Pirates of Silicon Valley

History of the conquest of the world computer geniuses — bill gates and Steve jobs. The revolution happened when nobody expected it. It all began at the dawn of the eighties, in small back rooms, where two unknown programmers have invented and fantasized. They dreamed that someday their projects, which seemed at the time incredible, the whole world will know. A few years later the dream became a reality. Yesterday's visionaries turned into billionaires, founding their own Empire, Steve jobs — Apple, and gates — Microsoft...

  • Martyn Burke

Release Date: 1999-06-20
IMDb icon 7.3/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Bernadette Morgen
06 September 2015 | 04:10

bill gates and Steve jobs two famous American personality, computer geniuses, who made a huge contribution in the computer age, became one of the richest people in the world, opened two powerful empires of Apple and Microsoft.

In this story, we showed how they started their business. We see two young men, gates and jobs, see their pursuit of a dream, a boundless imagination and a huge success. They soared to such peaks, of which only one can dream...

I was interested to see a story about Stevne Steve Jobs and gates, but this adaptation get too sleek, fabulous, ephemeral. Before us is not true story, shows the American cinema smooth and beautiful. In the movie missed many important biographical data of the two well-known personalities, their real relationships, characters and the work itself.

In fact, this TV movie as a beautiful cover with our bruised story, a smiling story. In there depth of the real facts of the life jobs gates of the time. Still want to see a decent adaptation about these people, but this movie is not particularly impressive.

Computer geniuses in this picture was played by the star of "Ambulance" Noah Wiley Anthony Michael Hall. Many facets and characteristic features of their characters they disclosed, but to be honest was a little. Play them as himself the film is a little dry and unrealistic. Wiley to be close to the image jobs, and here's a game Anthony Michael Hall I don't inspired.

"Pirates of silicon valley" — American television biographical drama 1999 and another film adaptation of the life of the two computer geniuses. The idea of this movie was good, it was even funny to compare this film with one episodes of the animated series "theSimpsons" about jobs, but are from something true and real is a false idea about these two personalities.

Lolita Lareena
16 February 2017 | 06:33

the Best way to predict the future — to invent him.

Alan Kay

Born in one year, marching in similar ways, equally famous and wealthy — they were no friends, fully associates. Between Steve jobs and bill gates not was in the usual sense. Competitors are rivals, then partners, best — associates. One have long gone in this world, and other is still considered a living icon of the business. Fate regularly drove them to Bang their heads and provoking the conflict, because the stakes were the maximum. Strictly speaking, the career of each had be without presence near as a gifted opponent. But the information inventing the future, jobs and gates only the carousing dreams would imagine the current dependence of mankind from high-tech. And definitely, the promotion of each in computer field was due not high matters, and very prosaic desire to realize remarkable talents, and at the same time not look alarm wallet.

The best equipped pirates in  the"glorious" history of the world looting is not have suffered any excess sentimentality, nor the extreme peacefulness. On Steve Wozniak at Steve Jobs has always been Steve Ballmer when gates and look who how not to a certain "squire" could help the preparation of composite portraits in IT foremost? The characters turned out colorful and the history of climbing equally unpredictable, but I think that no one on seriously not undertake to say that the founders of Microsoft and Apple — like twins. Prudence gates contrasted sharply with the wildness of jobs, and if first the life of grace, the second — the bubbling passions. Proponents of the opposing models of governance were quite different and in life just a craving for the leadership, asserting the primacy was accompanied by both. Thanks to the meticulousness of kinodela in compliance with the facts, and also relevant comments from Wozniak Ballmer, picture a young age between the two celebrities has impressive brand recognition features. And although the presence in the name Silicon Valley alludes to the primacy of the computer component tapes, history is created by people, and they did not create machine program.

The linear narrative with a smooth rendition of jobs to gates back highlights the main idea, successfully interface with the Picasso quote about stealing great. The success of computer scientists based in equally talent and audacity in the usurping someone else's experience. In its remoteness from the moral and ethical standards both genius face each other, and their skirmishes, symbolizing the division of the fame and money, not so far from the fierce debate of real pirates. On the foreground of the ability of each to firmly feel the ground under feet to anticipate events at least a couple of steps forward. And in this regard, the tape almost documents the key difference between jobs from gates — Lokomotiv Apple has been less visionary, but more interesting, as a complex and ambiguous identity.

The release of the film on the eve of the Millennium, for many years to the ostentatious (and it was exactly that) reconciliation of sworn rivals, freed from need to embellish the actual events, so that the image of the main "ayfonschika" looked most advantageous. A terrible banality, but none characters are not was a Holy, yeah and large businesses in white gloves not done. That what? When all of life sterile to gnash well, and shoot, especially not about. "Pirates" is easy to do all natural subsequent biographically tape about jobs. It Empire woven from the contradictions inherent in and of himself, well and the emergence of Microsoft — sample of discernment when entering into business contracts with the ability to insist on his. Go to the success of possible different paths, just one of them colored with a large number of colors.

What would give the world the new gates and jobs? Is there it in nature in General? In our age of the universal satiety and worship of the Golden calf is hard to imagine a similar with the prevalence of Apple Microsoft things. According to the pessimistic forecasts, people will be more likely to destroy existing resources, not having enough desire to produce a new one. So that would be or none — time will tell, but the importance of intelligence as the main driving forces in society are unlikely to get ever to challenge. No matter how neither was current circumstances, current trends and world situation, and human potential is far not exhausted, the more to improve the lives of almost up to infinity. Instincts pioneers of the computer age not left was but why they cost without inherent in each entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to take their achievements in the masses? The ironically, only Steve jobs with every right be regarded as an idealist, as a pragmatic beginning bill gates was born early romantic. Great picture of Martin Burke captures a tight braid, in which the time the intertwined relationship of the information revolutionaries. Who and how right felt important — now has no special meaning. Binary code in history records the names of both, and along the names of pirate ships, reminiscent of when the monitor screen or display.

Auguste Eng
30 April 2014 | 10:08

Nowadays there are few people who would have not heard names like Steve jobs and bill gates. As in case other celebrities, we can't know the details of their life but face every day with the results of activities they have created the giants of the global industry, and Apple Microsoft.

To my surprise, the film offers more than just the technical aspects of founding two well-known companies. He will be interesting as not only IT professionals, but and a wide range of audiences. The history of the formation of huge capital is inseparable from the stories of people who started to work in a garage. In this sense, it is very interesting to follow the events, the basis for which were real historical. It will be not only the business but and friendship, personal and family relationships.

Screen time is about equally divided between the main characters, but also considerable attention is paid to other eminent participants from both sides, such as Steve Wozniak and Steve Ballmer. The narrative contrasts between spirited action on an overall positive note and periodic drama interspersed. An hour and a half pass so quickly, and as a lot of potentially interesting topics remained frame with a sense want Supplement.

7 out of 10

Who is the director of the movie Pirates of Silicon Valley?
This tv-show was directed by Martyn Burke.
What is the genre of Pirates of Silicon Valley?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, History, Biography.
Who starred in Pirates of Silicon Valley?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Noah Wyle, Joey Slotnick, J.G. Hertzler, Anthony Michael Hall, Wayne Pére.
What is Pirates of Silicon Valley IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.3.
When was Pirates of Silicon Valley released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1999-06-20.