For the high-school senior comes the most important day in his life, both in personal terms and in their studies. But all breaks off, and before reaching the final. Waking up the next morning, he realizes that he was in "Groundhog Day". And now he has over and over again to relive all the events of this most important day until everything will be perfect. But will he be able to get out of the time loop and make their teenage fantasies a reality?

  • Dan Beers

Release Date: 2014-07-02
IMDb icon 5.8/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English | French
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $415,863
Lynn Caughey
25 July 2014 | 11:09

I was yelling at my dick cause it won't get hard.

The Creator of the Comedy series "Fact Checkers Unit" Dan Beers in collaboration with the writer of Matthew Harawitz specializing primarily on television productions, debuted on the big screen with work on the young man is able to make temporal shifts in the moment of ejaculation. The resounding success of this indie Comedy not received, but because "Freaks & Geeks", the Judd Apatow in his time were closed due to low ratings.

The transition period between the beauty of childhood and the charm of youth, Dan shows with Birs by using sketches of the life Robb Crabb, who seriously treated the entrance interview at the College, while not found myself the ability to move in a temporary space, however limited to a single day. The sharp transitions between what is "I awoke this morning, I felt is able to overcome that anyone" and the feeling caused by teenage transformations, the futility, the uselessness and senselessness, take "Premature" in the form of time, which is collected through Masturbation.

Hypersexuality along with the impossibility of the realization and untimely manifestation of the first urge of an erotic nature, become the a map that the Director with the success of the plays. "Premature" without doubt focused on sex this item here on the only part of the story and nothing more. The hero of the movie in contrast actors for example, American pie, has interests which amount is not only the loss of virginity. Yes  & Birs without vulgarity, so his interested in humor, and not attracting attention of the public by the "spicy" moments — sex is just sex and nothing more.

To talk about "Premature," as about the success of the film enables not only the absence of vulgarity and set a good joke, but and imagery. For example, one episodes boy Robb in the incident will be forced to change trousers on orange shorts, which of course, look ridiculous with a strict jacket and shirt. This incident is an excellent metaphor — picture of teenage self-awareness consists of contradictions and uncertainty.

Neither a second film not departs from the humorous burlesque. Sitcom refers to this cinematic type that can realize not always, but for a debut film Birs shows the high class, which many filmmakers do not can achieve, even with the summary, consisting of several dozen positions. In addition, "Premature" covers a variety of relevant story topics. Here and pressure from the parents difficult relations with classmates. What the common denominator has only one — the growing apathy of the hero to the events that leads to the behavior of a few cheeky and definitely irresponsible.

Although not only students, however, and teachers are the problem. As wrote Alan Bennett, mentor "the most difficult to hide the fact that he is also a man", so that's "Premature" this, of course, exaggerated comical character who is able to cry on the exam, plays great Alan Tudyk. However, the rest of the cast, not despite its early years, shows a high level of professionalism. In first and foremost it is worth noting John Karna, which looks very promising newcomer. He knows how to improvise and makes it is not worse than the above mentioned Alan Tudyka. Screen friends become Karna, Craig Roberts and Katie Findlay and also Adam Riegler, their appearance in he is reminiscent of the hero Jason Schwartzman of"Dudes".

Dan Beers claims that when you create a story about the young man name Robb, focused on the works of John Hughes (which can be seen at to which Director refers to his characters), but the film the same probably refers to the indie than to a family movie for a wide audience. Although the festival in Texas "Premature" stood in schedule row for such films as totally failed with the perspective of the film "Chef" and the remarkable "Bad words", but in kingsdale it is somewhere between "Napoleon Dynamite" and"General education" by Tom Morris, then there is definitely opposition refers to movies stupid, watered. correct (in the bad sense of the word) and not funny.

The only "dangerous" moments of the film are demonstration of Masturbation in or different form, although the Nude on the screen, but without it was "Premature" receives a rating of "R" than deprived segment of the teen audience. Yeah and the average viewer older whose heart rate quickens from the reference to "Freaks & Geeks", which is not understand the charm of "Napoleon Dynamite," will remain indifferent to "Premature." What well, Dan Beers and I expect a commercial success, its goal was to make a good movie, in which you can find about personally for you sense. Whether it's laughter from prematurity of some physiological moments or such a "prematurity" will show you just humorous form in which clothed the story of that all the time — adulthood, responsibility and love.

To live as if any possible to correct and change — this, of course, wrong. Even the all-powerful Doctor Who is not able to correct what happened in favor of their own whims. And travel in time is possible only only way those that the hero Domnall Gleason found in the end of the movie "About time", and fair-haired Robb of the "Premature" also comes to similar conclusions, but some other way.

Jerrine Benita
16 January 2015 | 12:31

High school graduate lives alone and same day and again. Morning, school, interview, meeting with girlfriend, orgasm... and again.

Originality in there no. Scenes with ejaculation so often repeat that just bored, but still the film is a lot of good jokes and decent scenes. When a good mood to watch it.

I don't think the film will have much like, but if you haven't sick teenage hyperactivity, please, the night to pass you.

6 from 10

How much has Premature made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $415,863.
Who is the director of the movie Premature?
This tv-show was directed by Dan Beers.
What is the genre of Premature?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Fantasy.
Who starred in Premature?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: John Karna, Caroline Traywick, Kate Kneeland, Steve Coulter, Zoe Myers.
What is Premature IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.8.
When was Premature released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2014-07-02.