Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Brittany, 1770. Marianne, the artist, arrives at the estate on the coast, to paint a portrait of the daughter of its owner — Eloise. The picture need to send the groom Eloise in Milan. In protest against the marriage the girl refuses to pose, and the guest is presented as a companion for walks. Spending more and more time together, the girls begin to feel a mutual attraction.

  • Céline Sciamma

Release Date: 2020-02-14
IMDb icon 8.2/10
  • Country: FR
  • Language: French | Italian
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $9,715,345
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Melitta Ertha
01 February 2020 | 08:00

Feminism in art — the subject is quite shaky. The drama and depth can be replaced by the unscrupulous (like margarine for butter) propaganda and pressure the weaknesses of modern society. To avoid finding answers to rhetorical questions like "Who is guilty?" and plunge into the contemplation of the love story, directed by Celine Samma in  the"Portrait of a girl in the fire" creates its own, devoid of masculinity female world.

The late 18th century, Brittany. The young artist receives a unusual order: pretending to be a companion for walks, a secret she needs to paint a portrait of a young aristocrat who refuses to pose for his "advertising" of the portrait. It is not want to get married, the more man, which is almost nothing knows.

Starting work on a portrait, Marianne is exploring the whimsical appearance of a model. Large plans consistently show that canvas which come to life and fade strokes, then the elusive smile, a look, the hands of Eloisa. So audience is the role of the artist and begins to feel the love tension between the two girls.

Moreover, Celine Samma (the Director), the actress who plays the role of Eloise — longtime Muse, that's why the whole movie is like concentrated on the unusual beauty of the actress.

Gradually, the sessions of posing turn into hugs and kisses, protest, so anyone noticed. But the love relationship I seen the puppet or just not all open. Their history resonates with tragic and beautiful myth about the Orpheus and Eurydice, a story about the brutal acceptance of the truth. Two mistress exactly understand the impossibility of joint life, the transience of their happiness due to the laws of time. Parting is inevitable.

By the way, the apparent anachronisms in  the"Portrait of a girl in the fire" — something that you should close your eyes. In this film, the specifics, consistency — only secondary.

Celine Sama works as an artist, a symbolist, because many images are often repeated: book with myths, rocky landscapes of the North-West of France, canvas and paint.

And the main soundtrack of the movie — the noise of the raging sea in combined with the quiet crackle of the logs in fireplace — speaks the feelings of the main characters than their words. And play Noemi Merlan and Adel Enel has a certain charm, a charm which can both and charming, so and reject.

Another image of a woman in film — it still a young maid, looking for a way to get rid of unwanted pregnancy. In an atmosphere of complete beauty, the rustling of dresses there is the most banal problem of the lack of civility. It's amazing how the realities of the times seem cruel to modern man. Unwittingly realize how important personal freedom for everyone.

When, years later, when the performance of "Summer" by Vivaldi, eyes Eloise be covered with a veil of tears, the audience along with Marianne (furtively watched her) realizes that "fire" feelings have subsided, and only sparked a flame of unhappiness.

"Portrait of a girl in the fire" — scenic film about how stereotypes obstacles the minds may be deprived of happiness.

7.6 out of 10

Candie Tatiana
22 October 2019 | 01:03

The end of the XVIII century. On island Brittany arrives a young artist Marianna to execute the order of a wealthy widow to draw a portrait of her daughter Eloise, whom are married and sent to Milan since the groom the bride has not saw him you must transfer the picture from the image of a girl. But still no one artist does not able to cope with the task, but Eloise flatly refuses to pose and because the mother asks Marianne to be submitted artist, companion for trips. The for this is a good reason: the woman is afraid to let go of Eloise somewhere one, so how her sister committed suicide, throwing himself from rock. Marianne manages to find a common language with the rebellious, freedom-loving Eloise, and after some time, both the girls realize that not a joke in love with each friend.

Same as in case Jean Cocteau, through cinema, recognized in love, Jean Marais, directed by Celine Shamma uses the camera to Express my feelings for his main Muse — actress companion Adel Enel. How many Directors, she wisely refuses to  dirty give a forbidden love exotic status, turning it into the language of knowing each other and a portrait of the senses without the boundaries. It is really very cleverly builds the narrative, which is more than ascetic: in addition to the main characters and a pair of secondary, in the frame no one else, have them, only two dresses, the interiors are often empty, a voice-over soundtrack replaces the noise surf the crackle of firewood in the fireplace and landscape beauty monotonous in its original, simple elegance. Samma obviously sees himself in the image of Marianne — artist, so carefully studying your model as using the camera or the brush it begins to notice the internal through the external, what does not see one of the others. Scenario eventfulness in common sense is missing, it is more important than the transformation of emotions, played out by persons on whom the camera focuses on the max, trying to capture every glance, hand position or body, a sense of excitement or longing from pent-up desires.

Of course, there are some moments in directing Samma that seem a bit questionable or not entirely successful. Seeking a noble minimalism, it a few dry history, sometimes resorting to the coldness and apathy, at times devaluing some important points, forcing the heroine to speak and without obvious nuances, at the same time including unnecessary narration. Also perfectly clear that the problems of the heroines of the past like and the theme of forbidden same-sex feelings, Samma used for transmission of urgent problems — the unwillingness to belong to the men (which are almost completely absent on the screen) and a rebellion against the sexist rules, the defending women's freedoms and rights and to abortion as and the ability to withstand the circumstances let to throw an open challenge to society still does not work. In these moments of the heroine begin to behave in a deliberately modern and enthusiasm for the Director's political statements a few loses focus and lyrical line, which all cost focus solely on the development of interpersonal relationships and the inevitable tragedy of parting — other social and political metaphors could well-read and in the story, without literal explanations transparent allusions and demonstrations. In connection this somewhat simple-minded and melodramatic look climactic scene from which fact, should deeply my heart, but not going — plus, Samma if not been able to decide how her better to finish your film and therefore introduces two episodes, each of which could become a spectacular final point, but using both seems a little redundant: among them frame with picture open replica (hard to say, conscious or not) of the final masterpiece of Luke Guadagnino "Give me your name" with its long fixation on changing the face the iconic music.

But, of course, some controversy and blemishes as not to spoil this picture as "portrait of a girl in the fire" — very beautiful, fine and delicate movie. In alone pulled on his shoulders this costume trinkets as "Curiosa" Naomi, Merlan one of the brightest young Actresses of modern French cinema Adel Enel, even at a young age made a name for yourself scandalous "the Devils" depict genuine chemistry and perfectly cast is very strong, contrasting Duo, let them effort their Shamma relationship look all the same more landscape of sensuality and desire, rather than one deep tragic love. The operator generally works wonders on the level of the artist — first which removed all that may interfere with the heroines or detract from them, shines wonderfully soft, warm and gentle light, bewitching persons, Actresses, aesthetics of minimalism and effectively recreated the atmosphere of privacy. And, let the potential of this story is still could be revealed more vividly, profoundly and powerfully, "portrait of a girl in the fire" is definitely one of the brightest of the cinematic events of the year and definitely deserves the audience's attention, so when in our country falls a rare opportunity to see a picture with a similar theme on the screens of cinemas.

Ursulina Curhan
28 October 2019 | 07:51

This year's Cannes film festival, you can say freak on the full program because it was the number of paintings, deservedly received honorable attention from the jury ordinary spectators. One of the provocative the most beautiful was the psychological drama "the Portrait of a girl in the fire."

synopsis in Brittany, in the second half of the XVIII century. Young and professional artist Marianne arrives in an old mansion on the coast, to paint a portrait of the daughter of the owner of Eloise. As the portrait is intended to send future groom Eloise in Milan girl wished to marry, in protest, she refuses to pose. To avoid errors with the previous artist, Marianne imagine how companion, Eloise for through which Marianne will secretly consider the girls face and then memory to paint a portrait. However, being a long time in the company of each other, between girls there is a mutual attraction.

acting In the film involved no such a large number of Actresses, but each they have created a unique and a unique way. For example, Noemie Merlan created the image of an atypical French women of her time Marianne, women artists, accustomed to live at free your own rules, but not able to resist the tender feelings, the sudden onset of love. Adel Enel played the role of Eloise, a lonely bird trapped in a cage of her aristocratic family, who dreams to feel a taste of freedom, a moment of which it makes the arms of Marianne.

Directing Picture of Celine Samma literally imbued with the spirit of personal freedom, freedom of creativity and freedom for women in a man's world. Not forget the action takes place in pre-revolutionary France, which has given what is happening on the screen the glare of scandal. However, for the whole costume wrap, lesbian overtones and hints of feminism lies the idea of the importance of individual liberty, of detachment from the obsolete orders of magnitude, the desire of man to choose his own path. Two character, as the two antipodes, this short-lived connection, fill each other internal voids. Marianna independent in everything is felt even in the little things: how she boldly jumped in sea fell in the water content for works like she's naked and confident Smoking a pipe from the fireplace, as she wielded a hammer, nailing the sheet to the window to hide the extra light and etc. Eloise — typical image of a child of the aristocracy, which at birth is devoid of personal freedom, and consequently, her decide with whom she will live for whom to marry and etc. Both heroines not enough only one — feelings of love and freedoms that they found on a short period of time in the company of each other.

Script the film is set in pre-revolutionary France on the Brittany Peninsula. A young artist Marianna, inherited from father only thing, but and gift, arrives in an old mansion, standing on the coast where she will paint a portrait of Eloise, daughter of the hostess, who dreams to marry some the aristocrat of Milan. As it turns out, this originally the role was given to the sister of Eloise, but that also not want to get married, decided his problem, thrown off rock. Eloise torn from the Benedictine monastery, where was planning to spend the rest of life in the protest refuses to pose than the wore out the previous artist. Given the sad experience, the owner is Marianne as a companion to walking Heloise, in which she will have to study the girl's face and memory to paint a portrait. The first version is not leaves, the hostess gives the artist a second chance and leaves the house for some time. Left to themselves, Marianne and Eloise drinking wine, "hang out" with local, help the maid to have an abortion, take drugs, and finally fall in love with each other — in General, having fun at the full. But in this case arose a sense of attachment and in the same time bitter realization that they will be able to be together, to make them empathize.

Summary Domestic audience, far from the films of such a plan, may spontaneously declare that this movie is about two lesebuch. But I think it is beautifully filmed, imbued with visual creativity psychological drama devoted to the values of personal, creative and sensual freedom, to which must be sought by every man, if he wants to find true happiness.

10 of 10

How much has Portrait of a Lady on Fire made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $9,715,345.
Who is the director of the movie Portrait of a Lady on Fire?
This tv-show was directed by Céline Sciamma.
What is the genre of Portrait of a Lady on Fire?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Romance, Best Romance Movies 2019.
Who starred in Portrait of a Lady on Fire?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Noémie Merlant, Adèle Haenel, Luàna Bajrami, Valeria Golino, Christel Baras.
What is Portrait of a Lady on Fire IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.2.
When was Portrait of a Lady on Fire released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2020-02-14.