Raid dingue

The French special forces there is no place for feelings. But everything changes when the ranks of the elite unit breaks bright and sexy girl police officer. She immediately conquers all brave men, and they instantly fall in love with a new employee. Only the unyielding detachment commander: girls in SWAT have nothing to do! Whether in the struggle of ambitions to spark true love?

  • Dany Boon

Release Date: 2017-02-01
IMDb icon 5.5/10
  • Country: BE, FR
  • Language: French | English | Serbian
  • Budget: $32,400,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $34,598,750
Fanchon Cullan
03 May 2017 | 02:47

Danny Boone has lost form. This is the conclusion after watching the new film by the Creator of the hit the hilarious Comedy "Bobro to pojalovat" "Customs gives good". And if setting yet another record in duties in French hire "Take me by storm" re-executes the plan and happy producers, then the quality of the picture, alas, is disappointing.

The plot of the film revolves around an incorrigible loser Joan Pascual (Alice Pol), who dreams to move from ordinary police in an elite unit of COBRA (the equivalent of our Riot). To or physical form nor intellectual abilities do not allow honestly to produce such an increase. A whole hope blat: the benefit that the dad of the heroine — nothing but he interior Minister of France. But is fundamentally against the instructor of the Cobra and a misogynist Froissart (Boone)...

The idea of the film is good. The actors are talented and charismatic. Yeah and a sense of humor Danny Boone all still fine. But whether the years take their toll, it whether the French mnogostanochnikov banal scribbled. All not just be a one-man band: to write the script, direct and play the main role in his films.

In the end, "Take me by storm" is full of funny situations and gags, but they are already somewhere was. When watching and it reminded of the classic police Comedy — from Hollywood "Naked gun" and"Police Academy" to the French series "Taxi". Original jokes Buna here, or sexist, or homophobic tendencies.

The pace of the favorite of the French and Russian viewers can quickly ruin its reputation as one of the best modern Comedy. But hope best — what Danny Boone now a little rest, gain strength and inspiration and will surprise all of us. in the future a great Comedy, not inferior to his best works.

6 from 10

Missie Melena
07 April 2017 | 01:26

Joanne Pascual is not only the most hard-nosed and uncompromising female COP in France, but still the most dangerous. It clumsiness and absent-mindedness are a major threat not only colleagues criminals but for the slender groom. Routine work, which she trust, not bring proper fun, Joe toying with the idea of contact COBRA (counter-terrorism rapid response unit). Because of the invisible protection of the father — Minister of internal Affairs, it still gets there. The training manual instructs the technician Cobra-Eugène Froissart on the nickname "Bloody". He will look for any excuse to discourage Joanna to become an elite fighter, not knowing that it is destined to change its appearance forever.

Director and actor Dany boon decided to get out of the image of the crank and in his new work, "Take me by storm", trying on the uniform the depressed and silent instructor, who became a woman hater after he was left by his wife. I must say, he same in Comedy roles, like and the image of the melancholic hero. Earlier, it the characters were created from grimances and mock extravagance, and now in power type it acts the form of a sarcastic grump, all more moving away from the images of the innocents, bearing on themselves the legacy of Louis De Funes. However, in this time the Central link of the picture — not him a hero. The film completely belongs to Alice Paul, clumsy and unusually flexible girl, reminiscent of the characters of Pierre Richard. The impact strength of the paintings — it faces and stunning energy. Literally with the opening scene, it populates them space, the first twenty minutes of her pure performance from the awkward Breakfast with the groom before mad pursuit of the robbers.

The film begins to lose the level of humor and quality one-liners, when it appears the Balkan terrorist (Ivan Attal). Episodes from his dressing up in transvestite and the king become a movie in a trivial set of tricks and jokes built up on the spectacular chemistry between Boone and Paul. However, this is not spoil the experience. The Director knows what the audience is waiting for: simple and the plot's predictable and understandable for each humor. With this formula, it consistently achieves success in the box office. In 2008 I removed the international hit "Bobro to pojalovat!", and with "Take me by storm" in the end of last year was able to beat the best record of the weekend for French rental, set "Lucy" by Luc Besson. Even changing the role of the hero, Boone as the author of the painting remains a skillful connoisseur of the case. "Take me by storm" — a hilarious Comedy about that you should always go for a dream, no matter what (especially if you clumsy), is able to make everyone laugh and everyone.

Joella Kenward
21 February 2018 | 01:14

Such a title suggests. He and only he is well correlated with my emotion.

Ahhh!! I watch the trailer — New French Comedy Dany boon! Worth a look, definitely.

Ahhh!! I watch yourself. the film. What is it?

Ahhh!! Summary — I'm a big fan of French comedies, not able film to watch.

But throw out the direction of emotions. So, France for the history of cinema has produced many wonderful films in including comedies. I personally French Comedy is appreciated for available in them emotional lyrical tone.

"Take me by storm" — action-Comedy. It is a movie in which mainly a fun fight and comically fall down. I'm not against action-comedies. Just in this field is best played by Americans.

The film itself is not bad, it's just not what I expected, and as a result disappointed.

Joanna — the daughter of the Minister. It serves the police, although she so unfortunate that she they all want to get rid of. She raves about the service in the rapid response tactical squad of COBRAS. And father, help her become an Intern in the unit.

The first Association — either before us women's Americanized version of sweet and long-forgotten "the Inspector Razin" or is "Private Benjamin" in French.

In General and overall, to watch a movie. He dynamic, fairly stupid, in it has a comical action scene. But no one of lightness, cuteness, charm — call want, which we, as a rule expect from French cinema.

Danny Boone is in the Treasury of great movies, there are bad. Sorry it this time...

How much has Raid dingue made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $34,598,750.
How much did it cost to make Raid dingue?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $32,400,000.
Who is the director of the movie Raid dingue?
This tv-show was directed by Dany Boon.
What is the genre of Raid dingue?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Comedy, Romance.
Who starred in Raid dingue?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Alice Pol, Dany Boon, Michel Blanc, Yvan Attal, Sabine Azéma.
What is Raid dingue IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.5.
When was Raid dingue released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-02-01.