A young man with cerebral palsy enjoys photography and wants to participate in the competition. For a competition he wants to capture the lighthouses of California, but it is not possible to travel along the coast. One day he meets a girl, a wild child who decides to help him to do this...

  • Tony Aloupis

Release Date: 2016-04-29
IMDb icon 5.9/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Ibby Selle
27 March 2018 | 11:35

It seems to me that many come to that place after watching the film, which is difficult to describe with words. Not can clearly define why you're so heat and good. But you know that the film — as a long-awaited meeting with an old friend as heading back home from the journey...

"Safe lighting" was such emotion for me. The plot here — a minor thing, it virtually no. A main — dimples on the cheeks Peters, how each friend watch these two, touching, uncomplicated dialogues in which hide the unsolved topics. Yes, undisclosed, but affected. I think about them and I don't care, give me response that movie or not. I was important to see the kindness, to feel the beauty of the human soul. All it was.

I can write more, because I want to feel. If you want to watch something calm and melancholic — turn on this movie.

And again, the eyes, which you can see everything and curls Evan Peters and kindness, innocence and purity of his sentiments character — that's why I put 10/10, but not 8. Perhaps if played by someone else, I wouldn't love this movie.

Zaneta Eckblad
26 March 2016 | 06:54

One night at the truck stop, the fate brings a patient with claudication of the seller in a convenience store and a girl who's trying to get rid of your "sick on the head" lover.

Over time, the companionship of strangers develops into love, but everyone has their own past and present, which they won't let go. Not being able to understand yourself in their problems, they try to help each other.

Separately want to note the atmosphere in which the unfolding destiny of the characters. The endless desert, where absolutely nothing happens if people were immortal, they also always worked in shops, went to school I did all that do indefinitely now.

About the same all stories of life. An endless series of abandoned children from which then grow up to be broken adults. The only salvation which is others like a broken people. Perhaps that is why the most important phrase the Director puts into the mouth of the hero of Evan Peters in the end of the film, saying, "Sometimes someone appears in your life and you help each other, not even knowing it. In this is harmony!".

7 of 10

Betteann Silvio
10 July 2016 | 06:20

It's time to tie with mass movie, I said to yourself Saturday morning and included indie film "Safe lighting"/Safelight (2015). The film is good already at least because it starred Juno temple and Evan Peters, the actors may not familiar to everyone, but very talented. In temple I fell completely in "Killer Joe", when I realized that under the power to play diverse characters, well and Peters such deep eyes...

The film is very slow, most likely, will like it not all even those whom he can look, also can not go, then, you know, you need to catch the mood: if mood is appropriate, then — okay!

Charlie (Evan Peters) is ill with cerebral palsy, lives with a dying father walks in a school where under attack hand frostbitten classmates, works part-time on the truck by the seller in a convenience store and likes to take pictures.

Vicki (Juno temple) mother was kicked out of the house, when I heard about her relationship with her lover, the after some time left the girl, and she came to patient by his head guy in the result was to earn the you-know-who at the truck stop.

Actually there, on the Parking lot, two loneliness was found. He had to protect her, she got to him with sympathy. So slowly and gradually began to emerge a friendship between the lost and unnecessary our society. She helped him, he helped her and they were able to make each other happier and better.

Movie sometimes sad, and at times inspiring. With beautiful scenery and good centrecom. The tape of the friendship, mutual support and hope. About that in the world there is a place for good people and deeds.

To watch, of course!

Who is the director of the movie Safelight?
This tv-show was directed by Tony Aloupis.
What is the genre of Safelight?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Best Romance Movies 2015.
Who starred in Safelight?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Evan Peters, Juno Temple, Christine Lahti, Kevin Alejandro, Jason Beghe.
What is Safelight IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.9.
When was Safelight released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2016-04-29.