Ride Like a Girl

Only once a year in the heart of Australia is the most prestigious equestrian competition — the Melbourne Cup. It's a luxury holiday, where the beauty of ladies ' hats is second only to the splendor of the races themselves. For all she squirt, girl from the provinces, which have no place in the sport of kings. And for the right to participate in the Cup she would have to risk everything, even their lives.

  • Rachel Griffiths

Release Date: 2020-03-13
IMDb icon 6.8/10
  • Country: AU
  • Language: English
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $8,408,613
Gwenette Bradwell
07 November 2019 | 01:36

So have even the horse riding was initially considered a man's job. It really a difficult work that you need to devote hardly not all free time to spend a lot of physical and mental effort, and prepare to that success may come after dozens, even hundreds of failures. However, the Australian Michelle Payne was not agree with that it is not place to the racetrack. The surrounding men mocked her desire to win the Melbourne Cup on the horse, but she proved that women are not should be considered the weaker sex and have achieved unbelievable results by making your name in history. Now we have a unique opportunity to learn about , Michelle, and even more spectacular thanks to the biographical drama "the pursuit of the wind".

As you might guess, in the head of the plot is herself, Michelle Payne, whose role was played by Teresa Palmer ("the sorcerer's Apprentice"). Being the youngest of children of the coach equestrian sport (Sam Neill, "Jurassic Park"), the girl with the early age wanted to go to the stadium together with jumper in the close company of arrogant men to show their strengths. Of course, the father was able to refuse his daughter in the support, but he also understood that it would be difficult and much better to engage in a much more traditional chores, like housework...

But as Michelle had unshakable character and the burning of the enthusiastic eyes, she continued training and finally earned the right to participate in competitions. But then fate sticks her insidious bandwagon, and the coveted victory in Melbourne is under the threat. Before Michelle becomes a question: to put at stake their own health and try to realize a dream or to let her go and to be content with little. And I think you guess which way it chose.

It is clear that some of the details of the real story of Michelle Payne was tweaked for the film looked tense and emotional, but I know changes were noncritical, and because "In pursuit of the wind" is quite a reliable product, thanks to which we can learn a little more about the story that can inspire us on the big acts.

Teresa Palmer here I was pleasantly surprised. It is, of course, has always been interesting and talented actress, but in this film she opened for real. What about Sam Neil, it he is a professional in his field, and always plays on a high level. Here he played the role of the father and was as always convincing.

I have no doubt that this film you will enjoy. He tells really interesting, full of emotions and experiences history, and Teresa Palmer finally turned to actress, which you can safely go in the movies, because in a bad movie it plays principle.

Of 9 10

Reeva Doehne
10 November 2019 | 11:03

Michelle lives in a large family on a large ranch in Australia. With Michelle's childhood crush on horses no nothing better than feeling the tickle of the wind on her face when it can be heard ringing hoofs. And Michelle has a dream — get the coveted Cup on the track. However, in a world where men run almost everything, there is places the desire of a fragile girl. But, Michelle is ready to prove that sometimes the dream under the power of even the most fragile...

Most likely not only for me bright and dramatic motivational pictures are most welcome to browse. How many have been how many more stories about that an ordinary man who set himself an impossible task and, having a strong-willed character performs it. We have all you shed tears over the "rocky", "Eddie the eagle" and"the Babe on one million". Now it's time to dive in all the twists and turns of the fascinating history Michelle Payne, which has become the first female jockey who won the Melbourne Cup for horse racing.

The story takes with the beginning does not relax neither for a moment, because life Michelle Payne deserve to be filmed. Growing up a single parent along with nine brothers and sisters, have the main character is not were no chance not only to achieve the the heights, which she was subjected, but it is to become an outstanding, even in anything. However, the incredible faith and support of the father, a strong character, iron will and natural talent are forever recorded in history as the only woman jockey, who won the competition with the 155-year history.

The film that put the Australian actress, nominated for Oscar, Rachel Griffiths, imbued with a motivating spirit, which is in viewing fills such vivid emotions that you think you yourself are under the power to move mountains. Long ago, I have not experienced such tender feelings of elation.

It may be the case in the actors who are in the film Tinker, but I had the impression that heroes actually experienced all of this live. Gorgeous Teresa Palmer, who incredibly passed all the experiences of the protagonist in a great duet with star Sam Neil, which is well embodied the father of the main character and the main supporter of crazy ideas daughter — work together to create an incredible chemistry in the screen all the UPS and"downs" of the main character look really impressive and touching to the depths of the soul.

Whole life — from girl to top — the film shows with the incredible beauty and warmth. The picture of the film very pleasing to the eye, the music creates the appropriate moment, the mood, the actors on height — what else is needed to this autumn season of melancholy and depression recharge such necessary motivating attitude. Incredibly touching and emotional movie.

Of 9 10

Lucienne Veron
12 January 2020 | 10:53

For all the years of its existence, the Melbourne Cup, as well, and many other sports, has lost its identity as event has become synonymous with controversy. Treatment of the horses began to loom on the first region in the specialized media, and the rising tide of feminism in some degree made this event as a political podium. Perhaps in an effort to prove the latter and to some extent, to restore the prestige of this competition, and removed the "In pursuit of the wind" — upbeat sports drama about Michelle Payne, who was the first female jockey who won these hard racing. The details of the film give of yourself to know: the film plays so heavily on the audience similar to not very atmospheric project from Hallmark.

The basis scenario is the story of the real character. A brave young girl, Michelle lives with nine brothers and sisters, and as the wise father. Father is her trainer in the horse riding. Then, overcoming all expected events from the tragedy to the triumph, Michelle should be on the way purposeful racer and makes what seems to be never could happen. The problem is that the plot is much too superficially covers all melodramatic approaches and not always a successful way. It is difficult to fight with its "floating" scenario moves — sometimes, for example, in the climax, it looks like emotionally, however in General, a sluggish. Think it is the case when biopic not enough fictional events: if the film has added the issues of this controversial industry (for example, Michelle would garassini for her sex, she would be faced with the officials and etc.), then this would on entertainment. But despite that the emphasis here is on the women's field Michelle in the sports industry, where are dominated by men at this is surprisingly little focus of attention, and even the basic morality remains a common and formal.

Starring Teresa Palmer, and she played Michelle as the teen age, and adult. The decision, frankly, strange, but in the way Palmer is the engine of the plot and the film is in dire need of her. Another important decision makers is how to remove brother Michelle Stevie in the role itself — the young man with down syndrome, but it looks of course. Of the stars marked Sam Neil, who is sitting comfortably in the boundaries of your character.

The feeling that "In pursuit of the wind" was nothing less than promotional film — no wonder in the credits is a record of the film is financed by the Association of racing through a sponsorship agreement with producers. It cannot be denied that movers and shakers of the sport is not had editorial control over the contents of a film, well, the creators of "In pursuit of the wind" included self-censorship. From this the tone of the film turned out to be too naive, almost childish, that can make a movie truly inspiring: "Favorite" Gary Ross explores this kind of activities shows all the beautiful side of riding, not turning a blind eye to the grim realities of horse racing.

5 from 10

How much has Ride Like a Girl made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $8,408,613.
Who is the director of the movie Ride Like a Girl?
This tv-show was directed by Rachel Griffiths.
What is the genre of Ride Like a Girl?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Biography, Sport.
Who starred in Ride Like a Girl?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Teresa Palmer, Sam Neill, Sullivan Stapleton, Brooke Satchwell, Magda Szubanski.
What is Ride Like a Girl IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.8.
When was Ride Like a Girl released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2020-03-13.