Paranormal Asylum

Mary Malone (also known as Typhoid Mary) was assigned to new York crazy house after being accused of spreading typhoid in the early 20th century. After decades of isolation she died on the Island of North Brother. 100 years later two other Director arrived to find out what had really happened. What began as a routine investigation, ends in a race for survival, as Mary, though dead, but her curse — no.

  • Nimrod Zalmanowitz

Release Date: 2013-09-25
IMDb icon 2.3/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Stephine Hedi
26 December 2014 | 02:38

I think I understand how shot this film! Either the Director accidentally fell asleep and kinokomaniya decided, and come on, the Director will Wake up — we have made a film.

Or producer has asked the Director: "Look, I nothing understand the script can you guys quickly whip up on the video story?" "Yes, without problems", said the Director and "sbatsat" story.

Otherwise, I can't explain the origin of this tape.


I not be considered separately. I will. There is such a thing as "log". It sounds insulting in against the actor, but not a curse. It's tough trying to tell him what do it the same as the logs.

And the concept of "APE" have you heard? It when "log" is trying to create the appearance of emotions, feelings. In such cases, the actors are either seriously into themselves, or take its place in the movie. Niche second-rate actors. You think you know what I this.

The only one I can highlight — this is Laura Gillet (compared to the main characters she played well, but only the comparison).

Hudson River State Hospital

In reality, the existing psychiatric hospital, which was closed in 2003 accordingly, the building is almost a whole, there has electricity and even (not believe!) equipment. Then there was the fire, which explains some of the destruction of the building. Perhaps this is one of small, which seems plausible in this movie.

Riverside Hospital

And here is kinokomaniya slukavil. Yes, on the island of North brother (North Brother) has this hospital. Yes, she is already badly damaged. But one. Our heroes arrive on the island and off, as neither the unprecedented. But in fact (and this is everyone knows who was interested in this island) on the island almost impossible to get, so K. guarded and the local police, and coast guard: the entrance to the island is strictly prohibited.


And no. He took in the beginning of the filming and promised that will not return. So all I had to watch something like "homevideo": someone somewhere runs, aims, and who? to what? and why? — unclear.


Here the idea of the film was interesting. The idea is not the plot (to be confirmed). If I got a competent writer (Fred Edison is his first film), an experienced Director (Nimrod's Zalmanovici is his first film, not counting shorts) and more or less mediocre actors — the film would be very "watchable". But, alas.


No attempt was, I do not argue. Harvested a lot of twists and if to spin... Ah, dreams, dreams. Surely the filmmakers had hoped for a cool twist that they have prepared the viewers in the end of the film and decided these the plot moves use only create tension and dynamics (did not work) and later, "to pull on the brakes." And nothing...

Plot twist

This is me about the ending. Ending under become a film. Same stupid as and film. Imagine you see the "12 little Indians". In the end of the film remain two of the main characters, like suddenly flies penguin. The end. Here about the same stupid and end here: logical not relevant not explaining all those strange phenomena and incidents that happen in the entire film.

Though he explains. But  something — not  all.


Ah, Yes. Poster. He turned out much better than the movie. In fact, if it was created to the movie, the film has could not removed: where there it to this competition!

To watch? Not see? Decide for yourself.

3 of the 10

Christie Sherill
04 August 2015 | 10:39

Accidentally stumbled night at this is a horror movie, I looked at him, expecting to see something horrible and terrible. Was waiting for the same my frustration and one big stupidity. To be honest, the movie first until the last minute failed.

In this mystical story we see two Directors go to the Island of North Brother. Here they want to find out the secret of life and death Mary Malone, who died here 100 years ago. All called it Typhoid Mary, because a woman infected with typhoid a lot of people. Young Director shoot my documentary and relate to facets of the paranormal world, where the curse of Mary will come and them...

Directing at this film is so miserable that it can be safely given Razzie as the worst Director. The film looks incredibly boring and lifeless. The atmosphere is empty and implausible. Occurring looks incredibly boring, but the main thing is not interested.

The actors play in this film of horror all unknown second-rate. Many of them often overplayed, and there is a tinge of hypocrisy. That touches of mysticism in this film, she was terribly designed and made. The special effects are completely absent, the spirit of Mary looks incredibly ridiculous and not realistic. This film, as one big disappointment and in an empty spent the time. If You not seen, anything lost.

"Paranormal hospital: the Revenge of typhoid Mary" — American mystical horror film of 2013. This movie from the Director, the Nimrod Zelmanovich is an empty and worthless film. Movie mediocre and attention to it is not worthy. Send it in a basket rubbish, there it is the place.


1 of 10

Kristine Schug
20 December 2014 | 01:16

"Paranormal hospital: the Revenge of typhoid Mary" is one of those really awful, disgusting films, with which you want to meet, even if you fan of thrash. From the heavy smell of sadness that accompanies every frame of this creation, begin to tear the eyes, the picture in this dark and dull, as if he pulled out of the ground after twenty years of dumping on the connectivity he far removed from delusional stories of patients with schizophrenia, and overall, it has such a powerful impact that movies Lars Von Trier on the background — light romantic Comedy. I'm not sure this film was created by a real camera crew, operators, lighting designers, and the writers, I think he was born alone stick concentrate the whole of boredom, stupidity and meaninglessness that is in all thrash movies at all over the world. At least, it is better to believe in than realise that someone dropped so low that decided to attach to this.

To start — do not lead to the word "Paranormal" in the bloated title of the film, because it obviously wedged in there for the Association with the most famous mockumentary series, here handheld camera — not camera and camera — there is only so far as, in basically the film was shot normal operator in a wretched Amateur camera. And it's sad, because the camerawork here is worse than in another cheap mocumentary, there though infinite, rwamagana shaking of the image due to the plot here to the operator, it was probably bad after yesterday, or was constantly being poked with a Taser, I don't know. When cameraman recalls the existence of a tripod, it just crooked puts on the camera takes to be treated in the nearest bar, not bothering to put the frame as sound not be surprised and cut off their heads and constant defocusing is fine. The installation at this is so inept that never will be able to predict where we will take the next scene, the impression is that movie was mounted in the night before the premiere of the scattered around the entire hard drive scenes, and, in the end, the film left unedited.

But it all flowers, real depth of lameness shows a local story, and I swear I absolutely no concept of not have than movie. Okay, the plot clear — a couple of friends — one constantly whining chump, and the other for no reason aggressive goat — filming a documentary about Typhoid Mary, which was, before his death, moved to the local hospital, and it still one of the girl guys acting weird, and... whole, all, on for me all it was a mist, I couldn't understand either the motivation of characters, or conflict, what I need to be afraid of in this film. If I watched this movie in Japanese translation — effect that the same. Constantly in the scenes the ghosts, damn it, we throw them in the face almost not the very first scene, but characters are this fact is so pofigisticheski, if that they just the imagination, or something. When that they make movies about ghosts, when that they obviously know about their existence in the hospital, they whenever someone starts muttering about that they saw a Ghost pretending the incredulous faces and say it wasn't ridiculous, or it's just a homeless running around and all like that... Yeah that you right? You same a movie about this shoot, you at every little noise got to run with cameras at the ready, but no, really better to pretend that nothing was. Phenomenon four horsemen of the Apocalypse would have passed for these brakes unnoticed by God.

The development of the plot, in General, is on the scheme: the heroes go to an abandoned hospital (which is so neglected that it still then installed functioning equipment), there is hell, they go there, then again go there, then back, then back and so on. I would be better one and a half hours watched the grass grows. The movie is not absolutely terrible, the only thing that the Director is trying to scare — the image artifacts. I seriously. If you of those people who when watching video falls into the whole squares half of the screen — it's a horror film of the year for you. But wait, I a little unfair, in the final scene, the Ghost of Typhoid Mary, an eerie voice begins to broadcast on the method of frying of meat, and not can you imagine how ridiculous it looks like. It is the first film that tries to scare the audience with a recipe of the cookbook, only because of this film can be called revolutionary. Although not really, of course.

I feel I gave this film much more attention than it deserves, so smoothly rounded. It is the trash, the real trash, in the worst sense of the word. Acting is unbearable, removed all the disgusting, the plot is incoherent and illogical, and all enjoyed painfully boring. No one deserves to see this film, it hellishly bad, and deserves all one hundred points at a negative scale of quality.

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Who is the director of the movie Paranormal Asylum?
This tv-show was directed by Nimrod Zalmanowitz.
What is the genre of Paranormal Asylum?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Horror.
Who starred in Paranormal Asylum?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Aaron Mathias, Nathan Spiteri, Laura Gilreath, Grace Evans, Jenny Lee Mitchell.
What is Paranormal Asylum IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 2.3.
When was Paranormal Asylum released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2013-09-25.