Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Halloween 1968. Sophomore Stella, a big fan of horror stories, and two of her friends dress up in ridiculous costumes and go for a walk. So it turns out that the guys put out a school bully and the bully Tommy and escaping from it, get acquainted with non-local boy Ramon, and after a go in an old abandoned mansion. The house belonged to the family of Bellows, all the members of which mysteriously disappeared almost 100 years ago, and about the daughter of the family Sarah still there are eerie legends — supposedly it can kill, telling stories. The friends find a secret room, and Stella takes home a book where Sara wrote her stories, and which that evening will be new, and the bully Tommy will disappear without a trace.

  • André Øvredal

Release Date: 2019-08-09
IMDb icon 6.2/10
  • Country: CA, US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $28,000,000
Jillie Felder
16 October 2019 | 09:17

Movies with reference years 50 ago has become in recent times a lot and I like, because something in this is, when there is no mobile phones and talking about the radio, when they show old black-and-white tube TVs, this retro-picture, the spirit of exciting! This much more interesting and more than some modern complicated installations, all as something natural and real that Lee?!

Someone will say that the plot is trite, I know, but we now it became fashionable to condemn the movies "banal story", I think there is no film to whom it is impossible to select at least one similar even the famous Korean Parasites 2019 have found some superficial coincidence, and myself in Korea. In this picture is an old abandoned house, which scores in other horror films, the book also periodically appears in horror stories. Can be true, large, original and not a lot, but what a pitch, what a great atmosphere, what monsters. Age category — 16+. But I absolutely not that I agree that the film is, of course, not it's a movie about teenagers, so all terrible sometimes it seems a kind of game, but very good almost real, so years in the 12-13 kids will sit screen their mouths open and catch every word, and not to cover the eyes with palm and hide under blanket.

The time passed quickly, because it was very interesting and there are no unnecessary pauses, all time is present tense, because I do not know where to wait for trouble. I liked the movie more because of the aforementioned nostalgia, this retro plaque from the radio instead of the phone, with the brands of antique vehicles, with the old black-and-white TV — all gave the film a special charm.

Monsters here got the weird, grotesque and unpleasant. A feeling as if they came from the fears of children that to what the is. One can see very well that they really computer, and  live — made of makeup, with sophisticated movements. You will not see in this horror film the sea of blood, torn bodies, but some pieces are still turned out creepy. Maybe the film is not quite scary, but half of the film was tense, as it's here now, something is about to happen and would scare me away.

Painting with a dynamic storyline, unpredictable moments, excellent music, the growing tension, the unexpected turn of events. Elegant set tape is not claim that good in terms of awards, but I think the audience will remember and will not be another passing horror. it was told easy and exciting, on the duration of the film wanted only one thing — it is it's all over. Almost every acute episode caused an unprecedented flow of emotions was sitting like on pins and needles, enjoying the beautiful terrible moments. And even internally should be aware that I have seen horror stories and on the global, more frightening, but unintentional trembling, watching the events of the film. And events capture just with your head! Not matter what is the ultimate attitude to the movie, the plot is awesome, makes the movie without the stops every minute fueling and the already red-hot interest in film.

To watch recommend is the movie, which is always a pleasure to watch. Starts no drive, does not give the slack in the plot, but also gives a hint on the possibility of a sequel, although I think he not really need.

8 from 10

Darline Jaehne
11 August 2019 | 01:38

Well, here it happens sometimes. I do not going here to write anything, but perhaps will do for fun. Sometimes, despite mostly good quality (albeit not impressive) movie, you can gently break away from reality. Here and me unfortunately, so is happened — of course, when there's summer only show in a row, the favorites of the Cannes film festival and pictures of these Directors, and you forget true diamonds, resting on the bottom of this ocean of waste. Jarmusch, Tarantino, Almodovar, the Pont Joon-Ho, Ari Aster — this clip, you can only lick so many friends over the season here he is the slap in the soul, the "Scary stories" drop me off on the ground one Plavnieki movement. "Scary stories to story the darkness," damn. But if I will tell you these stupid history day on the beach, then all, the mechanism breaks down? And instruction in poster — this is the symbolism of this brazen? Type, children and the birds afraid, but, in fact, just a useless bag with a dirty substance, who cares. And why it has at least a minimum interest why he is not deprived of attention? Because Guillermo del Toro — the producer? And that also, do not understand that in half the cases he likes is completely delusional and boring things, but which have it a fetish? Most likely, this movie — one of them.

Yes, if I at least 10, at least 15, I even any book to open not necessary. Almost ashamed to pollute your lovely page on IMDb so meaningless and cheap in the bad sense of the film. What horrors, what a terrible? Yeah as many may fear to be subjective, but there is a wrong — it's just not can really scare, even to pull a nerve hardly I can. Brother convinced me to go on this is purely for fun, in the happened — I just sometimes laugh, but sometimes frankly bored. It is now considered terrible when banannarama the obsession of a sinister book to for Teens queues are monsters of the horrors of their children? But if I in the childhood was afraid of the light and coconut, they are now to deal with me? When the queue they there to die or vanish, although this would have hundreds of times in the genre? How did you get to be intrigued and frightened by the film when you 5 minutes to calculate all this hackneyed plot in advance, not because you're a genius, but because it kapets as ordinary uninteresting. You serious? This smart when there is one stupid COP on the whole town? This is a clever, when such a thing is called a horror? Which then immediately not art-house psychedelia?

The characters — this is my favorite. I also a teenager, like me not to associate themselves with those whom I show the screen. One I supposed to sympathize with, others to impress, with the third to take an example, and continue to identify. According to the creators, teenagers like that? It mean I look like this? No I or my brother was never so stupid as not was. And else to the creators, so looks interesting characters. What then I feel sorry for them — I tired of euphemisms, but I will be rude, even though it and characters at all. I instead much unharnessed, it is better to first tell as much detail as possible (try any not be wrong), in what is the main drama of the main character, only what we learn in the beginning of the film, to no in no way to setpolarity this masterpiece. Here look, when she was little (age not specified), of the family mom left, leaving her with father. After that, father and recovered, became a wuss, and it is, according to everything, almost every day up to the events of the film suffers from this. But still (attention, fun!), in the city to still talking about this, they say, it because of her mother left. I yet even to comment on this will not, words can not enough.

Other characters — nothing at all, some completely blank, one-dimensional, without any expressive features, walking around the giant stereotypes, just cannon fodder for driving scenario. One of them really do not sorry, all you can safely send the oven — still the doll does not painful. Stupid and ridiculous screamers flying in the same milk, all characters. Stars take me away! It is not a detailed review from experts, I little boy that I see on the screen. So it is terrible that the rating of 16+ for children all the time is something creepy going on, but it occurs in really nothing. The blood is replaced with straw, the separation of the head, light and unobtrusive broken neck in one second, some characters disappear in the void, from others the crucial moment the camera moves away neatly and goes to the direction we nothing frightening about not saw. There were a couple of scenes with a hint of the horrors, but for a film with such a proud name, once is not enough. Of course, all behave in a silly and unnatural, it is not even discuss the need — behave for Teens determined. I like the beginning of "this and this will remain until final", so happens. Hell, I even pretentious "Solstice" in nothing happens in times scarier and more intense.

But after the hackneyed, predictable and just silly plot, such a prosaic ending! Here are direct from the philosophical subtext is probably that all-all the children understood. History, you know. Stories heal, stories maimed. Guys, what you have done? But there is one way to fix it. Us in no one believe we should do to understand. It I killed/La friends. All so praised these monsters here. Yes this is the most normal monsters! What they can be exciting? They are not afraid, not have fun, not cause any emotions. Ahh, see there web spiders, a lot of nasty spiders. And it's dark, and then pressurizing the music is playing, but there is such a plot twist that cliché — this is a Golden embossed form for printing. OOO, let's whoop it up, let's go with mind, all is like in the story, of course, there are bad guys, annoying characters. This movie for the desperate, the lost, going astray, erring, from exactly the same most likely. I not sorry movies, but I feel a bit sorry that it I wrote — it is, of course, do not noteworthy, the more so this volume is still not enough to the description of the entire idiocy. Because of such prominent representatives and formed the modern idea of the genre, sadly.

3 of the 10

Imogen Elyn
08 August 2019 | 09:12

"Scary stories to story the dark" — the name of the movie, though third-rate horror film. Sometimes he wants to appear as such, but make no mistake — is a horror that could become one of the best in year and will press it only "It 2". Honestly, going on the film in the cinema, I couldn't imagine this is as good a horror movie.

The war erupted in Vietnam, on television stands the President on the war recruited soldiers at the radio audible protests against the war, but this season air still not become a relic of the past. In this interesting setting the story takes place. In the spirit of Stephen king! And this feeling you to pursue often. There is a city in which grows spooky house with a terrible secret, the main characters — adolescents, there is even typical of bullies, as if escaped from the novels of the famous writer. Direct loans no, but Stephen king is so ingrained in the culture of horror that any high-quality Thriller will remind his style.

We have to empathise with the four main characters: Stella (girl-nerd, who dreams of becoming a writer), Ramon (the Mexican boy), Auggi and Chuck (they are typical teenagers, real friends with his jokes). All four definitely good, funny guys. And, as I said above, empathize, you will. Each of them will get in your nightmare, scary to shiver each scene is filled with suspense, the adrenaline's pumping, indifferent to stay not work. It is appalling that the book reads them, and writes stories about them, terrible story, horrible, no happy ending. Book Sarah Bellows — something around which revolves the story of the film. This book a strange, frightening Sarah Bellows, which, according to legend, was locked in the basement of his family, but the children would come to know that is a monster, and Sarah was telling them scary stories, and then killed the children. Storyline Sarah Bellows is intriguing and scary. The film will reveal all the secrets of the Bellows family, questions about Sarah is not will remain.

Questions to the acting of the children there. All naturalistic play, especially fear and horror. In the cast is Dean Norris, who played in the famous TV series "all serious". But not particularly rejoice — he's here for decoration film, screen time it a little, plays a typical experiencing of the father. The whole movie we will be watching the dynamics of relations of children and they are not worse than the same children of the movie "It", and two of children especially not be remembered (of Auggie and Chuck), but have excellent horror sequences. The film can frighten, it causes the collapse of a chair, the blood chilling in his veins. And "Boo" moments in the film, everything rests on the flow of the horror, the atmosphere. Supernatural creatures that look good, but have two creatures that look well, very artificially. "Scary stories to story the dark" perfectly captures the spirit of the terrible stories, terrible stories. It will be familiar to anyone who has read Lovecraft or king.

"Scary stories to story the dark" — is an atmospheric, horror book. If you had to go, please note. It is incorporated the horror is a good example of the genre. The is more than the film is not about the typical ghosts or demons. Here only rage and excessive dark fantasy that much worse.

How much did it cost to make Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $28,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark?
This tv-show was directed by André Øvredal.
What is the genre of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Thriller, Horror, Mystery, Best Horror Movies 2019.
Who starred in Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Zoe Margaret Colletti, Michael Garza, Gabriel Rush, Dean Norris, Gil Bellows.
What is Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.2.
When was Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-08-09.