director of the movie Selfie from Hell?
This tv-show was directed by Erdal Ceylan.
What is the genre of Selfie from Hell?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Horror, Mystery.
Who starred in Selfie from Hell?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Alyson Walker, Tony Giroux, Meelah Adams, Ian Butcher, Tyler A.H. Smith.
What is Selfie from Hell IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 3.
When was Selfie from Hell released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-02-22.