Punch-Drunk Love

Barry Egan was unlucky. Being the eighth child in a family where all other children are girls — a fate not for the faint of heart. Not surprisingly, in the shadow of his seven clearly prone to the tyranny of the sisters, strongly discourage all his attempts to have a romantic relationship, the guy grew up creepy neurotic with lots of facilities. Barry has been deeply in his thirties, but suffers from sudden outbursts of rage hero never learned to communicate properly with people. With women in particular. But fortune has not yet set a Barry cross one day he meets a strange girl that will turn his life...

  • Paul Thomas Anderson

Release Date: 2002-11-01
IMDb icon 7.3/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $25,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $24,665,649
Eba Wheelwright
15 November 2014 | 11:32

"Punch-Drunk Love" tells the story of Barry Eagan — eccentric guy in a blue Tux massively buying puddings with coupons in order to get the opportunity to fly on a plane more than one million miles. Besides the amusing purpose his eight sisters and position factory manufacture of plungers. No girlfriend.

Undoubtedly, Paul Thomas Anderson has an author's vision, and on the part of expressive means peculiar experiments of the Director, so the tape is replete with them. At the view is impossible not to notice the abstract transitions from scene to scene, which sometimes can be interpreted symbolically (blue and red portends the "battle" character with a villain). Or music the moments when Barry's life is heading to hell: chaos on the work, love the girl, the prostitute-blackmailer — all here now — plays a searing blend of percussion and keyboards in African style with the sounds of tearing paper and belasica logs, almost deafening voice actors, inadvertently causing a sense of discomfort, concern. Such compositions are distinguished on the background of other soundtracks; noteworthy what they play every time the character's position is deteriorating or you need to immediately deal with the threat. Closer to the interchange is one only music can arouse feelings of anxiety before the appearance of visual problems.

The film cannot be called art house in the it has made a considerable number of reviewers. The story of failure to the low position and problems dealing with the opposite sex were raised in the film industry (especially Hollywood) countless times, because the ending is already obvious after the trailer — the hero will overcome the villain will get the girl's hands, and the win over a inner demons: insecurity, modesty and etc.; actually, it makes Barry. However, after watching a feeling of incompleteness. Yeah, he took over their own systems, but the main antagonist that during the film managed to blackmail, forcing 500$, to beat the poor fellow, and, in the end, hurt him lover and gets off with a verbal altercation.

After 5 years, Anderson has resorted to like in his best recognized work, "There Will Be Blood" — must pay incurred by a tyrannical oil tycoon Plainview for evil deed you cannot see it intangible, like and the wages of Barry on enemy, which is not comparable with the damage. In the first case the ambiguous climax brings to catharsis, presents food for reflection, for scene — Plainview is not got away with water, by contrast, has committed himself to force the last breath (though missing scene or dialogue, clearly showing this). A one-sided final "Punch-Drunk Love" leaves the impression of incompleteness, of being. The fly adds the obvious financial inequities of the main character before the same girl: wealthy friend could afford air travel, and that guy will have to turn to the complimentary coupons, to pull out from seasonal pudding, to be there with her. Hard to say what the villain got the proper punishment, and hero complete victory.

Maurine Steffy
08 March 2016 | 07:35

"Love, the bustle of the feet," Paul Thomas Anderson on a pleasant surprise for its atmosphere. In contrast the early work of American muralist she explores not such a broad questions as his "Magnolia", and on the contrary focuses on the individual his silent sick condition.

Moving away from a family perspective "Magnolia", taking out a little absurdity, it correctly was able to apply the image of a lone American, and in this role a little comical Adam Sandler, his worried look, gets to 100 percent. And even more, surely it his best serious role, for which a cunning Jew unfastened the large, six-figure sum in a good fee.

Emily Watson is also good in the role of a love interest, she just had to play blue eyes surprise the psychotic actions of Barry Egan. There is Philip Seymour Hoffman, in the role of chief of the sex the phone. Over the last of our hero there are several problems associated with a call there...

To summarize, we can say that it is the most, my opinion one of the best films about love as. He is a bit like "Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind" Michel Gondry, on the same when a person is not may be recognized in love it also, knocks feet helps to get out of the most difficult situation!

Leoline Bertilla
01 January 2017 | 11:08

"Love, the bustle of the feet," Paul Thomas Anderson is also intended to break stereotypes and to put the audience in a difficult position. How to deny the value of the film, which in due time brought the master the title of best Director of the year at the Cannes film festival, along with the painting "Strokes of fire" Korean Them Gwon- - Taek and is really distracting for all declared the genre framework, and Adam Sandler and is far from a familiar? In that Anderson had purely individual key in the world of cinema, no doubt, left to get used to that every castle has a secret.

By the time of the creation of this film, the most famous Anderson brought commercial hit "Magnolia", which a full-length work of the Director was a three-year break. "Magnolia" has got all senses visible movie, whether the length of time, the number of actors or the story itself, so unusual, that does not give short description. Like or no Anderson to make his new film is more prosaic, but "Love, the bustle of the feet," at the apparent simplicity, the story is not trivial.

Life notorious people whom they were, always found a bright continuation in the film, many criticize psychology has become a powerful instrument of psychological picture of the world. In "Love, the bustle of feet," this mechanism works flawlessly, and the reason is not only the collective fears of the local population, taken for based and correct the work of writers who have made of Adam Sandler archetypal American middle-aged, in the literal sense occurred on my only unsolved problems of bygone years, but and their past. Instead of any explanation and answers to emerging issues, the plot with a head immerses the audience in a bizarre game of mind Barry, making them one. In the odd, sometimes very cruel world everywhere, even to work, there will be a small miracle, even the miracle it is with eyes wet from tears.

Anderson prefers to storytelling the language of imaginary sequences that look like to surrealista dreams, then the feverish dream tired of human life, but they finally, associated with each friend. Brought to despair, but not broken Barry rushes in a fictional range of issues from one of the dangers to any meets your way that prepared to give him no if. This cuts two ends of the interesting, the Director leaves the possibility to build infinite guesses and assumptions about who is more crazy Barry or the world inhabited by its half-witted sisters and others like them. While Barry rushes around life continues remains beautiful and amazing (Hello Mr. Mkrtchyan). Especially good is noticeably in the scene where Barry talking on phone street booth in stay on Hawaii, immersed in their own problems and not noticing that around it.

"Love, the bustle of the feet" — funny sad story absurdities of human life, are full of inexplicable things, which are much stronger than it seems to affect our fate and quietly change people. And the main value of this film as times that he teaches, even with exaggerated, extreme approaches, the selfless simplicity, without which life is not life, but a series of distorting mirrors with ugly images.

How much has Punch-Drunk Love made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $24,665,649.
How much did it cost to make Punch-Drunk Love?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $25,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Punch-Drunk Love?
This tv-show was directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.
What is the genre of Punch-Drunk Love?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama, Romance.
Who starred in Punch-Drunk Love?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Adam Sandler, Jason Andrews, Don McManus, Emily Watson, Luis Guzmán.
What is Punch-Drunk Love IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.3.
When was Punch-Drunk Love released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2002-11-01.