Rise of the Footsoldier

Rise of the foot soldier follows the career of Carlton Leach from one of the generals. The film tells about the three decades of his life, when he was a football hooligan, a bouncer and his involvement in the criminal elements with which he came to power.

  • Julian Gilbey

Release Date: 2008-12-01
IMDb icon 6.8/10
  • Country: GB
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $4,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $355,345
Cookie Turk
26 May 2008 | 10:04

The film is really good, not masterpiece not a blockbuster, of course. This movie can be attributed more to the genre of crime drama, rather than to the gunman made very tough and realistic. After viewing the remains the feeling that Director took nothing superfluous, every detail of the film, each character to learn the desired cut.

The ascent of the hero of the movie "curve" of the criminal world — from the ordinary football fan is up to;team leader of an organized criminal group and then through the blood and corpses should compel every young person to reflect on taking correct crucial decisions. In General, fortunately, the film does not morality. It just the life story of one individual, history is very instructive. The game is not much of the famous British actor Ricky Harnett, to the release of the movie anywhere else, especially not appear very credible and convincing.

8 from 10

Roseanne Kowatch
05 January 2011 | 12:06

But I just love the life I lead
Another beer is what I need
Another gig my ears bleed,
We Are The Road Crew

On this film I came across another in 2007 one of the shops of the city. The description seemed strange, but intriguing, so I took and looked at the same evening. A week later watched another time and after a month again. And so to still periodically review and still no never rewind do not cut down on the middle, although all know from memory. It doesn't mean the film is a masterpiece, no, this is not so. Simply so cruel and engaging story and the story of Carlton Leach that time of time again I want to see her.

Carlton Leach (Ricci Harnett) was a normal seventeen year old guy, a native of the working area and how many friends were obsessed with football so on football, how to football-related clashes. All he happy breaks other people's noses and breaks jaw. But the time passes quickly molodosti. First on the horizon appears a girl, who later became his first wife, then child. And then a serious injury in one fights imprisonment for top-boy warranty. Then Carlton starts to think about career is the most suitable work for him — the bouncer at the club. In he and meets a Tony Tucker (Terry stone), the owner of the clubs, which offers the Carlton to create his own firm of bouncers, but they provide more security transactions drugs and after they start them to do that leads to dealing with death almost all suffer, not excluding the main character, even if not physically, then mentally. But only after the appearance of the wildest thugs, Pat Tate (Craig Fairbrass) and a drug addict "loser still before the birth of" Craig Rolfe (Roland Manukyan), the life of Carleton is finally starting to come apart at the seams.

The film itself is one of the best representatives of the genre of crime drama. In it has everything need to success, have a great acting team that plays brilliantly, Richie Barnett Terry stone played two different but devoted friends, Craig Fairbrass simply inimitable in the role obezbashennaya recidivist-thugs. Wonderful play and the camera work adds advantages like that no secret bloody moments of the tape, and on the contrary showed all how is.

In the film there is unnecessary romanticizing of what is happening, just a story world the way a single guy "with margin". All its UPS and downs, joys and sufferings churn with the harsh realities of life which he and friends are chosen.

8 from 10

Gwenette Doehne
18 December 2010 | 12:17

The so-called "gangster movie" — quite a specific genre, which is like fans  & haters. Under the definition of "bandit" I mean not any crime film, and it is a movie, whose main character was would the bandit. Not some "noble robber", which is technically "bad", but actually — positive character, and it is natural the culprit, according to which "jail". Typical example — the French "Enemy of the state N1" Jean-Francois richer, well, our "Boomer", where such anti-heroes — as many as four. And the perception of such films depends on the viewer with which side are shown the villain. It is, it can be represented as a scoundrel and a scumbag, and might look like "victim of circumstances", which must be understood and to regret. Personally, I prefer the first option, because the "bandit, it is the bandit", and he is a bad — by definition. But when the "gangsters" are trying to "improve" as in our series "Brigade", then this is a controversial artistic way. But the British film "rise of the foot soldier" refers to both time to the first option where the bandits are shown as they are.

The main character — London hooligan Carlton Leach, began his criminal career in a circle of aggressive football fans. Along with the company of the same "Portorosa", Carlton was hanging out on the stadium, toadstool, booze, and actively beat the face I head to other "football men", aching for the competing teams. But growing up, Leach gradually changed the profile of activity with meaningless street fights, in meaningful racket, "protection racket" and banditry. And not even though that the Carlton was a wife and children, he has always remained a typical street crazy wacko, just now he is "bouncers brains" not for this football club, and for the loot, drugs and authority.

The film is based is extremely tough and realistic, without any sentimentality, the melodramatic lines and "lesbijkami". Leach and "brothers at arms" shows such incorrigible bastards, what else need to search! It is not "robinhood", and geeks, each of which deserves a prison or a bullet. Their life — it's endless violence, blood, murder. These scum only respect themselves and other people for them, including their wives, is a meat, which is not need to be considered. For anything never felt pity or one of them, even when these "heroes" have caused pain to others like "heroes".

The question — what good movies, whether to watch it? A good in the ribbon that it shows the "path of scum" with such directness, brutality and bestinsurance that is truly frightening. It I time about those viewers who are in love the characters of the series "Brigade", as from the cute, the cute and good guys who, you know, "just in a bad the path of truth". Incidentally, the film "the Brigade" also love how interesting and fascinating movie, but the main characters too cute and attractive viewer. So "rise of the foot soldier" is much more honest in terms of "uncovering the essence" of these bandits. And the tape should see the someone else live the illusion that the thieves and murderers can be "nice guys".

"Rise of the foot soldier" — the movie is not for everyone, not only because of its specific topic, but and because of the outrageous "blood" visuals. In his desire to show violence as disgusting as possible way, the Director has reached exorbitant heights. In some episodes it seems that you do not look crime drama, and natural horror film, like "Hostel" or"Martyrs". Torture, blood, gunshot and knife wounds close up — just in "Climbing..." with plenty. So, sitting down to watch this feed, expect a very cruel spectacle.

Speaking about the General excitement of what is happening on the screen, the film can be divided on two parts. The first half of the film is very dynamic and exciting — just the youth of Carlton Leach and his entourage. And the picture is much more peaceful at the pace of the narrative, and in essence reflects the life of the maturity of the protagonist. It has a youth Lich was just a "daredevil", it into maturity, he became a much more cautious and circumspect. But age still not did the Carlton better, he has always remained a bastard.

Personally, I appreciate this movie as the uncompromising truth of life, but to him he only advised those who are ready to such a spectacle.

8 from 10

How much has Rise of the Footsoldier made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $355,345.
How much did it cost to make Rise of the Footsoldier?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $4,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Rise of the Footsoldier?
This tv-show was directed by Julian Gilbey.
What is the genre of Rise of the Footsoldier?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Crime, Biography.
Who starred in Rise of the Footsoldier?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Ricci Harnett, Craig Fairbrass, Terry Stone, Roland Manookian, Coralie Rose.
What is Rise of the Footsoldier IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.8.
When was Rise of the Footsoldier released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2008-12-01.