Dive into one of the worst valleys of Afghanistan with the second platoon is an inside look at their lives and is a surreal symbiosis of physical labor, deadly battles and brotherhood in the struggle of soldiers with the Taliban.

Release Date: 2010-08-06
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  • Language: English
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Yoshiko Robbins
26 January 2012 | 01:25

I saw "Hell and Back Again", which in 2012 was nominated (and what kind and the winner will be) at the Oscar, where all pretending and interested, where even in combat the picture is beautiful and clear, the focus is correctly exposed, and lens — constantly clean the soldiers ' clothes and talk — all cell.

I wanted to write about "Restrepo," also a nominee for the Oscar of its year and also the winner of the Grand Prix at Sundance. The movie is much more true and emotional.

If you take away any political prejudices and after: "why are You on the war went?" — "to protect the homeland" — not to shout: "what in Afghanistan do?" — look very interesting. The soldiers of the American or Russian — the same. It is interesting to compare this film with"Checkpoint" Rogozhkin. Behavior and situation are so similar that not can not cause heartwarming smile in the direction of the "brotherhood of all peoples".

And if the carelessness of the Russian army all used — to see the American reality was quite new and even unexpected. A small episode where one of the heroes shoots with a machine gun, in the frame of his feet — fall in the barrel and one falls into the old nezasluzhenno shoes on the soldier, who, of course, in a hurry to throw hot shell casing. So and see this shot shows the new recruits and say, why you have all to form alert.

We see — as the soldiers joke among themselves, arrange impromptu "rocking", fighting, dancing, as play the guitar. To this movie not even imagine that the American soldiers also in the evening can play on the guitar with friends. Here same — easy scheduled jokes on sexual topics.

The film leaves a very good impression, but the first images that I remember: faces of young men that are barely holding back the tears, talking about the events of the recent past, their dead friends. Such a strange cinematic paradox. War — always a tragedy, but people who love to live who came to the war — tragicomedy.

"Well, who needs war? Of course nobody" — as a singing Duo Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. But mankind the first years almost constantly engaged (entertained) it. Sorry the will stop future war... with the other hand, cinema has played a prominent role in that the Cold war is not turned into Nuclear.

"The time is not change we all also will love life, and prepare the war."


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Hedvig Grishilde
13 December 2010 | 11:53

In the film high officials of the Washington, no. the leading current-show, no Larry king... there is only an inside look at the soldier's brotherhood.

Their fears and the pain, the loss, the little joys and the inability to live with this.

Such scenarios are not write not copy — draws them by life itself.

I have at viewing the question arose, who needs this war? Why these sacrifices, tears and pain?

I like a resident of the southern borders of the former USSR, the threat of the Taliban is familiar not by hearsay, there was a time (up to 11 September) when the threat of invasion the vast forces of the Taliban was real for our countries and thought about the war hung in the air.

But that happened 11 September after that, America entered in Afghanistan, the threat from our borders are gone...

Not going to analyse who's rights to blame, just stating a fact — they fought for me for my sleep, for my peaceful sky over head and the Outpost Restrepo was not built. nothing

Recommend for a view all who troubles in life and a temporary problem, after some soul-searching.

9 points, because war — it is a priori bad.

PS And how cool they are played guitar, including "Doc" Restrepo.

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Diane Casilde
20 December 2010 | 05:49

"Restrepo" — one of the most simple and truthful films in the genre of documentary film. This one of those rare films that shows the war without pink points, without embellishment excessive pathos.

There are no actors who are paid millions, for them to show that or another emotion. Everything here is shown present war Afghanistan soldiers death of the tragedy of the post-war acclimatization.

"After the return I had been prescribed four or five types of sleeping pills. But none helped. Better I do not going to sleep, what shall see those ...dreams." — Specialist Miguel Cortez

When examined the faces of these guys who tell you to camera they felt, when they see how they try to suppress your tears when you remembering fallen comrades, you realize war — not fun the shooting range without the implications itself that war — this is when getting up early in the morning you no idea that are waiting for you today and one of your friends, death will take away at this day.

When you look at the documentary records of how these guys are still all living, laughing at each friend, how happy a good shot, as dancing favorite song, despite the minute-by-minute fear of the unknown, you know that even the worst time, in the most dangerous place on Earth is discouraged, what you always find in himself the strength to fight perhaps it is your courage will save someone's life.

"the Time is not change we all will also love life and prepare war" — Juan "Doc" Restrepo.

I think I would go down to the film to the cinema.

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Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $1,436,391.
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This tv-show was directed by Sebastian Junger, Tim Hetherington.
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The tv-show belongs to the genres of War, Documentary.
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Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: The Men of Battle Company 2nd of the 503rd Infantry Regiment 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team, Juan 'Doc Restrepo, Dan Kearney, LaMonta Caldwell, Aron Hijar.
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At the moment, the rating is 7.5.
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The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2010-08-06.