Ralph Breaks the Internet

This time Ralph and Vanellope von Cupcake outside the hall of slot machines and set out to conquer the vast expanses of the Internet, which could not withstand the crushing charm of a bully.

  • Rich Moore
  • Phil Johnston

Release Date: 2018-11-21
IMDb icon 7.1/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $175,000,000
Tonya Corabel
26 November 2018 | 12:38

It's been 6 years experience bully and Princess sugar rush (who does not wasn't worry it heroes of the first part of "Ralph") and they have experienced a lot many things. A girl so easy to surprise with something. But once the fantasy Ralph wakes up and because it gaffes almost killed the whole world. Everything seems to be the solution, but there friendship will be tested on strength!

Added a bunch of stuff, from the little-known elite characters (I about Moody dwarf of the "Snow white", which the children of today in the eye not seen), to references other pop culture and precise contact copy users, there's inside they can be avatars of different types, but in front of the screen: zombies, brave and stubborn little boy with headphones in "Slaughter race" (live in just my cousin). By the way, Queen's road Shank just like Gal gadot even if she was given the role of Teana it wouldn't have changed. In addition to Pacman 80s in the Internet you can find everything, including the Mortal Kombat Sonic (and there are, finally in the flesh) to other arcades. But still there is a feeling of emptiness, as from Wanlapa in the soul (will hear a wonderful voice Medvedeva), if what not enough all the levels are completed, however do not have saplala the Throne with entrenched virus. At first they thought about cloud, and then I realized natural virus.

Though the story goes in recent Silbergasse tracks and the Easter work of Klein, but mult fact not lose. Yes, you can always talk about the novelty, but most importantly, it's time a live person. Because nobody replace.

And lovers marshmallow braids and coloring pages with princesses and other related products, rejoice! In front of you all the beauty of Disney and then they 14 pieces: Ariel, Pocahontas, Cinderella and others. Funny to see how the mérida of the "Brave heart" a youth wearing a t-shirt shares his Scottish problems, as a modern teenager. Although each Princess in the global network is another story, because they reality is distorted and they are now not in the framework of their world. Have am having one question: why kid of the "Atlantis" is not mentioned not Esmeralda of the "Notre Dame" — she is Princess, I another could to insert, knowing her status.

Participation in the voice's most disparate characters took a lot of people: Molina, Tudyk, Gadot well, Riley with Silverman, and also, the language Aksenov, Gorbachev, Wasserman (and of his hero he is similar more than Tudyk). Sorry got confused who announced of Spam, the benefit of a comical character, despite its prototypes in the Internet. About his assistant Gordon immediately realized that out of the Dark Internet, the truth confused it with the sloth in the beginning. Molina is generally transformed in the Double dealer Dan, a fine specimen of slug. Also, the creators have brought a demeanor of gamers, with different nicknames.

I want to say: "rich Moore well why you killed the originality of the prequel. With these arcade inserts was great, and soundtrack Rihanna annealed. Thanks though Mr. Sasnou he mentioned it on second. But added a bunch of references, and made a slightly better Speleloskog offspring". The plot is rather weak in the beginning, but then at least accelerating the pace still remains a sense of incompleteness. May many who have already seen the first "Ralph" grew up, and like the boy, chopped in Dark'Net! No, no I wish to believe this, because there are those who were waiting for a meeting with him long.

The cartoon reveals why people with a head dive into the Internet? Because they have no such cool friends as Ralph, which clearly evaluates to why, why, why are they turned to Vanellope in the network. Even character Class (voice Gorbacheva) helps to understand the importance of their opinions, and not someone the crowd

The ending of the cartoon is reminiscent of "one piece. Gold," where turned into a Thistle, and in "Ralph 2" almost not to "Something" there, but all of the princesses were on the wings. I about the new heroes. But himself a cartoon says about then: "How far were not. Friends remain forever in the heart." And considering Doinikov Medvedev every "Saturday night" back then the adventures of Ralph and Uniloy continue!

Malory Friede
25 November 2018 | 12:10

I don't like it. I went to this cartoon is for a sense of ease, which left the first part. Maybe it's time 6 years have passed since no way. But it's very different movies with very different moral messages, with different characters that look like this is the same, but the acting is so awkward and unnatural that want to look the head to being there alien substance

The atmosphere of the film. He keeps head, not allow to sink in a fantastic atmosphere, I even worry about the characters are not can because not understand to the end. I thought maybe the film changed the rating and related to this is the caution and stiffness of the characters, but no, it same. Although the logic, it would be possible to make the rating higher and reveal characters with the adult side, yet the Internet it for older children designed.

Music and are more no, it is small, it is not expressive, not catches does not help the narrative, although in some places direct wanted to add some cool tracks. But but — haha — the old disney tradition began to sing and to dance. Just my Association has gone in Disney and in Indian dance, for some reason.

- The motivation of the main characters. I at some point realized that they are so petty, so selfish, put your needs above all, what happens it works to freak I have them does not sorry, so the characters deserve all the blows of fate.

+ But I liked one idea that was voiced only in passing, caught in my attention. The story of user comments on not should pay attention, because sometimes very small people when they reached the Internet allow themselves to find fault with others, knowing that Internet anonymity is not allow others to learn how they smallest real life. Why is this idea to the cartoon is just casual — unclear.

+ A minimum of adult humour. Small, who sat with me film, it was clear and funny all. I — not all, but there were moments that raised a smile from me, not causing to blush in front of the kids and quickly come up with how to explain what is happening on the screen.

6 from 10

Catherin Mook
28 November 2018 | 03:38

The new film from Disney is whenever a breath of fresh air, filled with bright memories, pleasant emotions and haunting music.

Disney is of course linked to child regardless how much you years of age, to watch cartoons of Disney — it's almost priceless.

To admit, the first part of "Ralph" I'm not really have seen, but for some reason, curiosity pulled me straight into a cinema session, which, by the way, not was much in demand. So thought "Ralph against the Internet" now comes along with"Fantastic creatures" and because the demand for cartoon small. But the at least, I want to say that the first left me with more positive impressions.

"Ralph against the Internet" is primarily a story about true friendship, the trials faced by the heroes of this picture. We all understand how important it is to have a loved one in our lives I'm glad these values instill a very young audience. Moreover, the cartoon is called short guide modeling the Internet and the description of the functioning of this system, but only more accessible and even funny positions, and exactly as she portrayed the world wide web, social networking, online shopping, spam and other nuances of modern life.

Plot very simple, but at the same time interesting for the viewer. Ralph and Vanellope von Muffin beyond within their environment — slot machines and go to is that their case — practically free space: a new, unexplored space that is filled with difficulties and the only real courage and strong friendship can help characters to stand in this confrontation.

I don't came the soul of the humor in the cartoon, yeah, he was this fact pointless to deny, however, its quality does not always rise above the "toilet-themed". Of course, that the cartoon focused on children's audience, first and foremost. But again all children will be interesting to see the like. The most vivid moments left behind the positioning of YouTube and the most funny moments I had it on this period of total time of the cartoon.

One more thing — the name of the cartoon, which is declared as "Ralph against the Internet," although, perhaps, in this case — Vanellope, which is against, and against it not only the Internet. I think it was necessary to more clearly set priorities, so speak with this respect. I would like more detail the role of each character and their activities in relation to the Internet as such. Although, perhaps, I still not understand how time "against" and what's the explicit categorical. Well, come on... Leave this topic and it turns out that I too carp, because it is nothing like the cartoon, but not a drama.

Music. The music in the total mass is somewhat sad, so it is virtually nonexistent. In connection this track "Imagine Dragons — Zero" looks more than appropriate Yes and listen to it very nice.

"Ralph against the Internet" for me another cartoon that is worth watching to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of lightness, childhood and a good mood. Despite the previously listed cons, I recommend this picture and I wish all pleasant viewing:)

7 out of 10

How much did it cost to make Ralph Breaks the Internet?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $175,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Ralph Breaks the Internet?
This tv-show was directed by Rich Moore, Phil Johnston.
What is the genre of Ralph Breaks the Internet?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Adventure, Comedy, Animation, Best movies 2018, Oscar 2019, Best Animation Movies 2018, Best Comedy Movies 2018, Best Family Movies 2018.
Who starred in Ralph Breaks the Internet?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Mandy Moore, Kristen Bell, Kelly Macdonald, Auli'i Cravalho, Alan Tudyk.
What is Ralph Breaks the Internet IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.1.
When was Ralph Breaks the Internet released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-11-21.