Second in Command

When in Moldova (according to the authors of the film) was a political crisis, there was a threat of a military coup and the overthrow of President Yuri Amirev. The President took refuge in the American Embassy, and the rebels began a siege. The right hand of US Ambassador George Norland became the officer-commando Sam Keenan, sent into the country to strengthen the defense of the Embassy. After the death of Norland, by fate, Sam had to take command himself. So the person who has always been considered "second in command" turned out to be in the first position. On his side — a few dozen Marines against him — a few thousand angry armed rebels...

  • Simon Fellows

Release Date: 2006-05-02
IMDb icon 5/10
  • Country: RO, GB
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $12,000,000
Maryjo Mascia
31 July 2011 | 11:02

Really do not wanted to watch this movie because hate can cranberries in the cinema. And previously, during the cold war, the topic was relevant for various fighters, now to watch movies of such a plan — ridiculous and absurd.

I watched this movie solely because of insomnia before exams. Caught this film at the TV, decided to evaluate... All terrible!

So, we have the creation, which took over  $ 22 million!!! After watching the movie, and to be honest, minute to the 50th, the question arose "Where did these 22 million dollars, they spent here?!" The film was created by incompetent Amateurs, which is:

a) not handle camera

b) not know how to write scripts

Feels like special effects drawn on the computer with dummies, the operator was a little bit drunk, and the writers were too lazy to come up with something at the original.

Van Damme military form well not going. While watching the movie the feeling that it forced into it is forced to go, and he is poor not know what to do with hands and feet. Especially the acting skills he never shone, but if you compare for example the game van meeting in "Durable protection" and here, this sky and the earth.

The result: a Very weak movie, after watching that, the desire to sleep has come about in its yourself.

0 of 10

PS I'm Afraid to even watch "7 seconds", which was directed this trash, so as not to be disappointed in Wesley Snipe.

Birgitta Margarida
19 September 2019 | 07:34

Moldova rocked by riots after the next presidential elections. The opposition in led ill "friend" by Towarowy unhappy with the new leader of the nation, and therefore immediately resolved to make a military coup. In the course of mass clashes, pogroms and murders of the junta still manages to take power in their hands, but the President himself cannot hide from criminals the American Embassy, shortly after which he requires the military attache of Sam Keenan (Jean-Claude van Damme) and his Marines safe shelter and protection. It is clear that the big guns put in hopper all any military protection will be typed with only a dozen people, and other — very often civil servants. In the same time the streets are always Packed from the evil and dangerous enemies, so everything hiding behind the walls of the building, very quickly begin to understand that just a few hours they will be on the bloody field of battle...

Policy is, of course, is one of the main key points in this film. Whatever she is not was, pretentious, feigned, bast or wooden, it is not really important, because in a picture of everything only shout that the valiant America is ready to help all the innocent oppressed third world countries. They say, we protect the interests of citizens of other States, ready to strike back at the terrorists and will not allow anyone to undermine the foundations of the participatory democracy in the world. Here only one was not understand that the power of the people here is very fragile, moreover, in this movie she looks very artificial and unnatural. The viewer is an observer and see all with only one angle, and with hand sharpened located in the Embassy of the soldiers and diplomats who do not eager to escape from smashing the bullets of the rebels. The reason, according to which is harmful the Communists and as the enemy script writers took them, became dissatisfied with the regime, remains unclear. Here and it turns out that the situation looks ambiguous, subjective and stupid.

No doubt in such action is only one — the brave commandos will resist all the in any part of the world, be it the jungle, savanna, or God-forsaken country. Scenario literally screams at us to face that the democracy of America let and humane (cute diplomats still hiding from a leader of another state yourself the basement), but will not endure the humiliation in his address. Because something in the course is just a weapon. And the on the other barricade shoot all; raiding the Embassy of RPG, undermined the car filled with explosives, go to the wall on the wall the emphasis is not can get each other and in the finals so and did commit assault and liberally spray all live. We have no what kind of democracy speech did not go, although it in the beginning of the movie so hot cares the main character in the face of van the Damme. Yes, for decency he talks with the enemies via radio saves its journalists, trading and trying to solve all the peacefully. However, such decisions are not like environment, because there are always some quirky CIA, wanting to be in the head of the table and to lead the or other operation of salvation. Here and it turns out that the story contradicts itself yourself. It like and, but that the second against. God knows that the confusion was happening at the writer of head here only the cold remains only a spectator.

If you leave in peace policy and its weak undertone in the development of history, in the end, we have a grey and impersonal action, in which the main role plays a once successful actor, and other artists here so — as extras. Director to the laurels are not stretches, although, having on hand about twenty million, he could remove a very strong and convincing project, who would believe more than such a shame. See for yourself, the special effects in picture cartoon, places and for the most part drawn (which is one explosion of a grenade in dungeon!), Hilo shootout, a fight so to non-existent. About show to not say the she does not capture the spirit not able to hold attention on a particularly poignant moments, which in this movie a little bit. Music is not remember, the names of the characters out of head, is it myself I have the end of looks of inertia. In than the problem? Probably in the ideas, precisely in its absence. In the mid-noughties, these crafts looked ridiculous, but now quite hilarious. Although...laugh something doesn't want, crying over  the"Second in command" as it is not make sense.

Director Simon fellows with their work can attract most likely the most undemanding fans of the genre. The rest is better to pass.

Movie of the categories: "I looked and forgotten".

5 from 10

Adrea Cad
16 January 2012 | 06:32

A not seeing prinesennoy picture, colorful high definition scenes of skirmishes, not heard the distinct powerful shots will go down immediately film deep sucks. And this is the main problem popcornopolis spectator: "the Main picture — and everything else on the back burner".

Seems unreal what is happening? So go short history of small States, and examples of such revolutions you will find a lot! Not was the seizure of the American Embassy? So remember the Islamic revolution in Iran when the American Embassy was kept in the hostages 444 days (1979-1981)

Mind that Moldova? Though there were riots, but doesn't need to focus it, that is Moldova, it could be any other small state (examples of coups in many history).

Not satisfied with the professionalism of the us military and the inexperience of the militia? They say, it is not equal losses. So, read on the battle in Mogadishu in 1993., with what there is losses on both sides the battle was over (18 vs 200-300).

In General, a fascinating film, from which virtually no cons. Here only now it's a plot turn and slightly spoils the impression of film — plus he was. In the rest only positive and admiring impressions of a thrilling, hard-set Thriller.

8 from 10

How much did it cost to make Second in Command?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $12,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Second in Command?
This tv-show was directed by Simon Fellows.
What is the genre of Second in Command?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Thriller, War.
Who starred in Second in Command?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Julie Cox, Alan McKenna, Razaaq Adoti, Velibor Topic.
What is Second in Command IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.
When was Second in Command released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2006-05-02.