Roger Waters: The Wall

The film is a unique fusion of restored concert footage, newsreels, animated pieces and the most advanced technologies of visual images and special effects, Roger waters also included footage from his autobiography.

  • Sean Evans
  • Roger Waters

Release Date: 2015-09-29
IMDb icon 8.6/10
  • Country: GB
  • Language: English | French
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $2,214,417
Elberta Fanni
18 August 2016 | 11:24

"The wall" — largely autobiographical film. The author — Roger waters, — in my opinion, is a typical representative of the post-war generation. Roger was born on 6 September 1943, was the second son in the family. His parents — teachers — were Communists. To pay information about how consistent in their Communist beliefs they was the need to say that their son Roger not get to scientific (Communist) world view, but about this further. Dad fought in world war II and died battle Anzio, in the further waters were often returned to the theme of the death of his father in his works.

To understand the socio-historical context in which Roger waters suffered from the ideas associated with movie, you must plunge in the atmosphere of 1960-ies. In this time a generation of waters rebelled against the existing foundations, have expressed their rejection of the hidebound society. Violent anti-capitalist performances of students and young people covered in 1968-1969, many of the mills of the West. In France they is one of important factors in the rise of mass working-class movement in may — June 1968. Student performances turned in West Berlin and Germany, Italy, Japan and Spain. Huge scale has become a movement against U.S. aggression in Vietnam the United States, where hundreds of thousands of American boys and girls participated in anti-war demonstrations.

One of the witness at the same time the researcher those of events was a Soviet journalist E. Rosenthal, who in those years worked over the border and talked to representatives of the different groups of young people (of gosystem, Trotskyists, hippies and other). In his book "In search of the ideal" (1976) he analyzes the world, exploring their political consciousness and impact on various bourgeois ideologies.

The book clearly shows how the youth in the West, like the dark, on the touch did the first attempts to fill the spiritual vacuum that is not gave it the rest being generated by the soulless commercialism permeated society. Youth, out depending nationality, were United in search of a social ideal and ways to achieve it. Rosenthal examines in detail the causes of this phenomenon, pointing mainly on what they are rooted in the very foundations of bourgeois society, to the characteristics the socio-political and economic development. The role played by the war in Vietnam, racial problems, inflation, a General economic downturn in a capitalist economy, the inability of students to find jobs in specialty — all these reasons described in detail in the book.

For our notes has a value that young people to do understand the underlying reason of your discontent, directing their protest against the phenomena at the surface is not threatening the capitalist system in General. It was the interests of the bourgeois governments of Western countries, and they strongly encouraged the young people to this.

Didn't realize it and young waters. In his work he just reflected everything that the excited young people generation. On his example we see how people with the birth is in captivity of public relations to him. Its identity was formed under the impact in advance was doomed to to absorb and reflect the ugliness inherent in a particular historical period. So, the hero of his movie Pink, starting with early childhood, experiences in all  the"charms" of the capitalist social order of England. Before the audience goes through a kaleidoscope of phenomena that have influenced the formation of personality Pink: the death of his father, who died on the war; the stultifying bourgeois family values; the incompetence and the rudeness of the teachers in school; a love that when capitalism takes the form of prostitution — all the bricks in the wall of alienation, which resulted in a Kick to the nuts.

Here we approach the question of the phenomenon of the counterculture of the epoch. He is an illustration of how well-founded protest against the insanity of the surrounding reality arising from the young man, the first time faced with the capitalist anarchy, without a scientific theory of the struggle is extinguished, and down on the brakes, leading to"escapism" — escape from reality, immersion in a world of their own desires and passions.

Wall — a symbol of the alienation of the individual in capitalist society. Its the bricks — this contradiction, which birth, cripple a person. All the Western counterculture of the twentieth century was the result of this alienation. Brightly reflecting the contradictions and their impact on personality, the counterculture so not able to specify a consistent way their permission.

As for Roger waters, then it is his work fully confirms the above. Recently in Russia the premiere of the film Roger Waters: The Wall. According to the genre is a concert film with elements of documentary. He was made content a concert tour by Roger waters in 2010-2013.

After watching the movie, in the wall of my views on the counterculture stood the missing brick. The thing that I was troubled by the question: why did the band Pink Floyd and, in particular, Roger waters, as its ideological leader, creating a its core anti-capitalist film (we are talking about "the Wall" in 1982), in which, incidentally, is not was element of anti-communism, yet gave a Grand concert 21 July 1990 to Potsdamer Platz Berlin directly on the ruins of the Berlin wall. The wall here have a symbol not the alienation of human in capitalism, and — victory of the capitalist system over the socialist, to guarantee that the alienation now just apply to the whole world and the army of young crippled Rodgers will increase in times. Such political short-sightedness — the result of very specific historical circumstances.

The thing that the ruling class of Western countries after the Second world war managed to implement most important — through propaganda to discredit in the eyes of young people the experience of the Bolsheviks, who for the first time in the history of mankind has tried to organize society, based on scientific knowledge accumulated over the entire previous history. Western youth are not heard the voices of the writers, such as Feuchtwanger and Steinbeck, who described their true experience. nestled in the young Soviet Republic, and Solzhenitsyn believed all that on all the frets trumpeted Gulags, repression, cult of personality, totalitarianism and many other things. This was facilitated by the non-Communist policy of the CPSU and many of the Pro-Soviet Communist parties after 1953 — "peaceful coexistence", "exclusively parliamentary struggle" and so that helped develop a large part of Western youth, even anti-capitalist minded, glance at the Soviet Union as a "counterpart of the United States, but under a different flag."

Waters and now his views remained the same hippie as he was 1960-ies. For him the Soviet Union is not has become a symbol of liberation from conflicts, leading to the alienation of the individual, and left the totalitarian Kingdom of the Gulag. For such as the waters, the Soviet Union was not better than Nazi Germany, for them, not the difference between the dictatorship of the monopolies and the proletarian dictatorship. The word "dictatorship" leads to them. It is the main reason why the counterculture remained stillborn, and in 1980-ies was used by the bourgeoisie for propaganda of anti-communism among the youth of the socialist countries.

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Marlane Gillie
30 September 2015 | 04:37

Roger Waters the Wall. LIVE. This film, incredibly shocked me. With want to start I. 

And the film meanwhile, begins with entry. Actor Liam Neeson talks about how he first heard "the Wall". Not know why, but already the story made me barely constrained to cry. But I realized can not ashamed to cry when Liam said that benefit the shook up tears.

The footage from the concert the film, I just not able to hold back. It's so I was shocked. Waters did "the Wall" such that it endlessly condemned the war. And the theme of war touches me every time, even narrated the events does not affect my homeland.

Concert photography mixed with images of the film. Its plot is simple: the waters coming in the graves of their grandfather and father, who died in various wars. And all to madness beautiful, and all complement each other, only reinforcing the emotional impact.

About the concert I will say that I still surprised by this show. Animation, real wall, fireworks, huge puppets, a pig blimp. I admire those who it created. I guess I would have just gone with mind if I had this live. After all, it is made, probably, most of the audience. In the film is shown to the public. People screaming the lyrics and applauding, crying. If I was shocked by the video, one only has to imagine how it tore inside those who were there. Yes, I cried all the first quarter of the film. Well, then — only sometimes.

I'll say it once that is the best movie I saw. This film-wow with the mad show, incredible music and wonderful camera work.

Maris Apul
04 October 2015 | 11:16

This morning went to the film "Roger waters: The Wall". Briefly about the impressions.

The picture is a concert film with patches of documentary and semi-documentary of the filming of the waters, the parts of the interview with him in the theme of the film. In fact, framed and diluted these same ideological panels, the viewer is a live version performance of the whole album "The Wall" company session musicians under the leadership of waters. The musical component, as well as and show — course on top, but like and waters (IMHO, he's a good showman). The concert really shows great, ranging from visual range (with lots of quotes from the eponymous film by Alan Parker) and ending with a first-class sound and superprofessionalnyh a team of executors.

What concerns the conceptual skeleton of the film, he doesn't offer anything new apart from the fact that we have saw the original "The Wall" but also follow-up (memorable and important personally for me) solo work, waters in this theme — "The Final Cut" (I call it solo because it is a deeply personal album waters, in which the musicians of Pink Floyd played as the actual "PF", and as guest performers for the album of Roger).

Waters reflects on the theme of war, which claimed the life of his father another pile of people, and reads excerpts of the letters of his father, miraculously preserved, and also visits memorial sites, including the territory of the former battles. All this in or another we already beheld, and before. Along with however, you have to give credit to the author in that through the lens of personal loss, personal bitterness and wounds that do not heal for so many years, it displays the idea and the statement the movie on human level — there the end there is a moment with the words "we are no differ other." It is really anti-war film. As I think this is important true to present.

PS There even after the main film showed 20-minute interview, where Roger waters and Nick Mason answer questions people with different parts of the world, I recommend not leave session be sure to see it was really positive and funny, old people demonstrated a great sense of humor and(self -) irony.

P. P. S. All together, with the interview lasts about 3 hours from the viewer needs some perseverance.

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