A girl named joy got kidnapped when she was a teenager. Since then, the poor guy lives in a tiny room with his 5-year-old son Jack. The boy with nothing except this room didn't, he was born there and never left.

  • Lenny Abrahamson

Release Date: 2016-01-22
IMDb icon 8.1/10
  • Country: CA, IE, GB, US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:58m
  • Budget: $13,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $21,989,069, 28 February 2016
Vonnie Agan
08 February 2020 | 04:52

Remember the story of how I read an article about the girl from Austria name Natasha Campos. In childhood she was kidnapped by a man and eight years held in a locked room. The however, her managed to escape, but he was done with him. The motives of the crime to still is unknown. The case got a huge response due to the fact that Heather at the spoke the kidnapper in a negative way, which gave rise to the theory of development in her Stockholm syndrome.

And though the story of Natasha's got a film adaptation under the title "3096 days", "Room" has a similar motif, placing us with girl a small room, equipped with the barn. Bonus more becomes aware that she has a five year old son who was born in the conditions of imprisonment and white light is not seen. All wonder why the girl is not come up with a way of escape, and I wonder how it turned out to furnish birth in the home so that the girl survived?

The first half of the film all the action takes place in a confined space. However, "Prisoners of the Barn" (hell, I don't got to joke about the Prisoner of Azkaban!) manages to escape, and like it is necessary to set yourself up for a happy ending. But with the problems of the brave new world facing not only the boy, but and the girl herself.

I have always believed that one of the most complex on-screen images can be considered characters with challenges the field of psychology. The Director of Leonard Abrahamson dragged the mother and son through one of the spooky children's fears of childhood, in which we observed the tense atmosphere not only when a life confined to four walls, a small window in the roof and a kidnapper in the nickname "Old Nick". When they fall in an open world, the problem of a simple boy — it is difficult to interact with other people, to get used to the simple life. Have moms there are problems of interaction with the child. After the question of a journalist about not did she that after the birth of a son to convince the thief to send it free, she drives himself in a state of depression and feels guilty. In some extent, "Room" can be interpreted as the drama of motherhood.

Loved the relationship shown between mother and boy. Where is necessary, an expression of sympathy, in the right moments, the characters terrible, and of course, such the oppressive atmosphere, there are moments of a nervous breakdown. But still believe in between the real and sincere feelings. Jacob Tremblay in as the son gives a great range of emotions, in spite of all those who thinks children are not able to Express themselves. And it is unclear why it failed to nominate at  the"Golden idol", under the excuse of the name "age" is not considered Anna Paquin not can confirm. Yes, and very impressed with the game young brie Larson. Despite my frankly sidelong glance at her work "Captain marvel", here it is very cool kept in the frame. I really it was painful to watch her fate. Talented girl, received "Oscar" has earned.

Bringing musical themes under at least, applying a good job with a camera and clearly writing the script, "Room" is represented as pressing on the weak point of psychological drama, where can only the last ten minutes duration to sigh with relief. The picture of salvation, but characters after the release of the behave well as Oh Dae capital of "Oldboy". Although, let's be honest, put on extra plus this picture for a bit of symbolism when the mother tells the son a story about the count of Monte Cristo.

Lesly Fernald
19 January 2016 | 09:35

"When I was four, I not even know about the world. And now we mom will live in it always. Not yet die. This street — in the city of the name America, on Earth. This blue-green planet, ever revolving. So I not know why we do not fall. And then is space. And where Paradise is, no one knows. We my mother and I decided, as we know that we like, we try everything. And there are so many things. And sometimes something scary, but it's nothing..."

Another picture presented to nominations Oscar, which was held on the last film festival in Toronto has earned worldwide recognition. Not so long ago the actress, who plays joy's (the main character in the canadian-Irish paintings) became the winner of the award "Golden globe" for best actress in a motion picture drama. It acting Duo Larson-Tremble was erected in the film "Room" in the galaxy of the best films of the year. No doubt Larson is the undisputed favorite in the future Oscar race for the best actress, and that will the best film in the main category of the award, even the big question.

"Room" — a kind of existential drama in the context of attitude of human values through the eyes of a child. Events repeat the plot of the novel Emma Donoghue, which, incidentally, is and screenwriter. The plot and all precedes the development of the ideological conflict inherent in the film develops in a small room, in which the main characters (Joey and her five year old son Jack) is carried out in prison for five years. A victim of a violent prison of joy has become the age of seventeen. In this room later Jack, there is it education and development, whose horizons do not extend beyond four walls. Mother to protect her child, creates around it an ephemeral and illusive world where people in TV — this is a flat image, the objects around — projected on the reality of small world objects a constant play of imagination, and all surrounds the room from the outside — space, which no one except the rapist, Old nick is not lives. Once joy and her son by simulating the death of the last manages to escape the captivity of the room, then their life is changing radically. And if joy — the detached reality, life in which the passage of time seems unbearable, for little Jack, not knowing another world but the wardrobe got yourself this a kaleidoscope of new emotions and impressions, the discovery of the unknown and learning new facets of the old the depths of the strange and the abyss of the unknown. Range of the psychological turmoil of the young Jack is so broad that believe the realities of a new world for him a real challenge, clearly not designed for mental state of a child of five. Inertia, with which Jack takes in a dynamically developing world is reflected on the child's mother, who, bringing up their son in conditions of isolation from society and civilization, itself does not able to fill a huge gap between her last of whom she was torn, and true it is no less brutal way was returned. However, both characters have a common — future, path that needs to be done.

"Room" — this, above all, highly spiritual, subtle psychological movie about human mind, its secret corners and the nature of sacred phenomena. It like a cynical existential experiment on the person, which becomes the viewer a two-hour film. Honed to gloss adapted screenplay, soaked, on first glance, pop the leitmotif of family welfare and inspired by the stoicism, makes the film what it needs to be at the essence — intimate revelation with himself, to the climax of which sensitive people are able to feel a mild, crisp and fresh breeze of catharsis. That is why the "Room" needed in the subsequent analysis, passed through the system your moral and ethical beliefs, because without it all that will leave you heritage Irish film Director — not more than the acrid aftertaste of artificial satisfaction of your sense of justice. Paradoxical is that being the standard of the artsy psychological Thriller, the film is peculiar and deliberate speculation on human emotions that within the genre not looks like cinematographic bad, but on the contrary gives it more natural color, as the cornerstone of the "Room" is not the story of heroes, step by step, built in the framework is a composite of the plot, and their emotional struggle with your inner self, becoming their newborn individuals in a sprawling cosmic scale new world and how they do thrown by fate, sister.

Goodbye, Room.

8 from 10

Elnora Alec
11 January 2016 | 12:56

Hard to say something after watching, because the film cuts to the live. Wanted to see this film in the framework of the "globe - marathon", but found it in the Russian language. Today, after bree received this role Golden globe I went online and found the movie.

the Plot.

MA (brie Larson) and Jack (Jacob Direction). The story of a mother and son, their life is in the room, which is located in the barn, they do not leave in course 7 years. They were not hoping a bright future, but if it will happen the miracle is how to live new world in which will be unusually bright light. After all, they the kidnapper lost his job and saved to light not only.


I love games Jacob's Direction and brie Larson. brie went all out, showed all the pain being experienced by her character. All can be read on her haggard eyes. Jacob is so small and so great, in  adult played a role. Just Bravo!

The viewer will see is the psychological violence, and not the physical which leaves traces and never to heal. When it should be noted that kid the pros even in such a small room, so as if to cover up the toilet seat, it is not much will be seen and the smell will be barely noticeable. But my mother understood everything and realized only child she was forced to live on albeit not to enjoy each day of my life, and only wait for opportunities to run!

I do not very good mother...
-you mother.

This story is about a very emotional and heavy. Tears were evident on the entire film, in some moments I just cried. We see the world through the eyes of a child of five, who for ever seen almost nothing. And I am very glad that the film is not based on real events. Let to God not was never such events or in one's life. It is not the form you will be able to rest and relax, but that the movie you need to watch everything.

10 of 10

How long is Room?
2h 38m
How much has Room made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $21,989,069, 28 February 2016.
How much did it cost to make Room?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $13,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Room?
This tv-show was directed by Lenny Abrahamson.
What is the genre of Room?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Best movies 2016, Best Drama Movies 2016.
Who starred in Room?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Brie Larson, Jacob Tremblay, Sean Bridgers, Wendy Crewson, Matt Gordon.
What is Room IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.1.
When was Room released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2016-01-22.