Safecracker known as the Moth gets a life sentence and sent to prison for a murder he did not commit. When enemies are around, but hope is fading with every day of detention, only strength of spirit can help the Butterfly to freedom.

  • Michael Noer

Release Date: 2018-08-24
IMDb icon 7.2/10
  • Country: CZ, ES, US
  • Language: English | Spanish
Selma Cullen
25 October 2018 | 02:02

To remove re-adaptation (or remake) — a thankless task. Of the advantages: it is attract attention provide at least the initial fees. Of the cons: all inevitably will be compared with the previous film. And comparing, most likely, will be not in favor of new items.

Personally, I skeptical films remastered (and re-adaptations, too). Especially if the first (one of the first) versions are becoming iconic. I love "the Moth". In his time he has amazed me up to depth of soul: in history (both real and its embodiment on the screen), the performance of the actors and their message. Not always manages to successfully film a book. The 1973 film was very successful. It would seem that for the first time, this year I had to come down very, but it was the opposite. I hoped for the success of the film. At least that it will level. Primarily, of course, Charlie Hannema on I ready to watch in any movie)) Let it will be the most disgusting movie, but if he must it is 2 hours of aesthetic pleasure. God, I still then, consider the unfortunate omission that it is not played "50 shades". This, of course, bad for his career, but how would be good for me)) the Candidacy of Malcolm confused me a little more, but also aroused great interest. So that cinema I today, ran with great enthusiasm and same enthusiasm came out.

The film itself is a very solid, interesting, exciting and fascinating. If I have not inadvertently compared with the adaptation of 50 years ago, the courage to call one of the best this year. And certainly the best in career Hannema (this paragraph in any case is constant). So my comparison — not an attempt to belittle the modern version. It is trying to tell you how you can record two independent two equally interesting and worthy work by one source.

Despite that plot movies (of course) and one small deviations and the emphasis of the narrative does not make much sense talking about, but this is two different works. In first — because of the play of the actors. The main character -Henri Charriere at known as the Moth turns out to be innocently convicted of the murder and sent to life in French Guiana in the colony. With first it obsessed with the idea of escape, because cannot represent themselves in custody. In prison, he meets goal weak intellectual who hunted the forgery of securities and documents, Louis Degas. Papillon offers to protect Louis instead that will pay it costs escape. With the usual prison of the transaction begins a sincere friendship between the two men. But the film is not just about friendship. In the first place, he about freedom. And if hero Steve McQueen (Papillon in film, 1973) freedom — is necessary the hero Hannema — it's just a goal. McQueen played a crazy, obsessed. The whole movie was Australia lingering jump. Leap, a Moth which in the end is doing. Moth at Hannema turned out much bolder and more understandable. Have McQueen, it was bare and solid mad nerve, Channame — this is a man caught in a difficult situation and trying to get out. And neither worse is no better. They different. And that's fine.

Rami Malek, to unfortunately, trying to play Dustin Hoffman, who plays Louis Degas. And it's bad. Because Hoffman's impossible to beat. And the image becomes quite flat and caricatured. Again, if not to compare, then it is very good. But knowing the previous incarnation of the image, the game of whitebait pales.

Film ' 73 seems much more stiff, unpleasant and repulsive. Here for all a bit slick, though the essence and disgusting remains of its nature. And even worse to imagine that all people experienced in reality.

"Moth" would highly recommend. And I recommend, of course, to see the film adaptation of the 73rd year. They different, but same great. And very pleased that the cinema can now produce such films.

8 from 10

Marsiella Othella
04 January 2019 | 10:55

Moths — the mysterious insects that are credited for communication with the other world, what each of them performs a specific function. Someone was a protector from evil spirits, and someone on the contrary a Herald, the inherent mystery, endurance and attractiveness. As and our protagonist Henry Carrier, it is the Moth (Charlie Hunnam).

The film immediately immerses the viewer in the middle of Paris in the years 1930 To the foreground stands a young and charismatic safecracker who wants how you can earn more. And as was expected by contacting the authority of those of the times, it is, of course, as the little boy twisted around your little finger, and in the end substituted. Indeed, that is a surprise.. to Say that it came into their midst would be a lie, because the world violence survive he sign. The scene where it and other prisoners are on a ship, forced to turn its attention to the other hero of this story — counterfeiter Dega (Rami Malek). Thanks to it the game just don't let say he is an actor, he beat the character completely. Saying that he places the film completely drew attention to myself, I don't say anything.

Their first the joint test was a trip to ship to their place of exile, where the viewer open the first true picture of prison, murder, fighting, tricks, all configures tensions, but not compares to prison in French Guiana.

Prison — place of punishment of people who committed the crime, the place in which powerful people make in slaves all hopes evaporate and mix with the hot air of sweat and blood. Here what was the place of detention of our heroes, which with all parties had expected failure in the form of a gallows, the guards of the ocean. There is already observed the work of a writer who took care of the heartbreaking moments, which impose on the viewer the hardships of the characters, plunging with them in their way of thinking, attempts to escape, following the development of the plot, they are looking at themselves as in Degas fade away the reasons to run, as changes all the human, the origin of friendship and memory length in life. Covered such topics as the precariousness of marriage, insanity, cruelty, tecalote and corruptibility of people.

Single camera acts movie metaphor: who did not like being alone — he loves freedom, help the Butterfly to understand what it to which he is fighting for whom wants to live. The loyalty that he showed Degas, builds a common belief with what purpose he is doing. With one side for the sake of money escape for a true friendship was born in such a terrible place.

The culmination of the painting of Michael Noer was the scene on devil's island, which represents humility before the inevitable. People devour the atmosphere of poverty, suicide and odically. The formation of the Degas from the boy to beat seen many capable of an unknown person-is fascinating.

I advise everyone to viewing who is ready to go through with the characters of this drama all failure victory.

7,8 from 10

Adaline Odel
29 September 2018 | 06:08

One of the most controversial and controversial films that I saw the last time. Writing essays in this event — not just a way to Express their opinions, to give their assessment, but path understanding of the picture, the opportunity to once again weigh all for against understand the same, what does it were a movie: good or not...

In principle, the film is on a rising. However, the action begins not very promising... the Only advantage of the first half of the film — fifteen minutes old Paris of the 30s: bright, colorful, stylish and careless. From the rest of the palm extends to your forehead... the Main character — Charlie Hunnam — typical desperate Zhigan who wants to live luxuriously by stealing the diamonds and not to work in the sweat on normal work, as all honest people. Beside them pretty-dancer who our klutz, of course, madly in love, trying to throw dirt and leave a more peaceful place.

Fortunately the story does not dwell long on these battered relationships and is rapidly rushing forward. The creators if purposely wanted somehow to deal with a plot to show us all the hardships and privations of the French prisoners. A few minutes we even tantalized in anticipation of feeding of the Dating scene and the main characters crooked (very crooked!) shot action scene, but then, finally, deliver to prison camps.

Here is the movie stop being so sad. Starts the main story associated with escape. Adds heat high level of brutality and naturalism. The creators did use a rating of 18+. After a fairly good and interesting point of the story we fail to best my opinion, the point of the film: an episode in the solitary confinement of silence. A very strong scene, which at times sneaks to the shivers. The Director tried to do everything that the viewer felt as the main character, extrapolated it for themselves. With this kinodely handled "excellent"!

After this tape on inertia inspected on one breath. But when running out of breath, comes the understanding that has already begun titles, and the film is still a lot of questions. Most importantly, the characters themselves, these issues of voice: "Why the son of school teachers here?" And? Why? That's what I really wonder. Why not tell about this? Why not tell me about the character Rami Malek and other actors? The more so between the two main characters turns out well-founded, built, strong friendship, in which you believe. But both of them really do not enough depth of study. The creators of feed the audience some clichés of the time from time of the category "me the child was beaten father." This is not enough. And it is very frustrating.

Especially insulting is when you know what movie could working with existing potential! Rami Malek Charlie Hunnam — awesome actors that do not Philo on the set, giving a strong acting performance. I loved also the work of people responsible for sound film. Especially the fruits of their work in felt the episode in the cooler, where correctly ingeniously played up the surrounding silence, is able to drive with mind. Costumes, decorations — it looks impressive and authentic. There are some poorly shot scenes in the beginning of the movie, but in the future is no reason to call Directors "inept".

Well, in the end, is truly one of the most controversial films in my memory. "Motyl" sometimes causes real and strong emotions; but sometimes only causes issues. In some scenes, notable for the tremendous work done by the filmmakers; and other — you can see the hack. But still tend to that "the Moth" in greater extent good movies than bad. Do it to view? Objectively there. Gives it is fun safe? Yes. Perhaps to the above, add me nothing more.

Who is the director of the movie Papillon?
This tv-show was directed by Michael Noer.
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The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Drama, History, Mystery, Best movies 2017, Best Adventure Movies 2018, Best Crime Movies 2018, Best Drama Movies 2018, Best History Movies 2018.
Who starred in Papillon?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Charlie Hunnam, Rami Malek, Tommy Flanagan, Eve Hewson, Nina Senicar.
What is Papillon IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.2.
When was Papillon released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-08-24.