Secrets & Lies

From black London girl Hydrangea is dying foster mother, and she decides to find her biological mother. Parallel out images of Cindy rose, mother of Hortense that she is looking for, Roxana, daughter Cindy, and sister of the heroine with a young boyfriend of his mother's brother and his wife living in alienation, which is close to the quiet hatred... a Lot has changed with the advent of home a new family member.

  • Mike Leigh

Release Date: 1997-02-28
IMDb icon 8/10
  • Country: FR, GB
  • Language: English | Greek
  • Budget: $4,500,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $13,417,292
Amii Ogren
09 March 2009 | 07:27

Personally for me, viewing films made by British Director Mike Leigh, is a sure way to ruin your good mood and into a state of depression. But for ability to Do very skillfully manipulate the audience's emotional perception I love it creativity and continue to search not priced to present the works of brilliant masters that has the unique ability to the framework is small not the cosy everyday world of his characters to raise the scale at the level of social value questions.

The dramatic story of the complex life conflicts occurring in the world of personal relationships of the main characters of the film "Secrets and lies" is shrouded in the usual Director's handwriting Mike Leigh the chamber atmosphere. The Director and screenwriter, in the usual his manner of performance, introduces in the action a minimum of characters, but carefully, precisely considering the psychological image of each of them, building a dialog scene, which mainly rich in some perfect for content filmed theatrical production. The selection of the cast, as, indeed, and always have the Director, on top. Spall, Blatin, Jean-Baptiste his party have performed with extraordinary dedication and very inspired saturated mastery created by Mike Lee characters.

Reconstructing on the example of certain groups of people belonging to the lower classes of British society, the world of spiritual and material poverty, Mike Leigh the choice of performers deliberately gives preference to actors with appearance, with pronounced physical deficiencies ordinary average people, not hides not smooths them make undertones, giving the slave narrative the maximum possible realism, effectively placing the generated types and with surgical skill revealing their complex characters in the environment is woefully dull routine.

In the center of the events located character Brands Blethyn — living in almost poverty total emotional loneliness Cynthia, excited, prone to attacks of hysteria a person long lost interest in his own life and not able to find a common language with his daughter, Roxanne, from which active expression of teenage maximalism is bordered by Frank hatred and contempt for against mother.

Hero Timothy Spall — Maurice, the brother of Cynthia, burdened with their own domestic problems and, despite a sensual glimpses of guilt towards her sister for it did a life lived in vain, deliberately distanciruemsa from Cynthia, as if ashamed of such a relationship. A young African-American, Gardens in played by the brilliant Marianne Jean-Baptiste exists somewhat apart in the group is surrounded by the impermanence of life and the tension in the relationship between the characters. Establishing the identity of his real mother Hortense finds Cynthia and now trying to establish family contact become for girls a priority in life.

Mike Lee does not indulge the viewer's sophistication in building the storylines of their work. It again re-opens for us the door to unsightly naturalistic authenticity, but quite banal in fact, the intimate world of ordinary domestic problems, filled with pain and despair of the characters, full of cowardly selfishness, and encouraging in an indefinite term, gradual sequential movement of the characters towards each other, an adequate understanding of the mutual feelings.

The operator of dick Pope intelligently forms a picture in by giving preference in the only appropriate manner of shooting — saturating medium shots and close-UPS of the characters, allowing the Spall, Blatin, Jean-Baptiste the most heartfelt to show their acting skills and in fact, at the same time to arrange their own bright benefit under the baton of the great Director. And the tragic notes of music, Andrew Dixon, from which literally blows sepulchral cold, makes the work of artists in a heartbreaking drama, powerful its emotional force of external influence.

One of the best works of Mike Leigh in the movie, which is not worth exploring in a fruitless search of some cinematic delights and discoveries, their there. Taking over the rating of the picture, you should just try to live compactly fitted in two-hour duration period of the lives of the characters of this beautifully orchestrated and masterfully played by the talented artists of history. At this approach, viewers ' perception of the fun of viewing is guaranteed.

8.5 out of 10

Haley Mukerji
27 November 2010 | 09:40

Definitely a masterpiece.

This is the second film Michael Lee, who I looked up to today. And noticed at least 90, Li loves his country. And even more love of the common people with their success or not success of life. Michael shows us family when they relations prekatrina condition. And throughout the film the Director slowly builds up the exposition of the relations between family members. The whole movie develops slowly, leisurely. This symbolizes the routine of life, from me to go, who that did not. All like okay so, what I am not inside everyone comes out. And I think Michael is not wanted this film to arouse in us pity, no way. Because the pity is the shield, which we are closed, not wanting to understand other people's problems and difficulties. How to put the heroine of the film "the Bitter tears of Petra von Kant" — "regret is much more difficult to understand." And I am glad that do not spare these people. Yeah they do not need someone or pity. All what happens between them is deeply personal affair, and I even had some sense of shame for the invasion someone else's life. I like spying with side. Huge respect to Michael Lee for the range of feelings that it's called me.

Ensemble cast in the film is just on top. Very colorful selected a company with the most powerful force of acting. Not there is even a small suspicion on that it's just acting. They like real people, they live now somewhere in England, I think, argue, love, argue, make up, in General, live a normal human life.

Unexpected for me was opened acting talent of Timothy Spall. For the first time it I saw the movie "about a boy magician." And you know anything sensible about the actor I never could. Well, played himself a cameo role of a coward rat, well and all. On this also I saw the movie "Sweeney Todd: the demon hairdresser with flit street", so that he all left me the lower the actor's creativity or somewhere in the zone of indifference. But recently I watched another film by Michael Lee "All or nothing" and here I saw the true Spaull. Of course at this is a great scenic merit to Michael's, but Timothy harmoniously got into the skin is crushed a loser who just wants a bit of the same love. In the movie "Secrets and lies", again the same way, only now his family and it is not loser, just Vice versa a successful photographer. But not all so simple. On it hangs a burden. This his family. But the Maurice not believes that a burden. He wants to give them love, wants everything they were good. Maurice becomes the father of a family, in which parents have died men is not he, a man with very strong will not take care your family. In addition to sisters and nieces have Maurice has a wife, relations with which is being a stalemate if neither not will make them to look each other in eyes admit love.

The stunning nature of a given Brand Bletin in the film playing the mother alone. Have it is 21 year old daughter who burns his life, working in the municipality as a janitor. Between him not a simple relationship. Cynthia is very concerned about Roxanne and wants only good, but its too huge boredom only off-putting her daughter. And this is a problem that affects us all. Mother raising us infants seeing every day, you just stop noticing that we grow up and need less care than they wish us to give. Gradually all the chick the same shall fall out of the nest. And no matter straighten it happiest no, he needs to fall otherwise you will never will be able to join their own. In addition to problems with the daughter it is not your problem the grip of love. She is very attached to his brother Maurice. They are apparently early lost her mother, and then the father. So Maurice replaced her parents husband. He became Roxanne's father. In the film even has a slight hint of the possibility of paternity Maurice over Roxanne. But Maurice just loves his sister and niece and is ready to become for them a support, because they family and if not they will support and love each other then then who.

The third character in the film is Gardens. Black daughter Cynthia, who already has to know that lives with foster parents. When she is losing foster parents, then it creates a void, which she decides to fill Cynthia. Of course, it doesn't know how to react to the biological mother on her appearance, but as she said, "I needed to know." No, this is not idle curiosity, it is a desire to return home to mother of native blood to family.

In addition to a strong ensemble cast in the film is beautiful, atmospheric music. Often used violin, with a high-impact musical instrument. Have the music is hidden, that the sorrow that the characters feel from the own the secrets and lies that the characters themselves came up with and complicated. Music is not navasheva, sometimes it not notice are as a pleasant natural sound to the background, which only adds to the picture of sadness and moaning family internal pain.

Don't know how treat this picture, but I know for me, this film is a true masterpiece of cinema and for such works I very much time on movie. Because such films are shown the feelings that are in all of us are asleep, but we feel with characters in viewing is I love this movie, when it can make me, no not to cry, and to experience a huge range of feelings and emotions.

I think the movie should be made in the 10 greatest paintings of all times and peoples. Even 10 not enough to Express my respect Director anyone who involved in this masterpiece.

Diena Atul
27 May 2010 | 10:49

Balancing on the brink of soap Opera, and do a truthful movie about the most ordinary people and behavior standard bit very situations, the film and it stumbles, giving sometimes is the real weepy spectacle, but almost every case, as would be an afterthought, responsible honest catharsis of the main characters. I wonder how Mike Lee able to get to play me, sometimes miraculously they give just exactly the appropriate time expressions. But not all youth Director of such a good contact, Yes, and must have forgotten it a bit already that it means rebellion youth, and have his memory plump facial expressions Yes periodic cartagenia.

Music, that music can only cause a smirk from the viewer is aware that occurs in the screen: discrepancy between the picture and sound is clearly seen when in the frame appears the main character — dark on the color of their skin happens to be almost no cognitive dissonance when you hear stir up trouble on the future of the violin, and in the mind persistently reminded of the aggressive recitative and broken hip-hop rhythms. What well, I'm sorry this is Mike, after all it the movie, although generally fifty years — haven't so much...

All the heroes in the traps, here is in Sunny Australia happiness, it turns out, no. The degree of realism sometimes and direct, frightening, and even don't know to say if Mike Lee thanks, or put a movie on pause gather in spirit, because so just remember different people about the acquaintance with you very much regrets I wish them to quickly disappear its just like already it had life. But Murphy's law — he is still so mean. But sometimes, when so I would like to at least someone has shared with you alone, but the closest relatives are fenced off by tall walls of indifference, misunderstanding or lack of desire to understand, then cling to the first person who's been involved. In our case, both — mother's daughter — lucky. But lucky?

Have to pay for the mistakes of youth. Our family, it seems, and the truth can find happiness. As if finally is the missing link, about the lack of which you try to forget and, like, almost impossible (because time makes memories more faded), and influence not to underestimate, and all about it has not suspect. But this link have a piece of your heart, greetings from past, only by restoring integrity, it will be possible to live in harmony with a and your feelings, not surprised at the morning, where the meaning of life and when he was lost. Although this is quite a cruel substance, if you think about it, and it is not eligible for the error. Or a second it seems.

How much has Secrets & Lies made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $13,417,292.
How much did it cost to make Secrets & Lies?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $4,500,000.
Who is the director of the movie Secrets & Lies?
This tv-show was directed by Mike Leigh.
What is the genre of Secrets & Lies?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama, Palme d’Or winners Movies.
Who starred in Secrets & Lies?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Timothy Spall, Phyllis Logan, Brenda Blethyn, Claire Rushbrook, Marianne Jean-Baptiste.
What is Secrets & Lies IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.
When was Secrets & Lies released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1997-02-28.