The late 60's. the Beauty of Jean Seberg, the darling of the French new wave, is back in Los Angeles. The proposals of the new roles no end, she is the new icon of Hollywood. But the sudden dizzying affair with the leader of the party of the Black Panthers in a gin targeted by intelligence services. Round-the-clock FBI surveillance and provocations threaten to destroy not only her career, but life.

  • Benedict Andrews

Release Date: 2019-12-13
IMDb icon 5.2/10
  • Country: GB, US
  • Language: English | French
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $592,199
Fleur Armillda
05 February 2020 | 11:00

First saw Jean Seberg in the cult film Godard's "breathless", I fell in love with this girl with short hair, who was the girlfriend of the bad guy in the performance a very young Jean-Paul Belmondo. Only later I learnt that not me one — under her those years, had a haircut all America! Additionally, the interest fueled by the fact that Seeberg was the wife of the famous French writer Romain Gary (as does, and it's almost our compatriot!). Gary finished with a in a year after death.

We have of Jean Seberg know little, it is US she's a legend, a true icon of Hollywood. And history of how she announced the FBI manhunt known to all. It is not surprising that the film is about it had to appear. And no wonder the role Seeberg chose another icon of Hollywood — Kristen Stewart recently recognized actress of the decade. I was lucky to get on one of the first screenings of this film in the States. Soon the "Dangerous role of Jean Seberg" will be released and Russia and I write hot pursuit.

The story takes place in 69-m to year, when Jean Seberg is returned from Paris home in Los Angeles. It already an established star of the French new wave, now it is waiting for a brilliant career in the States. In the plane, she meets Hakim Jamal (flown a Falcon from "the Avengers" Anthony Mackie). Mutual sympathy, common interests — all in the end, goes into a whirlwind romance. Here only Hakeem Jamal is one of the leaders of the leftist organization "Black Panthers", for which is monitored by the security services. The feds decide what Seeberg dangerous, it is necessary to neutralize and arrange for her total surveillance, and later — incredible pressure.

Movies about how the state machine is able to break the life what not some random person, pretty much. But something particularly nasty is in how these faceless, unpleasant men in identical suits methodically and callously seek to destroy something truly beautiful, getting, apparently, perverted pleasure from that just to destroy a career, a family, a successful life and a beautiful person. After all, large wine Seberg in the movie only that she fell not;this guy (in this kind of irony the Director, has chosen at this role is Kristen Stewart, who became famous in the role of a girl, so inadvertently fell in love with a vampire!).

And this, of course, the benefit of Stuart! Many critics after the film wrote that this, no doubt, it is the best part in which, finally, fully revealed its a flair for the dramatic. From serene quite satisfied with life star and wife of a brilliant writer, which it is, however, easily change ("What think your husband? — My husband — French!"), to located on suicidal women. And again desperate to resolve, unwillingness to surrender and be a victim.

In addition to the magnificent acting, in the film, Stewart demonstrates that for her once invited to be the face of Chanel — true Hollywood style. Her crazy is the role of the beautiful movie star, she is constantly changing outfits, the benefit of 60 years — it's just a delight for the eyes in terms of colors and styles (Yes, a Tarantino "Once in Hollywood" of course I remember!). Well and of course music, cars, hairstyles — for all we love this time.

In General, if you love social drama — you are here. If you love a movie about Hollywood the good life — too. Passion, a love triangle — definitely. A movie about strong beauty — Yes!

Definitely recommend to browse. And only the big screen!

8 from 10

Concettina Aime
04 February 2020 | 02:01

... Every second person gave information on the neighbor, this neighbor, in turn, gave information on the informant. Assume that in this muddy water can freely leave, he could only a very naive person, unfamiliar with the structure of the German secret police.

"Seventeen moments of spring", 1973, dir. T. Lioznova

Gestapo — the secret state police. Punitive machine is aimed at the suppression of dissent, struggle with discontent, opponents of the regime of Adolf Hitler.

KGB — the Committee of State Security. The secret police of the Soviet Union. Where the control of all aspects of the state and companies — main function.

FBI — the Federal Bureau of Investigation. At the same time and internal intelligence, and law enforcement system. With a staff of special agents, analysts, scientists, and etc.

Needless to say that these "institutions" are in Britain, France, and still other countries. The state "cares" about its citizens. And protects one from others.

A very interesting research topic in the picture. People and investigation. Grit and government the flywheel. Freedom, drilled with the Director. Freedom surveillance, the interception of the "tail" in the control. Not make no mistake, the US not is always the monument to a torch rising above the Bay, new York. Only cost a little to lose the reins on the beaten track (Hollywood), little recoil in the side(to show the attention of radical party leader) to give a hint about the support is so "unusual", "extraordinary" ordinary life begins to come apart at the seams, to break, to burst. Career, reputation, family under the threat. Why? Why all of a sudden? It's simple. You "under the hood". You listen(I mean listen), you "are". You "played" you out "behind the boxes". So it is impossible. In"democratic" society, too, is the measure of norms. Covert.

The state, as you know, should be able to protect themselves not only external enemies (obviously), but and internal. Those that "swing swing power," sawing "the branch on which we sit," rhetoric and appeals confused "gray narrow-minded masses," trying to inspire, to awaken, to tear from  the"usual trough." And she is this "feeder"? In the contentment with what is. Such leaders are subject to neutralization. Dirt? All good. Employees of the secret Department bdim watch. Log on to You a house? To stay at not seen? Not the problem. To install bugs? What could be simpler? Photography? Of course. And accumulated-accumulated material in the dossier. Swells the folder "personal Affairs". Where? When? With whom? About what? It's all here. All the "pencils"...

"Gestapo" here as here. "KGB" is not sleep. Sleeves rolled up, pletetsya work of the FBI. And what to do? It! The order of the chief — law. What? Shameful occupation? Dirty and low? Not tell here naive youngsters not hold. Either accept the system or be kind to output, if such a vulnerable and sensitive. You assigned to guard the state. Or you to weed out under the root rot, or she, like the voracious bark beetles destroys the monument of the building.

To prevent and to prevent rash acts, the main task of the officers here and now. Of course, today you like just wondering Express dissatisfaction. Tomorrow — rally in the crowd of similar fueling the fire "relatives". But not far off that the hour when the desire for change takes hold fully. Began to be involved in the process of "common cause", ripe. Money serves "to struggle" or activity ply in quickness. Jean Seberg on the curve track.

The question is. It still you? Or it is not you? Wised up suddenly in overnight? Or competent manipulation yielding a pawn in the someone's game is? Forgotten played, and got carried away...

It is worth remembering that no never was state systems satisfy absolutely all of social strata. Never. Anywhere. Not been. And before follow any demagogue worth considering, and so bad world where I live now? And more. For me the future favors the enthusiast-nerd? Not about himself. beloved cares? Good intentions in the twentieth century resulted in mass "dispotii-satrapy". Victims — millions. Is the new barricades will make everyone happy?

"Dangerous role of Jean Seberg", a movie where only the first steps to a possible threat to the state. And immediately "blow". Response. And from "punishment". Immediately.

Who is right? Probably, this cute blonde with short hair. But that's just her own promiscuity as not place in this Canon. Or wrong? Yeah and "speakers", those that drew the lady, somewhat frightened himself. What they have to?

"Samurai"(1967), "the Conversation"(1974), the Lives of others(2006), "Nothing personal"(2007), "Turkish saddle"(2017) pictures with same the seasonings that here. About investigation the gumshoes. About wiretapping the stompers. Oh, the state you my state. Continuous care, continuous care.

A curious mural on the mechanism hidden springs of influence on the personality. It all looked, not without interest.

With a total poverty proposed by the author of the material (in my view), more think out ourselves, and thinking about the nature of things. To crush you at case, gnats, the system does not worth it.

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Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $592,199.
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This tv-show was directed by Benedict Andrews.
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The tv-show belongs to the genres of Thriller, Drama, Biography.
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Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Kristen Stewart, Yvan Attal, Gabriel Sky, Jack O'Connell, Margaret Qualley.
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At the moment, the rating is 5.2.
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The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-12-13.