Nelly Lenz — a victim of the Holocaust who managed to survive in a concentration camp. She's hurt, she's badly mutilated face. An employee of the Jewish Agency for Lena winter helps Nellie to reach Berlin, where she made a plastic surgery. Recovered after surgery, Nelly begins to search for her husband Johannes. When she finally finds him, Johannes discovers the wife he believed dead. However, he admits that this unfamiliar woman similar to his "deceased" wife. And then Johannes makes a business proposal Nelly — she will have to impersonate his wife to state that she inherited from the family. Nelly agrees.

  • Christian Petzold

Release Date: 2015-01-28
IMDb icon 7.3/10
  • Country: DE, PL
  • Language: German | English
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $5,793,245
Gaylene Frodine
07 April 2015 | 05:35

Christian Petzold us introduces, in fact, people, it loses its face, his true colors and become unrecognizable for their loved ones.

Nelly Lenz, a woman who survived the concentration camps, he is thrown out of the post-war world. Her family and family is not remained alive, her face changed after plastic surgery, the only thing that is its existence — this room hand condition, inherited after the death of relatives. This is her return to Berlin, where it brings Lena winter. However, the realization that she is the only heir of his family, for Nellie did not is aware of the continuing of life. The only one that has something in common with the life is husband, johnny, charges against whom Nelly't believe it can do not want.

The search for a husband leads woman to bar "Phoenix", which is equal to the force nally leads to the revival of self, which, it is lost after the change of the appearance, and to radiant flame, which she has managed to avoid in the camp. There she finds her husband, who sees in Nelly, a woman, resembling his wife. His wife Johanns have not can a husband Nelly pianist johnny remained only in the past, but for women this is enough to feel its gradual revival. Love my husband, which helped her to survive the concentration camp, not give her to see the world, which opens around her and her johnny's gone for Johannson who needs a Phoenix to another kind of rebirth, rather material than spiritual.

Portraying herself, Nelly is all closer and closer to a terrible truth revealing her eyes the real world. And johnny her friends only diligently followed the rules of their own game, according to the rules of which Nellie is not was alive. Finding a new life, the main character from realizes that it all the environment lost their faces. Previous life she wanted Nelly next to johnny, was impossible. It is this awareness pushes Lena on a desperate step: she prefers life, among the dead, and not dead. Burning in the fire of infinite losses, Lena comes to the horrendous discovery that the only rebirth is death.

Thus, the Phoenix is not only Nellie, but all characters: johnny, burned in the flames of betrayal and turned into Johanns, and their Nelly through mutual friends. But the main Phoenix along with the private lives of the characters remains the post-war world which, like Nellie, is trying to know yourself in a broken mirror.

Gabbie Marybella
26 April 2015 | 10:32

A story that could made in real events, that's why so exciting and heart. Here, if you apply the Stanislavsky system, the "truth of experience" honed to limit: not only the actors feel the emotions of the characters, live their destiny and the audience believe in the veracity of cinematic reality.

I want to say "I believe":

that for the heroine of the loss of a person — is the loss of the last threads connecting her with the past life, alive;

that neither want to ask about concentration camp existence because it hurts to admit that it was scared to know how it was;

that is not only a friend, but is known and loved in trouble;

that war reveals terrible secrets about the close;

that the war breaks people and always different (as broke Lena winter physically or spiritually Johannes).

And when the last scene of the film, from you will surely have the feeling that happy memories can revive, push to life but not to cure can, especially if the present is worse than the Holocaust... and have to die twice.

A brilliant duet of the little-known Russian public German actors (Nina Hoss, Ronald Zehrfeld), the excellent work of German filmmaker Christian Petzold, winner of three prestigious awards (two "Silver Bear" and FIPRESCI).

By the way, if you want to see such acting and directing trio again, then see the film "Barbara".

Vonni Brade
28 October 2015 | 03:30

Festival paintings, favored by the critics, to not received recognition from mass audience — this is the most suspicious and creepy type of film. In 90 cases out of 100 — this is either indigestible politically correct dross about the suffering of the black homosexual transgender AIDS patients, or schizophrenic three-hour nudisticke without a clear meaning. The remaining ten cases of the hundreds are really extraordinary works of art — sturgeon's law in action.

The German band "Phoenix" — classic festival project, which came out a year ago, but still then, rides on various shows and parades, getting only a limited release. However, the movie is able to boast a 99% rating of positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and brilliant consensus from critics. However, the rating of the audience is cool enough that makes a disturbing thought.

What group the end came in the "Phoenix" — ten percent or ninety? Now I will try to answer on this question.

Frankly, I watched this movie based on recommendations from the Fire, and in addition, I was attracted by the intriguing synopsis.

"Phoenix" — movie a Jewish girl Nelly Lenz, whose face was horribly disfigured in the concentration camp of Auschwitz (aka Auschwitz). Through the efforts of plastic surgeons after the release of Nelly gets a new face and begins to track down her husband — the only native person who survived the Holocaust. Yes only when the meeting, the husband not know as she nally gets vague information that it is the husband passed her to the Gestapo...

The description sounds exciting enough — in the story clearly contains notes of Thriller and detective, and the trailer promised almost not full-fledged Noir. The action takes place in postwar Berlin — the darkest setting.

However exciting the plot resulted in quite a dull and ugly film. In  the Phoenix is missing something important that gives a picture of wholeness. When that the story itself to me for the most part liked it, and put all in the highest possible quality, however, the film great is in arrears in terms of mood and atmosphere. "Phoenix" is torn between different genres, constantly sags in terms of creating tension and not even trying to captivate its audience. Communicating with extra episodes very quickly overflow the Cup of patience, and potentially winning scenes are absolutely without light... All this very disappointing.

"Phoenix" — one of the stories that had to get in the hands of a completely different Creator. Alas, but Christian Petzold absolutely not unleash the potential of their own ideas. Movie came out so cool, who the screen just do not rime at the time of viewing. In  the Phoenix lacking a strong sense of passion and which stings, catchy scenes. It is not about the Holocaust at all, but about something quite ordinary and boring. Yes, Yes — boring. For watching "Phoenix" dominates this emotion. Petzold is trying to cheat the symbolism and profundity, but completely forgets about their characters — in their history is not touch, no sympathy don't occur.

Additionally, the Director somehow shy to show any violent scenes in the result of which completely loses the audience's trust. Not that I wanted to see on the the horrors of the Nazi sheet, but let's look the truth in eyes — the era of the Third Reich that the tin and characterized. And if I decided to make a film on this subject, be kind and show tell me why the mentality of most of the characters so mutilated. Hints here to do — I need to feel the pain of the characters, or the plot is not will start. The engines are not work on the water, you need fuel. And in the Phoenix it no — not gasoline or even firewood. Only distilled water.

And the final picture is so discouraging that even able to piss off. Not only that, it is completely predictable, so also completely open. Why was it necessary to sculpt here to the ending good in a whole story, I categorically not understand.

In General, I can't find one reason for in order to recommend this film — well, except that wildly keen on "Berlin" cinematic schools and personally friend Petzold. But as for me, Phoenix is so dull and phlegmatic, that are able to immerse yourself in sound sleep even people with chronic insomnia. Of course, the film does not entree the notorious 90% of sediment, but until the festival really outstanding paintings of him as to moon.

What a pity! This story deserved more. A lot more...

How much has Phoenix made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $5,793,245.
Who is the director of the movie Phoenix?
This tv-show was directed by Christian Petzold.
What is the genre of Phoenix?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, History, Music.
Who starred in Phoenix?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Nina Hoss, Ronald Zehrfeld, Nina Kunzendorf, Trystan Pütter, Michael Maertens.
What is Phoenix IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.3.
When was Phoenix released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2015-01-28.