Playing with Fire

When a severe fire chief Jake Carson and his elite team of experienced firefighters rescued three children trapped on the face of an oncoming forest fire, they quickly realize that no amount of training could prepare them for the most difficult job is to become a nurse. Not being able to find the parents of children, they are faced with the fact that their life, work and native fire Department rapidly turn on its head, because children — as fire — wild and unpredictable.

  • Andy Fickman

Release Date: 2019-11-08
IMDb icon 4.8/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $29,900,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $68,631,669
Kesley Daisy
08 February 2020 | 08:48

Brutal man is not the first time place in the skin kind of "nanny" for subsequent deep-seated motives. However, often, such products still leaning his poor head in the direction of entertainment content. At this time, John Blue was given the honor to portray a fearless fire-jumper, for whom phrases such as a favorable microclimate and the fire element, the fact, become synonymous. With the advent of children in the clergy order and the canons there was a real generational revolution. According to the classics of the genre, emotionless commander, with aid touching the external factors that should change in better and stop hiding behind the front stone Foundation.

Hence a bit unusual harmony of the wrestler in the lead role. John was good as possible to segment shortage of emotions, but when it came to refusal a robotic version, it would still not bad. Here two options: either I threw it into the TRANS first half of the film, or an aspiring actor and really efficiently played their role. Perhaps, and that in equally. In fairness, it should be noted that Jake himself was not very and varied. Most of the time he still goes with regular face, and just under the end gives a good response on what is happening. The rest of the cast is identically good projected on images in the film. Special impression left Keegan-Michael Key with its good humorous panels, and brianna Hildebrand, which reflex jumped on the opinion of the viewer, from to dislike, to approve of understanding.

In the beginning, children only complicate and without that uneasy life of firefighters, and then, in a flash, find with them common language. With the inception of this Trinity, not were no one reason for healthy communication, however, in this film is simple enough to find similar life problem. This change the main character changes dramatically. The end was more like the disney product of mass consumption, and about the lack of interesting recipe of characters, or standard elements of lapping, I do not say anything. On a bit cloying background, the humor looked very ordinary and fun places. Sometimes it succeeded, sometimes excessive use of one and the same the jokes were tired, but sometimes significant blunders. And, yeah, that the movie is not immune from "toilet" silly humor about poop vomiting.

I have to say, it is the movie is not puts before itself the high purposes not trying to be original, not hesitate to be silly and even more than set itself the task of intellectual property. In front of the viewing stands set up on 1.5 hours of entertainment saturation, and more fortunate humor. Although, I recommend it is better to pay your eyes on other comic products of modern and vintage cinema. For example, movies about the gendarme with Louis de Funes to still look fresh and exciting!

5 from 10

Gabrielle Gambrell
12 January 2020 | 12:37

Few raillery able to build a career in professional actors, whose names lured into the cinema crowds. In his time trying to conquer the Hollywood hills, Hulk Hogan, presented us with a few frivolous comedic films, and the less than only joining great movie of Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson could be safe to say that the guys the ring is quite a surprise and even outshine experienced, confident actors, not leave the set on for decades. Gain popularity and experience in WWE, to follow in the footsteps of Johnson and decided John Cena, whose first relatively loud experience was the Thriller Renny Harlin's "12 rounds". In contrast same Hulk Hogan, entrenched in the cheesy family Comedy, Cena tried to build a heroic image, appearing subsequently in several other major paintings, but the public wanted it a little different. Of course, sometimes Blue has been able to get in a major Studio movie like "Bumblebee", where he was offered the role of strong guys with a machine the hands, all you must admit that in the light entertainment genre he does not less good, but sometimes even more. Modest in appearance of the novels, "Hello, dad, New year" may not opened the real dramatic potential of philosophy, but his feigned seriousness and still then the bright glory of one of the best restlerov of his generation led to that him become increasingly offer interesting role, and not only the militants. One of the most interesting variants was the Comedy "Game with fire", from which one does not expect anything breakthrough as for Sina, so and the genre as a particular, all the audience wants to see how the brave athlete to handle with three naughty children, the most being totally unprepared for the environment. It is quite clear that to gain a foothold in this movie as Hulk Hogan, Cena is not grow all his efforts were quite amusing, and hence deserves the greater attention.

So, the plot of the film introduces us with a fearless fireman Jake Carson (John Cena), who is accustomed to perform a duty and not to ask too many questions. Work at the detachment of the Jack, in which besides himself includes mark (Keegan-Michael Key), "TopoR" (Tyler Maine) and Rodrigo (John Leguizamo) abound, so how they work in difficult wooded terrain, however, is that nobody complained about his fate. But things change after the next job, which turns completely unpredictable consequences. Going to extinguish the flames the house, Jake and his team as always risked their lives to the ideal to carry out duties, the actions of firefighters from the death was rescued three children caught in the trap. Of course, such an outcome is in time to celebrate, but is not as easy as Jack would seem. Due to the fact that native children are far away, and nobody in the forces for them, firefighters had to shelter in their part of the unexpected guests, who completely refuse to recognize the authority of adults. Naturally, most such an outcome is angry Jake, pumped up biceps of steel and not tolerate a free Charter on allotted territory. Colleagues listen to Jake, he he never violated the discipline, but now firefighters begins a completely different life. They can't leave your stuff without supervision, because they immediately begin to dig. Children's slightest joke can lead to completely unpredictable consequences, but in such conditions it is very difficult to engage in what older boys gathered in the firehouse. And is to rescue people and nature of deadly force flame. Everything goes to that no good neighborhood kids and firefighters do not will end, but we with the army know this type of movies, offering absolutely nothing extraordinary, but however, instead of giving positive emotions, charged brand charm John Sina and a couple of decent jokes, which could be a few more.

Frankly it is ridiculous to require "Games with fire" something extraordinary, so as a project in the lot was created under the terrible way Sina, faced with childish antics, from which there is no Savior. Something similar is already passed-in the time, Arnold Schwarzenegger, VIN Diesel, Dolph Lundgren and already mentioned Hulk Hogan. Each of these actors had the opportunity to surprise their fans by co-starring in frankly unsuitable for your heroic character roles, so that those will prove that they are much more versatile artists than previously thought. Have someone's turned out better, was another success is not was accompanied by, and still Sina decided not refuse the opportunity to play something extraordinary and probably not lose. Of course, we saw his performance something really bright and dramatic, but with that he was in a fun environment where it was just a crime not to laugh. As time to the seriousness of philosophy, of his folly fellow change absolutely not have children and builds the humor of the statement, and so "Games with fire" wait just not worth it. It is quite clear that film to limit the predictable, the denouement is easily guessed even not knowing that will happen in middle and still this story is able to entertain, let it and can become more resourceful and sharp. The Director would be worth to be a Chud more courage and resourcefulness to really surprise their audience with something more than the fire version of "Kindergarten COP", but we have to admit that such delights are a true rarity and it's good that "Games with fire" is not cause a feeling of acute irritation. So that the work of Andy Vixena albeit nothing Shine, but see it at least nice and moderately entertaining.

Not to say that here are some of special proved actors in addition to Sina, but always nice to see in the case of John Leguizamo, yeah and Keegan-Michael Key also looks good in paired with colleagues, playing the humor in complete and sometimes even bending the bar of enthusiasm. What same applies to children, they got the classic images of the young rebels with a lyrical bent, which in any case will have to find a common language with older, so expect them something extraordinary banal it is, however as and the whole movie in particular. Well that they look very harmonious in I can not chip for all attention when necessary, can then if pricked, then whether to laugh, that is important.

In the end I want to say that "Games with fire" give us and even that can be expected from such a film. Wanted more, but are what is.

6 from 10

Lydie Teddie
06 February 2020 | 11:41

"Games with fire" — like a hilarious Comedy for the whole family, but there is one thing. It seems that the film was shot in two different Director, and wrote two different writer, where one group was engaged in the first half of the story, and other of the opposite vision and approach has opened the second part with the final outcome. It is for this reason can be quite different and even contradictory impressions of the whole story in General.

The plot hardened up to the bone fire chief, obsessed rules compliance, preparing for increase of your dreams. But as a result of a forest fire rescued three young children will spend the weekend with a team of firefighters that don't have to rambunctious kids. And all any in a few hours cleaned up to Shine the firehouse, where should come important the Commission is transformed to an unrecognizable state. And now the protagonist has to do all possible to bring the situation under control, pacify children and to avoid disruption of the upcoming appointment.

From the first minutes of plot development, the authors immediately allow the viewer to understand what is a cartoonish Comedy with overly dumb characters and same behavior, like all escaped village of Fools (referring to a humorous magazine show "Pun"). Many such things seem unfunny, delusional and even disgusting, where the excessive antics of the actors covers all existing advantages, and that is a good statement and beautiful landscapes of nature. Flat and one-sided humor is literally sucked from the finger and plot obvious effort, dragged in by the ears with all possible cliches and cliches. Watch this is not fun even more of interest is not cause. Not possible that most of the audience will be disappointed in film will stop watching. But still, if you wait some time, everyone will receive a pleasant surprise, because all future events are completely opposite to the nature of the narrative, where to the fore not effect, and domestic drama with a gradual disclosure of the characters each character. The authors focus on the complex relationship of the protagonist with the father, the expanding the limited world of a character who on his firehouse, where he grew up nothing seen. As as in all the years, he and did not know all the charms of life not have experienced moments of happiness, great love and incredible feelings of paternity. According to basically the second half of the film — this is a real melodrama with elements of Comedy about family values, where some episodes may even move to tears.

Unbelievable, but in one film fit two completely different genres, while it may be that some, on the contrary, like biting idiocy in early, it will tip in sleep banal melodrama in the end. Of course, to each his own, but here we should understand that the film, though, and tries to possible, to reach the maximum audience, but that's nothing new creators to offer not can. All shown to the film, has been in many other comedies and melodramas, so if there is a desire to see the project, you just set yourself on certain way and some loyalty, but otherwise it will be tough with the perception, viewing and criticism.

How much has Playing with Fire made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $68,631,669.
How much did it cost to make Playing with Fire?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $29,900,000.
Who is the director of the movie Playing with Fire?
This tv-show was directed by Andy Fickman.
What is the genre of Playing with Fire?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Family.
Who starred in Playing with Fire?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: John Cena, Keegan-Michael Key, John Leguizamo, Tyler Mane, Brianna Hildebrand.
What is Playing with Fire IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 4.8.
When was Playing with Fire released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-11-08.